Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Meet the new flagship of Sony Xperia Z5: an updated design code, interesting materials, the fingerprint sensor, a very fast autofocus, accessories, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.

Design, construction Sony Xperia Z5

The hardest thing to say about the appearance of a new device, because the design – it is subjective, each of us hundreds of their favorite features for each item, its requirements, and we can safely say something only about the general aspects. Here take the Sony Xperia Z5. It is very convenient push button, it is a fingerprint sensor. It is not loose, not too much clicks, it is not too elastic and not too soft – such as it is necessary. New buttons are fine. And she will be happy to enjoy and lefties and righties.

Plugs are only closed slots for memory cards (microSD) and NanoSIM, all other terminals are open. It is very convenient, especially after the Z3, where you have to pick the cover.


Metal – yes, those who love the metal, will not be disappointed. Edges of the metal aluminum used herein have Premium is stainless steel. Her painted so well, that even at first did not realize that for the material. But the chill in hand with what can not be confused. And engraved Xperia, grooves letters under your finger, it’s all done on purpose to emphasize the details. At Sony Xperia Z5 and have metal and glass front and rear, a special treatment makes the back of the mat, resistant to fingerprints. There is no need to go with a handkerchief in his pocket.

The colors are excellent. Silver matt, matt black, matt green and, of course, matte gold. Five years ago no one would have dared to make a smart gold. And now it is more difficult to do. Z5 dimensions within standards for such a display device, 146 x 72.1 x 7.5 mm, weight – 156.5 grams.

The design takes into account the sample of recent years, the corners at the ends appeared at Z3 and moved here in the fall on a corner kick for energy is not passed on, apparently, information service confirmed the correctness of the design. The corners also have Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, and Premium. About the lack of plugs I have said, but still using the Z3 + catch yourself thinking, as without them great. Incidentally, the reason Z5, and Z4 is not? Let me remind you, Z4 is already sold in the United States and Japan, we have it is known as Z3 +.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

But there is a caveat. If Sony Xperia Z5 Compact all for nothing like that in our time is very rare, the new flagship strongly resembles Z3 after modding. And whatever may be said, they say, this new device, everything else, not even close, they lay still find similarities. And that is why the owners of Z3 can be taken to the possibility of transition to the new product with skepticism, especially in the current economic environment. “I live without fingerprinting”, so I said, buddy. The similarity of design there is nothing wrong – but for many design similarities automatically applies the stamp “are all the same”, which is not true.

In general, Z5 – Z3 is far not entirely Z3 + (despite the same CPU).

Fingerprint scanner Sony Xperia Z5

I tried the scanner prototype-will tell you how everything happens. In the “Security” appears appropriate section, where you can link to the sensor up to five prints. The process itself is simple, puts his finger a few times until it fills the scale, like all other similar systems. Then specify what exactly would make the sensor well and begin to enjoy. I like that unlocking takes a fraction of a second, puts his finger and immediately find yourself on the desktop, without graphic keys and stuff. Note that it is not necessary to press the button, simply swipe your finger. False positives was practically no – if there were, the more my fault.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Scanner button is at all flagship smartphone Sony, so this cupola is identical to Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

Note that the placement of the sensor in the button seems to me the most logical. A finger goes here by itself (if you are left-handed, the button will be the index finger of the left hand), the setting is elementary, the work does not cause problems. I do not like a fingerprint scanner? Use an ordinary password – but only have to spend time on it every time you want to do something with your smartphone.

Screen Sony Xperia Z5

Diagonal IPS-display – 5.2 inches, resolution – FullHD, supported by a number of proprietary technologies, it TRILUMINOS and X-Reality Engine. Here is what they write on the official website:

  • Technology X-Reality for Mobile analyzes each image on the screen and optimizes color, sharpness and contrast.As a result, you get pictures and video with extreme detail and low noise.
  • TRILUMINOS Display LCD and LED technology Live Colour provide the widest color palette with bright red, natural green and blue colors.

There are other features, but they should talk in the review unit. At current flagship, Sony Xperia Z3 + is used to display the same diagonal, say about the prototype is nothing much I cannot be nice, but no more.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Cameras Sony Xperia Z5

While I can only say that the main camera 23 MP, the module uses Exmor RS, 5 megapixel front camera with wide-angle to create a great self. As for the camera, too, there’s news:

  • Starting with the Sony Xperia M5, you can see the company’s approach to photography in modern vehicles. People want to get great shots even in low light, digital zoom, people want fast autofocus. And all this is in line Z5 and M5 too.
  • I’ll start with the autofocus, it is stated that this process takes less than 0.03 seconds is the fastest system on the market, at least so say in Sony. We must look, how it works in reality, the review will talk about that in the system used here. The Sony say that the camera in mobile devices today are engaged in the same guys that have developed different systems for cameras, “Alpha”
  • Declare also that the five-fold digital zoom does not affect the quality of pictures – you can shoot objects at a distance, and like everything will be ok. Let’s see.
  • Declared support for video recording at 4K (and allegedly even supports video output in 4K on external sources).All this, too, will have to try.

There are all the usual modes for Sony is augmented reality and not just a lot of them can be downloaded from the Play Market. In life, the autofocus is fast and true. Another interesting innovation is now possible to shoot in intelligent auto mode with a resolution of 20 MP and 16: 9, when using the maximum resolution (23 MP), it will be 4: 3 previously (for example, Z3) could use both 8 MP and 16: 9 or 4: 3 full resolution. I hope I have explained clearly – to me personally want to shoot with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a resolution of 20 MP.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Performance Sony Xperia Z5

Used Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810, as you know, it’s quite “warm” solution, so this review will have to be given special attention.  Other functions such 3 GB of RAM (at Z5 Compact 2 GB), 32 GB of internal memory, a slot for microSD, there is support for LTE. Android version will have to be checked at the time of the appearance of the device on the market. Responsible for the graphics Adreno 430, wireless interfaces – Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11n / ac. Once again, two SIM-cards with LTE and will have Z5 Z5 Premium, the “compact” version with only one SIM-card.

With representatives of the companies we were talking about what would be nice to get the version with 64 GB of memory – you know, sometimes even the best memory card behave strangely and it affects the operation of installed applications on microSD. While at Sony will not change anything, learn to use the built-in 32 GB correctly and buy a normal memory card. Though it pleases – no disqualification.

The company says that solved the problems with overheating processor.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Features Sony Xperia Z5

A little bit about the other features of the smartphone:

  • It works in tandem with PS4, simply put, Xperia turns into the screen, pick up a stick and play. Given the diagonal of the screen, on the “compact” it is better not to do it
  • Supports old accessories – mean other smartphones Z series with connector. Headset with noise reduction and microphone will work fine.
  • It announced a new headset Sony MDR-NC750, there are noise reduction, and even built-in microphones can be activated when shooting video, which (as they say), you can record sound with unprecedented quality. It is not checked. This function works only with the family Z5.
  • Much less the pre-collection, it is also noticeable. On one screen is smaller.

Opening times Sony Xperia Z5

Installed capacity of 2900 mAh battery, supports Fast Charge Technology QuickCharge 2.0, after charging for 45 minutes supposedly smart phone can work all day. Of course, it all depends on your specific use. I think so, at Sony want everywhere to announce two days of work for the Z5, but it’s a little far-fetched. If I take Z5 Premium sit down and watch a movie, then after ten hours the device will ask to connect it to a power outlet. Here we have to say so, in theory, smart phones line Z5 can work 2 days. In practice, it all depends on you.

Power supply included is another, QuickCharge it does not support – this PSU you will have to buy separately.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look

Conclusions Sony Xperia Z5

At first I doubted the strategy chosen by Sony, in fact in line Z5 is composed of three devices can be later displayed the tablet. PHABLET, smartphone and smart compact dimensions – for consumers from different planets, one need display 4K, others want good design and Snapdragon 810, like the size of the third (and almost all the functions of a leader). I really like the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, but I would rather choose Premium, because I always use social networks. Another man says the seller, no, I need Z5, because “premium” – a shovel and “CD” is too compact. A choice, that’s great. In October, look at the price of all this beauty.

The bottom line in front of us is a typical product of the great stagnation in 2015 – when most of the flagship Android devices are very similar to each other. But Sony Xperia Z5 at least you can watch without tears and shuddering. If you ask, well, how did Motorola, I say – it’s pretty cool, but not for sale in Russia. I still like the design S6 Edge, but not too much like a proprietary shell Samsung, the Sony even fewer piles, and this is a huge plus for performance, and for the perception of the device as a whole.

Review Sony Xperia Z5. First look updated: September 2, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis