Review and tests SENSEIT GS2. Smart outlet

Review and tests SENSEIT GS2. Smart outlet

SENSEIT company launched the update of its model – SENSEIT GS2, this time the stars have developed in the right way, today, to share experience 3 weeks of operation, smart outlets in the real world. The idea of “smart home” is actively developing, it pleases.

GS2 is the second generation of smart outlets, filling and refreshed exterior casing. As before, it is available in two versions Master and Slave. We received version of M + S, it includes both types (main and sub). There is an opportunity to expand and increase the number of additional outlets.

SENSEIT GS2: Options

They are supplied in a compact package of thick cardboard with a minimalist design. Because the payload is worth noting sticker with IMEI, it is useful for the remote connection.

Included, in addition to outlets themselves, is also two temperature sensors, sticker notes, instructions and warranty card.

Review and tests SENSEIT GS2. Smart outlet

SENSEIT GS2: Outward appearance

SENSEIT GS2 made in the case of white plastic, size large enough. The size of Master and Slave are no different.

The main visual difference was the green colored ring around the outlet.

Also, only you can set the Master SIM-card, a compartment at the bottom of the case, it is hidden under a flap.

On the side face has two mechanical buttons, and audio jack. The connector is used to install a removable temperature sensor.

On the front of the displayed three LEDs, backlight level soft. One of the keys is responsible for the display of an active connection.

Review and tests SENSEIT GS2. Smart outlet

Between a device associated protocol FSK, in theory distance can reach up to 100 meters. This protocol is resistant to interference.

Under pleasant design hides a great power component. It supports loads up to 3500 watts with a current of 16A. Connecting the heating device do not lead to breakage.

Claims to the build quality and materials do not.

SENSEIT GS2: Software

To get started, you must install the SIM-card into the main power outlet, its number will be used for authentication, also need IMEI.

The application is available for Android and iOS devices. After successful authentication are asked to select an icon and assign a name.

In the future, the process of connecting Slave sockets is described as a visual guide. In those cases where a large number of outlets, possibility of grouping.

The application allows the ON / OFF power supply, carry out the adjustment run. Enable tied to temperature, date or time. Select method and specify the required conditions.

Selects the type of notification, they can be displayed in the form of alerts, messages, mail or SMS. So you can find out about the room temperature, power failure.

SENSEIT GS2: Testing

Schedule power on the date and time has proved beneficial to adjust the operation of the aquarium. Those are things that have to manually control, you can now set remotely. Previously, to enable light to use a mechanical timer socket, each turning out the lights required translation time manually. With SENSEIT GS2 an opportunity to correct the work remotely, and monitor power outage. This same feature can be used to turn on the light in the absence, to emulate their presence at home. But there is a limitation: you can not use the outlet on the street.

Review and tests SENSEIT GS2. Smart outlet

Work on the temperature sensor is useful to adjust the operation of heating equipment or air conditioner. A predetermined range, select the heating or cooling.

All changes in the output as a notification on your phone. Among the total weight of the notice is to provide a noticeable change in temperature and the absence of voltage. Some kind of system notification of emergency situations, fires or de-energized in the winter (when the prolonged absence of electricity turns off the heating equipment and the freezing of pipes).

With outlets can arrange supervision of the equipment, enable or disable the computer for children, clearly limiting the time to prepare for classes and recreation.

SENSEIT GS2: Results

SENSEIT GS2 – a device that deserves attention. Scope of smart outlets actually limited only by the imagination of the owner. Provided the ability to add Slave sockets allow to scale the system. The advantages of ease of launch and we assign settings. Notification system, a good part of the power, nice design. The main drawback is the size, would make it more compact, or to add an additional outlet in the Slave.

Review and tests SENSEIT GS2. Smart outlet updated: June 13, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis