Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G

From a design standpoint Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G is nothing interesting. A typical candy bar on Android with a glossy front and a back cover. Finish quickly collects fingerprints, but thanks to the white color, they are practically invisible. Also, I feel that at the cover has a special coating, whereby the machine does not slip out of your hands.

Most of the front side takes 5.5-inch display, over it are mesh earpiece, front camera, light sensor / proximity, as well as the indicator light. Under it – touch panel with three buttons, “Menu”, “Home” and “Back”. I recall that in MIUI there are plenty of opportunities to set up these buttons, you can specify the action for both short and long press for each of them. By the way, default key “Menu” is a list of recently opened applications.


  • Smartphone
  • Charger
  • The cable for connection to a PC (also part of the charger)

On the left side of Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G placed the volume rocker and power button. Both good soft move, they are convenient.

Above, you can see the 3.5 mm jack for headphones, and bottom – the port microUSB.

The main speaker is mounted at the rear, it has a good supply of volume and good sound quality.

The back cover is removable, her hid two slots for microSIM-cards, memory card slot, and a removable battery.

Despite the removable lid, the machine never creaks and no backlash, claims to build there.

Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G: Dimensions

Although we face PHABLET with 5.5-inch display, Redmi Note surprisingly comfortable to hold in hand. Of course, it is necessary to make allowance for the screen size, and everybody understands that you do not make it to the entire area of ​​the thumb, but for reading books or watching video, you would be enough and one hand. By the weight of the model quite quickly get used to, I can not say, that the smartphone seemed to me heavy.


Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G: Operating system

Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G is running Android 4.4.4 and proprietary shell MIUI v5.x. To be honest, I was a bit surprised by such an old version of Android, given how closely Xiaomi relates to upgrade their gadgets. Nevertheless, for the majority of users to 4.4 and the current version of MIUI enough for the eyes. Let’s just briefly go through major changes in the shell.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G

Firstly, there is no division in the MIUI on your desktop and the applications menu, all your programs right on the desktop (as done in iOS).

Secondly, in MIUI very functional dialer, no wonder exDialer, made based on it, is a very popular application.

Thirdly, there is at least a functional shutter notifications. A short press activates / deactivates the interface, long open it up.

Fourth, just gorgeous file manager with many options.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G

All the built-in applications from the browser to the calendar are replaced by brand, just as they are not inferior.

And, of course, great support custom themes. In general, conceived MIUI is on par with CyanogenMod and can compete well with solutions from large companies (TouchWiz and ZenUI, for example). By the way, Roman White wrote about the problems with the localization of the original Redmi Note and installing Google Play. In Note 4G available initially, as well as Google Play. At the same time sellers are nothing to him previously did not, apparently, in Xiaomi just added these services in the basic firmware.

Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G: Performance

Let’s start with the most important – speed for everyday use. You know, after the appearance of Android 4.0 MIUI stopped me so much to like, largely due to the fact that desktops are no longer working as fast as Android 2.3. Surprisingly, this problem solved for a long time and finally managed to win. In this Note 4G no delays and no (and our regular readers know how picky I am in such detail).With the definition of the chipset got a small hitch in Antutu section “Information” was not available, and CPU-Z displays information like Snapdragon 400/410. Official site Xiaomi is not much help, there Set Snapdragon 400, but the amount of internal memory – 8 GB, while in my test version with 16 GB. Apparently, there are just two versions with different memory size.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G


Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G: Autonomy

The device Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G delivers excellent performance of battery life not only in our synthetic tests, but also for everyday use, you can safely count four hours turn on the screen at maximum brightness, and that’s very good performance.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G

Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G: Camera

The smartphone Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G has two cameras, the main 13 megapixel front and 5 MP. Camera modules are identical to the original Redmi Note, so let me quote by Roman White, who wrote his review:

Photo quality average, basically claim to high noise even on shots taken in different lighting conditions. White balance sometimes stretching the truth, details could be better. Focus is fast and accurate.

Video unit wrote in FullHD resolution at 30 f / s. Quality is good, but the white balance and exposure are often “jump”. Sound stereo.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G

“Front” removes permission 2592×1936 pixels. A narrow angle. The quality is good, the focus seems to me, is configured so that the picture becomes clear in the range of 0.2 to 1.5 meters. Rollers are recorded in resolution HD.

Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G: Wireless interfaces

From the point of view of wireless interfaces, theXiaomi RedMi Note 4G is completed “in full”. Not only supports dual-band Wi-Fi, but the standard .AC.

Another advantage of the updated model was to support LTE. However, LTE operates on only one SIM-card, second only supports 2G Only.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G


As part of the voice any complaints to the device is not, in fact, the sides noted that I hear much better than other subscribers. Apparently, the two microphones in the smartphone still played a role.

For the money you get PHABLET Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G with an excellent display, fast and functional shell, support LTE, 2GB of RAM and a mediocre camera. The disadvantage I would mention perhaps that dull look and glossy back cover.

Review Xiaomi RedMi Note 4G updated: August 18, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis