Samsung will continue to pay Microsoft for Android

Samsung will continue to pay Microsoft for Android

According to the New York Times, Microsoft and Samsung have settled judicial conflict that lasted more than six months.

Recall that in 2011 the company entered into a cross-licensing agreement under which Samsung obliged to pay royalty for each device sold on OS Android. Only in 2013 payments totaled more than $ 1 billion, it is not surprising that Samsung was looking for an excuse to break the agreement.

This occasion was found after the acquisition of Microsoft’s mobile division by Nokia. Samsung refused to make further payments, arguing that the transaction is contrary to the terms of the license agreement. In the end, the South Korean company to pay the royalties, but refused to reimburse the interest for delay in payment. In response, Microsoft has sent a lawsuit.

On Monday, the company announced that the conflict between them exhausted. Microsoft withdrew its lawsuit with the Federal District Court of New York and a complaint from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), writes the New York Times.

«Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce the end of the conflict in a US court, as well as the end of arbitration in ICC,” – says a joint statement the two companies. Details of the agreement were not disclosed. This means that we may never know how many Samsung, will continue to pay Microsoft for every device on Android.

Samsung will continue to pay Microsoft for Android updated: February 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis