Spotify comes to the PS3 and PS4

Spotify comes to the PS3 and PS4

The streaming music service busiest in the world comes to consoles from Sony, both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. Thus, Spotify continues to expand its service in the future no rival. In addition, this console version can be used both having the Premium version as free.

Sony and Spotify have partnered to offer streaming music service on consoles PlayStation 3 and 4, but have neglected so far, the PS Vita. Also, Sony has finally closed its music service called Music Unlimited due to limited success. This is another example showing that companies often get into businesses that do not dominate. And while it’s true that Sony has a label appears to have not fared well things this service to their consoles.

Spotify interface for PS3 and PS4 is quite similar to what we see on the web or in different applications. Users can access through your Facebook or from the account of Spotify, plus you can get an account and pay via PlayStation Network. But as we said before, have a premium account is not required.

Spotify comes to the PS3 and PS4

The only but can be put to this Spotify application for consoles is that it is not possible to browse the lists that we created. To find an album or song, in particular, is to be sought directly. Also, although it is possible to play with Spotify music on, the games do not detect an external sound source and mixed the songs with their own game music. Anyway, it’s pretty easy to configure any heading to the game sounds completely silenced.

Currently, Spotify is not thinking partner with Microsoft to bring its service to the Xbox, but of course you can not rule anything out for the future.

Source: The Verge

Spotify comes to the PS3 and PS4 updated: April 2, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis