The last update of GTA 5 were performance problems

According to reports users, the latest update of the game Grand Theft Auto V leads to serious “subsidence” frame rate – up to a few fps. And even for powerful gaming computers. On our test system with AMD FX-8350 and the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X we are also able to observe a similar drawdown. What is the cause of the problem – know, probably only Rockstar.

However, the gaming magazine PC Gamer said measures have been taken to prevent developers of modifications. Despite the fact that the previous game GTA 4 has arisen a whole community of fans modifications American studio designers decided to stop the practice. It is not known whether performance problems are related to the measures taken against modifications. It is possible that in the code there was some error that “emerged” after the upgrade.

In any case, in the present state of play is very uncomfortable, the frame rate is reduced to unacceptable levels.

The last update of GTA 5 were performance problems updated: July 13, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis