Smartwatch HTC will be released in mid-April 2016

Smartwatch HTC will be released in mid-April 2016

Despite the fact that the success of the market of smartwatches is quite controversial, almost every self-respecting smartphone manufacturer got its own model of smartwatch, and sometimes more than one. Until today, among the leading mobile manufacturer only HTC could not boast of success in the field of wearable electronics. However, the company is moving in this direction since 2013, when appears the first rumors about smartwatch with logo HTC.

Not so long ago it was reported that Taiwanese brand still interested in smartwatch. The name of the new device is unknown, but in the depths of a project called «Halfbeak». Rumors say that smartwatch HTC will have round face, like Moto 360 and the same resolution 360×360 pixels. Smartwatch HTC will be running Android Wear. Unfortunately, it’s all available information about new device at the moment.

Smartwatch HTC will be released in mid-April 2016

As we can see, the company is trying to improve its market position with new smartphones and wearable electronics. We believe that new smartwatch HTC and HTC One A10 will help to improve the company’s reputation, which has been spoiled over the last few years.

Recall that HTC has few fitness gadgets such as UA HealthBox and UA Band.

According to analysts, the Taiwanese company can go directly to the premium segment and compete with the leaders – Huawei Watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear S2. We could not find any price or detailed specification about smartwatch HTC.

Despite the fact that the source has established itself as a reliable, we cannot claim that HTC does not cancel release of smartwatch again. If the release date is planned for April, we can assume that smartwatch HTC can be a good complement to the new flagship smartphone Perfume, which will be released on separate presentation in March.

Smartwatch HTC will be released in mid-April 2016 updated: January 26, 2016 author: John Cross