Review speaker Denon Envaya Mini

Review speaker Denon Envaya Mini

On our site there was an obvious lack of material about the technique Denon, the situation must be corrected. If suddenly someone does not know, Denon – Japanese brand that has existed since 1910. Unlike a number of other modern firms, where engaged and Hi-Fi, and cosmetics, and tires, and God knows what else, engaged in Denon audio only. This is how you can describe the activities of the brand. I personally know the brand of a major technology and headphones, the more interesting it was to get acquainted and to acquaint you with the products of New Media.This portable speakers, wireless headphones, speakers for streaming services and other interesting devices. Post decided to Envaya Mini, this is a very good example of how to Denon, even from the little things can create this musical monster.

As you can see, this is a miniature speaker. Packaging accurate, there are velvet pouch, which is strange, there would be more came any bag of nylon or eco-leather. After the column is protected from water (basic protection), it certainly will take to the beach, camping or on a picnic, velvet cover quickly unusable. But all this chicanery, boldly wear a column in a backpack with all the other things, unpretentious piece. To begin with, that and strive to take it in hand. The case of unusual shape, a sort of musical magic wand. Form Factor unusual, but you get used to it very quickly. The column takes up little space in a suitcase, and its not terrible crush dynamics covers the metal “grill”, and from all sides. Pads at the ends of the rubber material on a light traces of use, there is no black. The column is available in two versions, it is black and white, denote them so.

Review speaker Denon Envaya Mini

Both look great, black men will like, well, white can approach the girls. There is an area for quick NFC pairing with smartphones and tablets based on Android, checked with Sony Xperia Z3, with no problems connecting. The column is charged from a conventional cable microUSB.

At the ends are specified slot and 3.5mm to connect to any other equipment using a cable, test button and battery indicator light, power button, and playback controls. Note that the column put on the table should be in the “legs”, they are marked by tabs. In this case, a “mini” does not slide on the table, when put on its side can easily if the surface obliquely. Optionally, the column can be placed vertically.

Denon Envaya Mini: Scenarios and Features

Often people ask, well, in general, why this column? I think there need to start with the offensive to many questions – and you’re an active person? Whether you go with friends on the nature, cooking outdoors, playing sports in the yard (this is very important and popular)? And in the summer there are beaches and swimming pools, picnic, bike or scooter. Here in all these cases, any portable speakers can diversify holiday. But even if you sit at home for Denon Envaya Mini will be used. Well, even watching videos or playing games on a laptop or tablet. Simple connection via Bluetooth wirelessly, and forward, you can play with quite a different impression. Or engage in sports to music at home, not being afraid of stepping on the column – it is still necessary to try to crush. The column is not afraid of splashing, and if will stand next to the pool or near the shower (not just in the bathroom), it did not happen.

Everyone has his own script, but important note, the majority of them are quite predictable. And that is why the segment of portable audio growing from year to year.

Now about the features. Firstly, in the Denon Envaya Mini has a speakerphone, you can answer a call by pressing the Play / Pause, voice quality is quite good. If the unit is in the bag on his arm during sports, you can quickly communicate. Secondly, the speaker supports codecs aptX and SBS, with some devices, the sound quality will be even better (although it is so very surprising). For example, Sony Xperia Z3 +, you connect immediately receive a notification. Third, support multi-point connection, you can use the column along with a laptop and a smartphone. Or with your smartphone and tablet. To activate the pairing mode, press and hold the Play / Pause button for a few seconds.

Denon Envaya Mini: Working hours

Claimed battery life is about 10 hours, while charging from USB-port – about 2.5 hours. For the modern devices of this type is an excellent indicator, some speakers larger work only about 6-8 hours. Here you can listen to music almost all the daylight hours.

Denon Envaya Mini: Music

Review speaker Denon Envaya Mini

That’s what struck me immediately when colleagues from Denon included column in the office – the sound does not correspond to the size of the crumbs. Excellent stock volume, drive, no disruption at the top, cool bass. Some classmates would hardly, if Russia knew better than Denon. I can tell you so, if you choose a column for trips, I would now be focused on the Denon Envaya Mini – it is quite easy to not think about the excess weight, it is loud, it works for a long time, it is not a pity to “kill” (although it is difficult) . And the sound, the sound is impressive. It is a worthy competitor for the same Bose SoundLink Mini first generation. Incidentally, in the Envaya Mini uses a similar internal circuit: two 40 mm broadband speakers and a passive radiator, plus support aptX, plus additional processing of high frequencies – there is a difference in the end, if you listen to FLAC on this column or listen to the same track to MP3. Funny, but true. I would have thought that such experiments are possible with such portable equipment – rather, they make sense.

Denon Envaya Mini: Conclusion

I do not even know what to compare it – the closest Bose Soundlink Mini, and even then with reservations. I know the more important for many is the price, but here at all of the product in order for eight thousand will not find anything similar. I found the perfect portable speakers for myself. Neubivaemye (okay, trudnoubivaemye) materials, convenient operation, a speakerphone, while working 10 hours, gorgeous sound codec aptX. The Denon very pleased, next time tell you about the high-end model Denon Envaya. But younger “mini” recommend to all of you.

Review speaker Denon Envaya Mini updated: July 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis