Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

The Sony Tablet update once a year, and year after year it just gets better and better. I wonder how many years should pass to the plate with a ten screen turned into a perfect product with almost no flaws.

Design, construction

The size is 254 x 167 x 6.1 mm and weight – only 390 grams. Good performance for a ten-inch display tablet. The case of rough plastic, not velvet, namely rough fingerprints visible only on the display. If you do not like plastic, and there is something special options, then immediately look towards the iPad. To assemble no questions, finally got rid of the caps, connectors and microUSB 3.5mm open. Yes, memory card slot and SIM-card (nanoSIM), of course, under the cap. The magnetic charge is gone, it is connected with the refusal of the plug microUSB, now it is not necessary. There is a protection against water, the tablet can easily survive even when submerged to a depth of one and a half meters. After the salt water it must be rinsed, but this is a common rule for devices with a similar degree of protection. The two body colors, black and white, other colors not.

The plate looks good, the frame is not too great, branding button ends. By the arrangement of buttons on and adjust the volume there is a claim, often accidentally locked the device. On the back – the area NFC, the camera, the flash is not available.

Corporate Case for tablet is not too beautiful, but allows you to set the Z4 Tablet to view the video, but the keyboard is made very interesting. It instantly transforms the Z4 M in “Chromebook” has a touchpad, the display shows the cursor keys are a good idea, it is possible to sit down and type a short text. The plate is inserted into the slot until it clicks, the overall impression is of a compact notebook, – design something reminded Sony VAIO X. was a beautiful notebook, although incredibly slow. Could at Sony in the time specified X to imagine what will happen to a company in the near future? There could not. In any case, if we now want to buy a laptop Sony, buy a tablet with a keyboard.

Once again, use the card nanoSIM, the tablet may be used for voice calls using a headset or without.

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

About ergonomics will say one thing, in the hands of the plate to keep nice because it is light, but any attempt to see the film fails – you need to either buy a brand bag, or build a stand somewhere to lean against Z4 Tablet, and that was all the way down. The tablet is easy to slip and fall on the table. The speakers are not very loud, so to view the series I use external speakers.

I would like to note that we use photos from the first glance, since the appearance of the device has not changed.


IPS-diagonal screen – 10.1 inches, resolution – 2560 x 1600 pixels. The screen is bright, and some calm, there is no screaming acid colors, like tablets Samsung. Maybe it’s still in the operating system at the Lollipop extremely concise design. The picture quality is good, but commercial samples found the problem, at least, there are complaints of users on a non-uniform illumination. I specifically say this to you before you buy carefully examined the display in different applications and menus. In my sample, there were no problems.

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

The menu has a color temperature setting, someone is going to help. The light sensor is triggered sometimes quite unexpectedly, for example, in the evening light is reduced greatly, and read any site impossible. So I set the brightness of the three-quarters, I think the value is optimal.

Viewing angles are good from the screen for watching movies, he is also close to the ideal, given the aspect ratio. But I remind you about the miniature column (or headphones) and the cover, they will be useful in tandem with Z4 Tablet. Here’s the situation – in an airplane without the cover you do not deliver, or will have to prop up the body in different objects.

Modifications and Performance

In our market are supplied two major modifications, is a version with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 4G. Moreover supported LTE Advanced, in theory this speed of 300 Mbit / s, can be achieved in practice about 100 Mbit / s. As they say in Sony, Russian operators are quite ready for this technology.As for memory, one version with 32 GB on board. But there is a memory card slot microUSB, so it can always increase. It supports cards up to 128 GB. The presence of the slot – a pleasant contrast to the tablet Apple, but, in fact, this is the only advantage.

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

The tablet comes already with Android 5.0 Lollipop, like Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, this is the first signs of the company, where the “Lollipop” by default. Used Platform Qualcomm Snapdragon GPU Adreno 810 430 more about it you can read here . Another worth mentioning 3 GB of RAM.Performance problems I have not noticed, you can run the most demanding applications on the hardware and games. When working with a menu lags noticed.

Like family Z3, supported by work with PS4, tablet can connect via Wi-Fi to the console and use the device screen to play with a joystick DualShock 4. The display ceases to be a touch, to transfer images from the set-top box, if clarification on the fingers, Z4 Tablet is transformed into a miniature TV. Joystick is a special holder can be put to a smartphone or tablet. While this will only work within a home Wi-Fi network, but promise to expand the possibilities – for example, in another city include via Z4 console, start CoD, put the tablet in the joystick and easy to play for an hour before going to bed. Taking into account the resolution of the display, the problem with detailed unlikely to arise.

There is support for Hi-Res Sound, which means not only different formats, but also a number of software features. For example, a digital noise reduction, automatic “correction” of substandard tracks, auto EQ your headphones and extended opportunities to work with a wireless headset. It is encouraging that Sony and this year continue to pay attention to the sound, but in reality it would be better in the company focused more on the quality of the final product.

The usual menu of Sony and familiar layout, it annoys many – me personally annoying antivirus AVG Protection, the rest can live. In the tablet with Lollipop minimalist menu with beautiful icons and beautiful panel made notifications with the locked screen, you can immediately go to the program for the challenges of running programs in the menu, you can add icons trigger a mini-application, for example, is a calculator, timer, and other utilities.


The main camera 8.1 MP front camera 5.1 MP, examples of photos you can see below – is very difficult to make a normal shot because the camera then frankly weak, especially when compared with the iPad. In low light conditions, this problem becomes even more complicated, the unit misses, there are glare, overexposure, pictures are blurred. Settings are many – to sense very small. The iPad is necessary to put and remove, here hold tight pressed well and pray that all failed. But it fails, alas, not always.

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet


The battery capacity is 6000 mAh, there is something interesting. Firstly, this tablet is protected from water, as well as other flagship devices Sony, but it uses capless usb, ie without microUSB connector plugs. Second, the technology supports fast charging Qualcomm quick charge 2.0, an hour can be charged to 70 percent of the tablet. To charge the battery completely, it takes another half hour. The good here is that Sony tablets previously had put on charge overnight. Well, now you can for an hour to connect to a power outlet and then on about their business. However, for a full charge it will still need about five-plus hours using PSU from the set (alas). Third, to use Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 device must support this technology and need a special power supply. And here is an interesting point, it turns out, a lot of Sony can work with this technology, you only need a special adapter (!). And it will be sold at Sony this year – and sell, and may even add to the set (!). The technology works with all devices Z2 and family Z3, I can not wait, when you can try with your smartphone.

The power supply is called the Quick Charger UCH10, the price of 1 590 rubles, already in the company store, I advise you to buy all owners of Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. And I advise you to buy the owners of Sony Xperia Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact.

While viewing the video claimed battery life – about 17 hours, in reality, the tablet and the truth can work very, very long time, if not too torment, it is two days. Everything else depends on the applications you use – as in other devices of Sony, it is better not to use Chrome and monitor the running of social networking tools, such as, Facebook is also the battery drops off very quickly.

It is a pity that right is not supplied power adapter for fast charging.

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet


I love by Sony, products from Sony, and smartphones from year to year are getting better – that’s what a good turned Z3 Compact. And so do Z3 + finished almost everything we could. Works long, no plug microUSB, a good camera. You can, you can live! But with the Sony tablets somehow not out. Do not go finished to a relative ideal. Although one can not call this, this Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact – nothing to get the machine, and now you can buy for 23 990 rubles.

A Z4 Tablet is available in the company shop for 46,990 rubles, the version with 32 GB of memory, Wi-Fi + LTE. There is a “bundle” with a keyboard BKB50 cost 52,990 rubles. Version without LTE is 41,990 rubles, even if you hate Apple, is to look at the iPad Air 2, however, the Sony came slyly, “aypad” with 32 GB in the line is missing, but there is a version with 64 GB, Wi-Fi + LTE, and is a model in the company’s Apple store 48,990 rubles. You can look for the “American” will be cheaper.

What are the advantages of the tablet Sony has to iPad Air 2? On paper, a lot of them, Z4 Tablet is easier, is not afraid of water, say, Android gives users more freedom (but it is only talk). In reality, only two advantages – the tablet can be used as a smartphone with a headset or not, bought SIM-card, and then you can call. Do you want to – see the sites you want – communicate. The second advantage – is to support the card, by the way, the application can also be put on the card.

This benefits end. Housing plastic looks cheap, like a good screen, but it was too many complaints on the network to marriage and uneven lighting, camera, compared with the iPad no. Glows, the problem with the sharpness, and even in HDR mode again on time is not necessary.Housing plate is heated, but that God is with him.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the device will start with the cons.

  • Long charging time, is not supplied power supply to Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 – considering the price of the tablet, this could put the power supply in the package
  • Not very good quality footage for premium devices, most of the shots just does not work (with video situation is slightly better) Why are not here to put a normal camera module, as in the Z3? This is what will be a great increase in the price?
  • The body is thin, lightweight, it’s kind of cool – but even this seems flimsy housing, and immediately be ready to invest in a cover for a device to watch videos and do not hold the tablet in hands.
  • Good hardware, CPU performance – get ready to heat. Although a relative minus
  • Speakers disappointed me in everyday use
  • People complain about the quality of the screen, so before buying advise you to check the display
  • Price “happy” many consumers – well, do not forget also that the iPad sold in the secondary market can be always, but with Sony tablet you namuchaetes


  • Protection of water, even though I do not think the plates are often caught under running water or in the sea. I think it’s more marketing
  • Gone microUSB cover
  • It supports fast charge, a good time
  • CPU performance
  • Support LTE and the ability to make voice calls
  • Good display (with a number of reservations, see above)
  • Slim and lightweight design for a tablet with a diagonal of 10 inches (but there is a reservation)
  • Android 5.0 out of the box
  • There is radio. It’s a plus?

I personally would put up with the price, if at Sony made the tablet Sony. That is, wait, just like before, technology and design. Display borderless different cameras, at least as smart phones last year to complete it is noise canceling headphones and power supply with support for fast charging, to the rear part or the whole body of glass or metal. In general, if we pay fifty thousand, then pay for the thing. It’s not all perfect, and engineers can sympathize, the feeling that they have high-quality components are selected, do not allow firms to use in tablets. Meanwhile, companies do not one hundred tablets with different names and characteristics of one year, and only one or two. Was it possible to do everything perfect, or close to that? Yes, I think we can.

Nice try, Sony, but I hope that in the review of the list of deficiencies Z5 Tablet do not have to write to me at all.

Review tablet Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet updated: August 4, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis