Xiaomi sure that does not copy Apple

Xiaomi sure that does not copy Apple

Recently, vice-president of the infamous company Xiaomi gave an interview with Bloomberg, where he shared the position of the Chinese manufacturer’s accused of copying the design of devices from Apple . Surprisingly, but the words of Hugo Barra different from what we have heard from representatives of previously Xiaomi.

According to him, Experts greatly exaggerating when I say that the Xiaomi around copies Apple . Barr argues that Xiaomi adheres “apple” design exactly the same way as other manufacturers of smartphones – take, for example, iPhone 5 and Mi4.

The elements of Apple’s devices are found in many devaysakh Samsung and even HTC, but somehow it all makes Xiaomi outrage – is perplexed Hugo.

As Barr says, “hate” to Xiaomi by US and other manufacturers due to the fact that they could not accept the Chinese company as its major competitor. Nevertheless, it is true: Xiaomi soon going to enter the US market, which is full of smartphones who want to buy it with the pricing policy of the corporation.

Earlier, Hugo held a high position in the search engine giant Google, and knows how to deal with Western companies and journalists. It was he who lately is Xiaomi on the world stage, explaining to users that Xiaomi – not just another Chinese manufacturer, and a full player in the market.

Xiaomi sure that does not copy Apple

At the end of 2014 President Xiaomi said his компания overtake Apple and Samsung in the global smartphone market over the next 5-10 years. At that time, Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive accused the company of stealing ideas .

I do not flatter what they do. I think it’s stealing. If your product is beautiful and elegant, but it can not properly and fully work, in fact it is horrible and ugly.

Well, you can stock up on popcorn – it seems that between these two giants battle brewing pohlesche than Apple and Samsung .

Xiaomi sure that does not copy Apple updated: July 18, 2015 author: Maria Sheen