What do you expect from Apple Watch 2?

What do you expect from Apple Watch 2?

Apple introduced its first smartwatch in April last year. We expect that the second generation of Apple Watch will be presented in spring 2016. As you know, many companies, such as Apple, have a release cycle of new devices. We think that smartwatch is not the exception.

Will smartwatch released in the spring or autumn? Still not clear. However we already know some information about the Apple Watch 2.

For example, Apple Watch 2 will have independent Wi-Fi-connection. Thus, next Apple Watch will work without the help of iPhone and make it a little more autonomous. The first generation of Apple Watch cannot connect to the Internet without a smartphone, and it is not very convenient.

What about the tracking of sleep? Apple cooperates with many experts from the field of health, which could improve the technology of tracking sleep in smartwatch. Also many owners prefer to use Apple Watch as an alarm clock.

It would also be nice to see more health sensors. Apple is positioning its watch as a useful accessory, with which you can better monitor your body. Now the main function of smartwatch is heart rate sensor. We believe that Apple may insert FaceTime camera in Apple Watch 2. Why not?

But most of all we want to see a more diverse model range. Not all people like watches with square body. Apple could release round version of smartwatch. I think that many people are waiting for just such watch. For example, Samsung Gear S2 and Moto 360 looks very good.

What do you want to see Apple Watch 2? What features should have smartwatch that you buy it?

What do you expect from Apple Watch 2? updated: January 1, 2016 author: John Cross