Why Apple Watch «blew up” the market of portable devices

Why Apple Watch «blew up" the market of portable devices

Since the start selling Apple Watch was only a few months, and analysts have hit fresh figures on the number of realized hours. The results are so amazing that they hard to believe until the Tim Cook did not report it 21 July.

According to MacRumors referring to experts of the analytical company Slice Intelligence, in the first three months, Apple has managed to sell more than three million Apple Watch – and it’s only in the United States. Nearly two million came from Apple Watch Sport, million – for Watch, about two thousand – to Watch Edition.

What’s the breakthrough, you ask? The fact is that for the entire company in 2014 could sell about 4.6 million portable gadgets , of which 15% is set Android Wear. Apple Watch had not been sold and, accordingly, were not included in the statistics. Now, Apple sells 3 million hours in the quarter, the data around the world still need to wait. According to the most pessimistic forecasts, the Corporation will be able to realize the 30 million Apple Watch in 2015.

Once the clock is not none so popular as Apple Watch: in just the first three days пользователи It has issued more than a million pre-orders , and still waited for his cherished hours.

Apple will report quarterly results a week later, on July 21. About all the interesting facts and allegations you quickly learn to AppleInsider.ru.

Why Apple Watch «blew up” the market of portable devices updated: July 15, 2015 author: Maria Sheen