TOP 6 Accessories for Smartphone Camera

TOP 6 Accessories for Your Smartphone Camera

Not everyone can have smartphone with excellent camera like LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S7. Nowadays it is not necessary to have a good smartphone that has a good camera. You can buy additional accessories that will improve the quality of your photos.

You can do a very simple trick: just put a lens on the lens you have and substantially improve the attraction of light to the sensor. From about 5 euros you can get a set of lenses that will give you a completely different tone to your photos. We chose the best lenses for smartphones.

1. Sony DSC-QX10B Smartshot

The most optimal way to improve your smartphone camera is switch to another much better. Sony have designed a camera that can be placed in the back of your smartphone and use your screen to see snapshots. We’re talking about Sony DSC-QX10B. Device supports NFC and Wi-Fi, has a magnificent optical sensor of 18 megapixels and that is what really matters.

2. XCSOURCE lenses kit

TOP 6 Accessories for Your Smartphone Camera

With this kit lens will you be able to get a lot more benefits from your smartphone’s camera. The set contains a lens with fisheye effect (great for all your selfies photos), a wide angle lens (wide) and macro (pictures of very small things or for short distances). Just screw the lens you prefer in the clip and put it on the camera to dazzle.

3. Pack magnetic lenses OEM

TOP 6 Accessories for Your Smartphone Camera

This kit of three lenses has the same concept as the previous set but the coupling to the cameras use a magnetic ring instead of clamp. It has a wide angle / fish eye, macro and wide. The magnetic ring is fixed by an adhesive around the camera and the bottom of all lenses and easily adheres to ring very quickly.

4. Super Wide Angle Unotec

TOP 6 Accessories for Your Smartphone Camera

This lens is easily attached to the camera of your smartphone thanks to a clamp. The characteristics of this great lens is a wide angle with an opening of 140 ° and a magnification of 0.4x.

5. Pechon Super Lupa Manual

TOP 6 Accessories for Your Smartphone Camera

The accessory put your smartphone into paparazzi mode. This kit has a target distance increases up to 18 times at an angle of 80 degrees. Also it provides an extra sharpness to every shot you make remotely.

6. Muvit MUGOO

TOP 6 Accessories for Your Smartphone Camera

If you’re looking for a good kit with good quality lenses, Muggo is yours. It has macro, wide angle, fisheye and polarizer glass. All of them adaptable to your clip and protected in an easy to carry case.

TOP 6 Accessories for Smartphone Camera updated: April 10, 2016 author: John Cross