TOP 6 Most Useful Tricks for Google Play Store

TOP 6 Most Useful Tricks for Google Play Store

Google Play, like any other application or service, has many hidden tricks that can help you to improve user experience. Here you can find the most useful tricks for Google Play Store.

1. Control automatic updates

Sometimes new versions of applications removes some functions to which we are used to. Google Play allows to control what applications we want to be automatically updated and which not.

TOP 6 Most Useful Tricks for Google Play StoreTOP 6 Most Useful Tricks for Google Play Store

By default, all applications has automatic update. If you want to disable updates then find desired application in Play Store from the search bar, click the three points at the top right and uncheck Update automatically.

2. Install applications from computer

You can find applications on Google Play from any web browser. If you also logged into Google (with the same account we have in our smartphone) you can send an order to install the application directly.

3. Install application that is not available in your country

Some applications have local restrictions. However, you can install these applications with the help of some tricks. The first trick is to change IP address that gives us a VPN connection. There are several free applications that offer VPN connection, such as TunnelBear VPN, Shellfire VPN.

The second trick is quite simple, just find the app in the Google Play and download APK.

4. WishlistTOP 6 Most Useful Tricks for Google Play Store

Sometimes you find that you like, but for its price or because you have no Wi-Fi connection at that moment you cannot install it. To not lose application you can save it to your wishlist by tapping on the flag that there are about install.

5. Parental Controls on Google Play

You can activate the parental control settings that is in the section of ‘Parental Controls’. By default this function is disabled.

6. Install Google Play on an unsupported device

It is one of the most common problem, not all tablets or smartphones have Google Play and Google services preinstalled, especially if they come from China. Do not panic! We have a good guide to install Google Play on a Chinese smartphone.

TOP 6 Most Useful Tricks for Google Play Store updated: April 27, 2016 author: John Cross