Review android-smartphone ThL T12

Review android-smartphone ThL T12

Our guest a compact entry-level budget smartphone – ThL T12.Immediately say, that this is not the successor of the model T11, so look at it does not make sense.

And because such decisions can be found on the market less and less, the review is expected to be useful.However, let’s start with the technical specifications.

ThL T12 : Specifications

Alas, but for such a low cost manufacturer can offer brilliant performance, so expect a stunning performance and responsiveness is clearly not worth it.

On the other hand, we have at least MT6592, MT6582 and not, as we have seen recently. But the battery “report” forgotten – 1800 mAh. This capacity will be insufficient for this chip, even with its lower operating frequencies.

Packaging equipment ThL T12

Packaging for traditional ThL – white cardboard box with silver lettering.

Of course, the reverse side there is a list of performance.

Inside, we are waiting for the next delivery:

  • Charger;
  • Cord MicroUSB;
  • Stereo;
  • Documentation;
  • Protective film (the second, the first is already pasted);
  • Plastic Case.

The set is quite rich, with everything you need and a little beyond that.

Review android-smartphone ThL T12

The cover is made of solid plastic panel. The plastic is thin and transparent, through it is quite possible to watch as through glass. I do not think it will save a smartphone with a serious fall, but from minor scratches can protect.

Stereo is the most common, with no silicone tips. Its sound quality can not be called, but it is normal for a complete device.

The charger is quite large for its size, but surprisingly light. Use it conveniently, the benefit it does not take much space around him.

Interestingly, his power output current is 500 mA. This means that a full charge cycle using this apparatus takes more than three hours. Looking ahead, I will say that even with the use of more powerful charging unit charging time is not reduced.

Appearance and design ThL T12

ThL T12 is a classic design with no frills design.

The body is made entirely of plastic, folding design. The smartphone has a smoothly rounded and complex profiles.

On the promotional pictures at the beginning of the review color model might seem rich and dark, but in reality it is light blue “metallic.” I must say, it looks at the life of a good color and does not cause the feeling of cheapness.

Review android-smartphone ThL T12

Apart from him, there are white and black color variations, but for some reason find them in our retail complex.

Locating connectors familiar: Upper settled MicroUSB and AUX, and the lower end is completely given over to Elementary microphone.

Lock button located to the right of the screen, its easy to press with your thumb. On the opposite side is the “rocker” volume. In conversation it is convenient to use if you are right handed.

The keys are well differentiated by size, so that it will be difficult to mix them. The backlash is present, but he did not feel critical.

Ring speaker grille distinguished impressive area and the absence of at least some protection from mute. But this does not prevent sound escaping from under her any reasonable situations. This is due to the fact that the radiators themselves are sufficiently distant from the plastic rear cover.

It should be noted here that the dynamics of the two, but they are very close to each other, so that about any stereo effect can be no question.

The module rear camera shy, no technical delights not here. Flash consists of a single LED.

The lenses are quite large, their scheme is simple. Under the protective glass dust has not got enlightenment applied without defects.

Safety glass wisely recessed, so that problems with scratches should not be.

Review android-smartphone ThL T12

On the front side is waiting for us too neatly pasted protective film, front-facing camera, LED-indicator events and light sensors and proximity.

Recent work correctly, the brightness varies according to circumstances, it happens smoothly and without significant delays.

LED-indicator events running in monochrome mode and flashes once every two seconds. Its brightness is normal, wake up at night with its light, he will not.

Front camera lens modest in size and enlightenment. Sadly, under the protective glass has got quite a large dust.

Touch the arrow keys rendered to the screen, so that they will not take up valuable space on the display. But lighting is very dim and uneven. For novice users, it can be a disadvantage.

Wide frame around the display, but it is to be expected, given the orientation of fiscal ThL T12.

Inside, we are waiting for a typical multi-level structure with a slot for memory cards / SIM cards.

The main SIM card is exposed on the “first floor” in a horizontal position, and the “Sim” format MicroSIM card and go upstairs. There are no moving parts in this complex design is not, so everything should run smoothly.

Hardware platform and performance ThL T12


ThL T12 comes with a single-chip system MediaTek MT6592M, eight cores clocked at up to 1.36 GHz.Responsible for processing graphics graphics accelerator Mali-450.

Regarding it receives various information: Yandex “confident” that used Mali-450 MP2, the official website of all Set Mali-400, but most likely, we have the classic Mali-450 MP4.

From 1 GB of RAM available to the user a little more than half.
Review android-smartphone ThL T12

Software and firmware ThL T12

ThL T12 is running an operating system Android 4.4. Interface standard, the manufacturer did not experiment with design.

The shell is stable, the program does not give errors, and performance is enough for smooth animation rendering, good screen resolution is not very high.

Among the shortcomings immediately note the lack of consumption of electricity, and this is not the first time smartphones ThL not. Moreover, I little hard to believe that the Wi-Fi module can consume more energy than the screen or the entire software environment. However, nothing prevents you to use the utility:

True, there are some issues to energy consumption, but talk about it in the appropriate section.

It’s nice that the smartphone has received utility to update the system via Wi-Fi, and it really came one patch during testing.

By tradition root-access for smartphones ThL receive will not be difficult, but initially it is closed.

Multimedia ThL T12


We begin with the test “omnivorous” formats.

The situation is typical of the MT6592 and the standard firmware.

YouTube is working properly, the rollers of any quality are played back correctly.


Let’s see what we can offer budget smartphone in terms of quality sound path. The manufacturer also can not advertise audio capabilities ThL T12, so that miracles can not be expected.

Verify this with a test RightMark Audio Analyzer and sound ASUS Xonar DX.
CALL speaker provides good sound quality for this class of devices (I was expecting a lot worse now), but the volume is low. The earpiece nothing remarkable no different, it is able to transmit high quality voice of the caller, but does not have a margin for volume.Surprisingly, the quality of the sound path is quite good as the opinion of RMAA, and subjective sensations.Even the output power is quite decent (-5 dB).

Strength shakes significant – thanks a small weight of the device.

Wireless interfaces and communications ThL T12

ThL T12 is able to work in networks of Wi-Fi protocols b / g / n. Supported by a range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The speed in Wi-Fi networks is very high.

Speed file transfer over LAN-network is also high.


But the GPS-receiver does not work very well: there is a very limited number of satellites without the help of the Internet, so that in any case a connection with them torn.

With GSM signal problems when tested, did not arise, one of the interlocutors complained about the poor audibility.

Filesystem ThL T12

ThL T12 got 8GB of onboard flash memory.

Among them available to the user on the “open” device 1.76 GB on the system partition and the partition 4.28 GB of storage.

The speed of the flash memory is low as in the reading operations and writing operations.


It supports connection to a PC via the following protocols: USB, MTP and PTP. The data rate on the smartphone – 10-12 MB / s data transfer rate from the unit – ~ 20 MB / s.

Battery life ThL T12

Our experienced readers have already guessed that the high rates of battery life on ThL T12 not wait. The battery on the 1800 mAh together with eight cores are a bunch of not very spectacular. Let’s see how things will really.


It is difficult to blame for something smart, which has virtually no real competition in its niche. I do not think that the user who is looking for a device with a 4.5 ” screen, wants to abandon it in favor of a lower resolution. Plus ThL T12 one of the few smartphones that can offer MT6592 in this segment, while the majority of opponents have only MT6582.

Yeah, not so smooth with the battery life, and it is perhaps the only drawback that can stop potential buyers.The remaining shortcomings completely masked a very affordable price.

Pros ThL T12:

  • A good HD display;
  • Supporting two SIM cards and memory cards;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Low price.

Cons smartphone:

  • The low battery life;
  • The low responsiveness of the sensor at the bottom of the screen (perhaps a feature instance).

Can not arrange:

  • The long process of the charge;
  • Unsure receiving GPS-signal;
  • Too bright minimal level of backlight intensity


Review android-smartphone ThL T12 updated: July 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis