TOP 5 Best Torrent Clients for Android

TOP 5 best torrent clients for Android

Torrent trackers and exchange data via BitTorrent will be always popular, despite the attempts by authorities to ban technology in several countries.

What are the best torrent clients for Android to download BitTorrent files? There are many interesting applications, but not all of them are equally good and convenient.

We have selected the best torrent clients for Android, about which you can read in this article


TOP 5 best torrent clients for Android

Flud application can be called truly the best torrent client to download files from torrent trackers. Though it has advertising, but it is superior to other popular applications in functionality and convenience. It is worth noting that the application was developed by a large company Delphi Softwares.

Main functions and features Flud applications:

  • Select files from a torrent to download.
  • Support for RSS-feeds.
  • Progressive download feature – you can start watching a film before it has downloaded.
  • Automatically move files to the correct folder after download.
  • Interception magnetic links from the browser.
  • Nice interface in “material” design with adaptation for tablets.
  • Search for torrents in application.
  • A function that does not slow down the processor speed when the load is in the sleep mode.

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TOP 5 best torrent clients for Android

tTorrent is similar to Flud, but in some aspects even better. Simple and easy to use interface as well as many features (some even exclusive). As Flud, tTorrent has advertising and paid version. It is worth noting that the paid version not only removes the ads, but also the download speed limit. Free version has an upload limit 250 KB/s.

Among the interesting features tTorrent: search for torrents directly from application, creating and publishing torrents from your mobile device, download files on microSD-memory card (from Android 5.0 Lollipop), encryption of traffic, web-based interface for remote management, streaming media for viewing videos.

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TOP 5 best torrent clients for Android

The free app aTorrent almost identical to Flud and tTorrent – the same free version with advertising and paid without it. But aTorrent has not limited speed to download in the free version. As for functionality, aTorrent has the same set of features that other torrent clients.

Key features aTorrent include: support for multiple downloads with a mode “only Wi-Fi”, partial download files from torrent, support for large files. Among the supported protocols: BitTorrent P2P, DHT, Advanced Bootstrap DHT, magnet-links, HTTP-and UDP-trackers. There is integration with notification panel, which displays the download progress to-date metrics speed.

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μTorrent and BitTorrent

TOP 5 best torrent clients for Android

μTorrent and BitTorrent – two brothers who in functionality and concept are almost identical, as are made by the same developers. These programs are ideal for those who want a simple and not very functional torrent clients that just works and does not have outstanding functionality. BitTorrent and μTorrent show poor performance on older devices. The developers did not bother with application optimization.

Disadvantages include periodically pop up full-screen banner ads or offers to buy the full version.

TOP 5 best torrent clients for Android

μTorrent is the most popular torrent clients on mobile platforms. It works much better than BitTorrent, at least in terms of adaptation and performance.

Among the main functions and features of BitTorrent and μTorrent for Android:

  • A similar nice interface in different color schemes.
  • The lack of limits on speed in free version.
  • Download mode is only for Wi-Fi.
  • Custom upload files and selecting the folder you want to save.
  • Built-in player for music and video, which can be used for a progressive download (streaming).

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Also, you may like:

Vuze Torrent Downloader – a lightweight BitTorrent client with a standard set of functions. Nothing unusual, but as an alternative use is quite good.

FrostWire – a handy app with several interesting features, including instant messaging and file sharing in the same Wi-Fi network. There is also integration with social networks.

TOP 5 Best Torrent Clients for Android updated: March 13, 2016 author: John Cross