WhatsApp downloaded more than one billion users

WhatsApp downloaded more than one billion users

More than a billion people are Android devices have downloaded a popular instant messenger WhatsApp. Such a conclusion can be made on the basis of official statistics published on Google Play.

WhatsApp app for Android has reached the mark of one billion downloads. This is the second app in history, not developed by Google, which succeeded. The first was an application on the social networking site Facebook. Recall that Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp.

This, of course, does not mean that the messenger are one billion people around the world. Real user base application has 700 million users who send more than 30 billion messages every day.

This is good news not only for developers WhatsApp, but also for the company’s Facebook. Social network faced a wave of criticism, when last year announced the acquisition of the messenger for $ 22 billion. Many analysts have pointed to unreasonable valuation WhatsApp. Now the acquisition seems much more profitable, especially considering the sensational growth rates of application. Since the transaction in WhatsApp to add more than a quarter of a billion users.

The next milestone in the development of the application should be a mark of 1 billion active users. The company hopes that this figure will be achieved during the year.

Source: Venture Beat

WhatsApp downloaded more than one billion users updated: March 16, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis