Sony closes PlayStation Mobile

Sony closes PlayStation Mobile

The Japanese company has decided to shop indie and classic PlayStation that could be played in both the PS Vita gaming devices like Android has to close. Starting next July 15th no more be published content and from September 10 will not download any game, even if purchased before.

Although Sony stopped supporting the Android operating system last year, still maintained PlayStation Mobile, a store where you could download old and hard to find games and more independent games and therefore more unknown. Furthermore, in this way, your console PS Vita still had purpose and users of some Android devices could remember their childhood from their phones.

But it seems that never had much commercial success this shop and business rules. Therefore, as noted above, only new content will be uploaded to the 15th of July and will only download games until September 10, and even if you have purchased.

Although PlayStation Mobile has never been a big deal Sony itself getting converted to PS Vita in an attractive console for indie developers. Those companies who failed to break into the world of the commercial game had to console Sony PlayStation Mobile Store and as sites where they could succeed and have a remarkable success.

Now, Store PlayStation mobile game development for PS Vita is practically unattainable if you are outside the commercial circuit this competitive industry. For this reason the closure is bad news for those who start in this business.

Source: The Verge

Sony closes PlayStation Mobile updated: March 11, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis