TOP 10 features that we want to see in iOS 10

TOP 10 features that we want to see in iOS 10

If Apple will continue to adhere to their traditions, we expect that the new version iOS 10 will be presented at the next presentation. Today we cannot even guess what new features will appear in the next version iOS, which is likely to be called iOS 10, and many of our readers often say that companies should work on  stability of the system, but not new features. Nevertheless, there are a few features that many would be happy to see in the next version of the mobile operating system from Apple.

1. Clear all notifications

Very often we have a lot of useless messages in Notification Center. It would be great to be able to remove them by one button.

2. Customize Control Center

We can customize Center notifications and widgets, but cannot to remove or add something in Control Center. Many users would like to have the option to add the settings that are often used in Control center.

3. Wallpaper

Despite the fact that Apple regularly adds new wallpaper, it seems that users are not enough. Need more wallpapers!

4. Dark color scheme

In iOS 9.3 appeared Night Shift mode, designed to make life easier for users using iOS device in bed. There are different opinions about the benefits of the mode, but iOS users unanimously agree on the desire to have a switchable color schemes. If iOS 10 will have an automatically and manually dark color scheme for interfaces and applications, it would be great.

5. Hide or delete pre-installed applications

Users do not all use all application that Apple created for iPhone. We would like to be able to remove them, or at least to hide from the main screen.

6. New App Store

App Store for iOS needs a new design. Today is not so easy to find new and interesting applications, and we know that Apple plans to solve this problem.

7. New iMessage

We like to use built-in messaging feature, but today Messages application is largely behind the third-party IM clients. Today messengers are not just a platform for the exchange of messages, they are transformed into real social networks.

8. Learning new features

It would be nice if Apple told iOS users about their new features and trained to use them. Today, there’s an app tips, but it is not so good to cope with their task.

9. Extension for iPhone and iPad

Apple Watch users can use the extension to add information from different applications on home screen. We certainly will be happy to see something similar on iPhone and iPad.

10. New alarm clock

Today you are using smartphone as an alarm clock. I use two alarm clock applications, because the alarm clock for iOS is too simple. My second alarm clock is much better allow to overcome sleep. Many users would also be able to set the time for the alarm again.

TOP 10 features that we want to see in iOS 10 updated: March 29, 2016 author: John Cross