“The Chinese iPhone»: Apple time to think

"The Chinese iPhone»: Apple time to think

It seems that most Apple release of the new iPhone requires nothing less than loyal users “apple” gadget. A new report from the firm Canalys experts disappointing: just six months Apple essentially lost its position in China, lost Xiaomi and Huawei.

This is a big loss for the company from Cupertino, since a significant portion of its resources, she sent it to conquer the Chinese market. What we see as a result? If the fourth quarter of 2014 Apple was in first place on smartphones shipped in China, now it is located on the third line.

Analysts noted that the share of Xiaomi, and that was the first place , amounted to almost 16%, while Huawei, winner of the second place, not far behind – its share of close to 15.7%. Data on Apple has not disclosed, but according to the latest forecasts of its presence was reduced to 12%.

At the same time Apple itself accountable for revenue growth in China almost doubled the results of the last quarter. Whom to believe? Unclear. But one thing is certain: the Chinese brands continue to put pressure on the largest producers, and whether the bend underneath Apple and Samsung – a matter of time.

“The Chinese iPhone»: Apple time to think updated: August 4, 2015 author: Maria Sheen