Review smartphone Meizu MX5

Review smartphone Meizu MX5

Contents of delivery

The device is packaged in a new box: if earlier practically all cell phones were in the flat square boxes, the new MX5 – in a rectangular. Dimensions by modern standards, not the best.

Phone traditionally MX Series is in a makeshift brochure with the main feature of the gadget. Just below you’ll find a bag with a clip for the removal of SIM-tray and documentation. Furthermore, there is a network adapter with an output current of 2 A, normal USB-cable white. Most interestingly, Meizu first time, at least in my memory, reported earphones, in this case the EP-21HD. They are packed in a cute plastic bag in the style of Apple.


Just last month, it took place the presentation of the Chinese company Meizu. It shows device called MX5. I recall that in September 2014 came MX4, later MX4 Pro. Furthermore, there were M1 Note and M2 Note – PHABLET cheap. An interesting trend that I hope there will be more devices, and the quality of performance does not suffer. In fact, according to rumors, Meizu in 2015 is going to update the entire model range, including not yet shown MX5 Pro.

In the recent past, the company Samsung had a similar experience: a year were nearly identical devices is not quite intelligible content. In the end, as I understand, they abandoned this practice and now we are seeing only appropriate products. Hopefully, with the Meizu does not happen again a similar story, I would still be in their place “to hold their horses.” People just started buying MX4, and they already offer MX4 Pro; just released M1 Note, immediately showed M2 Note.

Review smartphone Meizu MX5

For someone created MX5? I think that for someone who missed the MX4, M1 and M2 are calculated too low cost from a technical point of view, but on the MX4 Pro did not have enough money. The novelty tried to embody the maximum interesting pieces of different devices: metal body, the camera module with a large number of megapixels, the laser focus, fingerprint sensor, SuperAMOLED matrix awakening by double tapas and more. And that’s good, as long as all of these bells and whistles work, and did not exist “on paper”. Therefore, I suggest you read this review, which provides greater detail on each chip flagship device Meizu MX5.

Design, size, controls

The presentation has been given a lot of time smartphone designs. Official sources say that the 250-gram bar of aluminum T6063 brand, which later turns into a frame device weighing 21 grams, it takes up to 30 days. The whole process takes about 70 steps: rough machining on nano-casting, precision machining, polishing, anodizing and diamond cutting. Accuracy of execution – up to 0.01 mm.

Another interesting fact. The case is anodized and polished, this process is repeated 5 times, and takes more than 40 hours. In the painting process using special clamps, they participate in the operation only two times, and then recycled.This is done in order to be coated with a thickness of 0.02 mm.

Review smartphone Meizu MX5

Over the embodiment fully metal housing developers pored over the past two years, eventually solved the problem of compatibility of the materials. For example, in the field of antennas was used PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) – special plastic, it is very durable and well withstands high temperatures. This material does not affect the quality of the signals.

The support card is made of magnesium alloy thickness of only 0.45 mm. At various resources you can read more and more about making Meizu MX5, but we go further.

The appearance of the device resembles a symbiosis Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. corners of the rounded, sloping sides, is not enough unless the 2.5D glass. It looks good, but we have already seen.

Made from metal rear area of the device. The upper and lower bounds of plastic. Between the edges and metal parts are grooves. Despite the creation of a fascinating description of the case and the word about the accuracy, completeness of the product, these grooves are made more crudely: first, they are deep, and secondly, very sharp, so you feel quite the finger recess. Very strange decision as if holding is not the final product, and the sample. Furthermore, there eventually clogged dust and fine particles of clothing. I think that in the next gadget is “Fixed”.

The side edges merge seamlessly into the front panel. A thin rim polished, nicely reflects the color. The screen is protected by Corning glass of the third generation. Of course, a couple of weeks with the material nothing happened.Oleophobic coating is there, but not the quality (in any case, better than in the M1 / M2): fingerprints remain, they are visible, not too easily erased. The finger glides relatively smoothly.

Toughness. Metal parts really strong and not subject to rapid wear or scratches. Especially I tried to hold krashtesty. Nothing terrible happened: traces remain, but can be easily removed, if you hold a hand on problem areas.

Buttons and camera bezel is also “iron”.

The case is assembled perfectly. No squeaks, punching up the battery crunch.

Small drawback: the smartphone rather slippery, especially if you have very dry hands.

On top of the center speaker is voice. He’s the same quality as the speakers in the MX4, MX4 Pro, M1 and M2 Note. High volume, precision and excellent clarity.

To the left of the speaker – an indicator of events. Flashing white light. Right – Light sensor and proximity. If the first question is no, then the second is. At the moment it is buggy either does not turn off lights during a call, or does not turn on after you have removed the phone from his ear. The problem is not critical and obviously lies in the firmware. Fortunately, here the interface is at the bottom, not the top, as “pure» Android 5.0, that is, to push his cheek a button is quite difficult.

Below the display is a mechanical button, combined with a fingerprint sensor. Dubbed button mTouch 2.0. It is flat, slightly recessed into the body. Serves as exit to the home screen when you, when you touch – the “Back”, while long-term retention locks the screen. A quote from an official source:

“The whole unit has been redesigned, resulting in a higher recognition rate, improved comfort during use and more user-friendly design. Absolutely new button-capsule containing a different functionality, in harmony with the design of a single body of the phone. Only through continuous improvement, we can create phones that are worthy of your attention.

The MX5, we have added a new ID chip mTouch 2.0. It works very quickly, in just 0,48s. And with the increase by 81% resolution of the scanner, mTouch 2.0 can gather more information about the fingerprint, which greatly improves the accuracy of recognition. ”

All the “copy-paste” will not. The manufacturer also says that the button is capable of withstanding 300 000 taps without any problems, and added under the module a fixed waterproof layer of silicone gel which prevents the formation of water erosion.

Attention was given and security. MTouch 2.0 technology is based on the security environment of the TEE TrusTonic. “Even if the device is opened administrator privileges (root), no one can gain access to the secure area of TEE (Trusted Execution Environment). Any third-party program to enable the API, you get the review and signature of the Meizu. Safe area only provides test results of third party applications without the possibility of third-party applications directly receive data from the fingerprints. ”

I do not think that users will be particularly Meizu think about such things, after all, “Maze” is not yet Apple.

On the bottom left – the microphone in the middle – micro-USB connector on the right – the speaker. By the way, Meizu confuse even about cogs about slots:

“Our desire for refinement and attention to detail is not spared even such a trifle as the mounting screws on the bottom of the case. Take a look at these 5-beam cap, which refracts light so beautifully, and you will appreciate our love for unprecedented design. ”

He looked. I noticed that the left screw is not completely screwed. Love is not appreciated :)

At the top end – a second microphone and 3.5 mm audio jack.

This model is equipped with two slots for standard simkarty nanoSIM. The tray on the left.

Right – the power button (turn on the device, activate the backlight) and key-rocker volume control. Very comfortable. The power button is pressed and the pleasant sound of “click”. It is very similar to the iPhone’s 6.

Review smartphone Meizu MX5

C back side are: large (15 mm diameter) eye camera lens below – two-color flash (cold and warm glow), laser autofocus.


The Meizu MX5 used screen diagonal is 5.5 inches. Let me remind you that in the M1 / M2 Note same display in MX4 – 5.36, and MX4 Pro – 5.5. The physical size of the display MX5 – 68h121 mm Frame top – 18.5 mm, bottom – 19.5, left and right – about 3 mm. There is anti-reflective coating.

Display resolution MX5 – FullHD, ie 1080h1920 points, density – 400 pixels per inch. The matrix is made by Samsung

In the settings, unfortunately, it was not operating modes screen – profiles as smartphones Samsung.

The device supports the quick awakening: double tap, other gestures. There SmartTouch. When the screen appears a small point, with which you can perform various actions: pressing the point – “Back”, the movement of the bottom up – starting the notifications panel, and so on.


This model uses a non-removable battery capacity of 3150 mAh.

When using the device battery lasted for about 24 hours: about 20-30 minutes of calls a day, about 10 hours of use of 3G (constant synchronization of mail, “Twitter”, “VotsAp”, “Skype” and so on), about 5 hours Wi -Fi, a few dozen photos, hours listening to music.

In a gently gadget works up to two days. If you leave only data synchronization (Wi-Fi), you can count on 3-4 days. Up to 13 hours of constant talk.

When auto-tuning the brightness of the screen display is 3 to 4 hours.

These are about the same as in the M1 / M2 Note. The big difference is not noticed.

Communication capabilities

The device is equipped with two nanoSIM-slots. Both connectors support the work of the network 3G / 4G

  • GSM / GPRS / EDGE (900/1800 MHz)
  • WCDMA / HSPA + (900/2100 Mhz)
  • LTE (1800/2100 MHZ)

Disclaimer. LTE network is not supported by all operators. For example, running MTS 4G and MegaFon only in certain areas. The most successful in this regard proved Meizu M2 Note.

Chip NFC not.

Other standard: Wi-Fi (ac and b / g / n) dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.1 LE, the connector microUSB (USB 2.0, OTG, MHL) for charging / synchronization. GPS navigation works without problems.

Memory and memory card

Inside the device is 3 GB of dual-channel memory (933 MHz LPDDR3). The internal memory can be 16, 32 and 64 GB. The 16GB version is available about 11 GB.


Two cameras: Basic 20.7 MP (6 lenses, aperture F2.2, Sony Exmor RS IMX220 area of 1 / 2.3 “with a pixel size of 1.2 microns, is protected by the glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3), front 5 MP (F2.0). Flash has two colors glow: cold and warm.There are laser focus.

A similar camera module is in Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro. The quality is comparable. Another question – the software. At the moment it seems to me, to the end is not yet ready, as there is a small problem:

  1. HDR pictures are usually too “overdried” look tough. Very often the picture is twofold, the impression that between the first and second frame takes a lot of time – to the second. Moving objects “take a picture” is useless.
  2. Panoramas are usually slightly blurred, as though out of focus.
  3. Most importantly – the problem of focusing when shooting macro. Almost always, the camera can not focus on the exact object that you specify – sharpness “walks” or closer or farther.

Laser Focus running a little slower than in the LG G3 and LG G4, but is able to focus on a subject that is poorly illuminated.

Of the benefits: Always accurate white balance, a relatively wide viewing angle, fully manual settings ISO, shutter speed, exposure and focus.

Below – a comparison of the cameras LG G4 (left) and Meizu MX5 (right).

When shooting landscapes camera handle about the same. However, it is noticeable that the optical quality is not the best MX5 compared with G4.

When shooting indoors the difference is much larger. LG camera less “noise”, the picture clearer.

Insufficient light. A clear leader – LG G4. The image is brighter with almost no noise, high detail.

In general, the camera Meizu MX5 very good, but needs an update Softovaya.

To be able to select individual points of focus and exposure point, you must turn on the “Metering Unit”. Shooting in RAW is not.

Everything else is typical for smartphones Meizu.

Video unit can shoot in 4K resolution at 30 f / s. Quality super-duper. “Pour” video on YouTube does not work, because the record is a codec H265.

Performance and software platform

The new company Meizu got chipset called Helio X10 Turbo. It makes it all the same Taiwanese company MediaTek. Another name for a chip, the more familiar – MT6795T. The index «T» just means «Turbo». We can say that MX5 is the first smartphone on the platform – the most productive among the MTK.

Frankly, it is not clear what purpose are used as powerful chipset, because the screen resolution – not QuadHD. Certainly only from a marketing standpoint. Because FullHD head missing and MT6752.

Thus, SoC Helio X10 – a 64-bit platform, 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53 processor with a clock frequency of up to 2.2 GHz, 28 nm process technology, and as the graphics – PowerVR G6200. Present technology MediaTek CorePilot 2.0 . Unlike the first version, this advanced control system performance while reducing power consumption.

At various resource provides data benchmarks multiple devices. For some time, all these figures, I think useless. The fact that the “parrots” play no role, since 90% of success depends on optimizing software and hardware: it is possible to obtain an infinite number of points, but the game interface will be laggy. In addition to Android, there is no such game, which would be launched only on the top-end smartphones. The same Meizu M1 «pulls” all you want.

Apparatus MX5 fast, smooth interface, not podglyuchivaet not podlagivaet. Metal casing completely heated, even when not weak CPU load.

Total. Powerful processor without overheating, pulling all the toys on the highest setting. The user interface is smooth, no glitches and the brakes.

Software Platform

The smartphone runs on Google Android operating system version 5.1. But by “five” is, unfortunately, nothing left after the Chinese “freewheeling” it Flyme shell version 4.5. In fact, nothing new and interesting shows: animation, the icons, the overall design of the same. Sadly, of course, since Android 5.0 is good without any frills.


Music player for Meizu. He evolved a bit – just a round steel icons.

The speaker has a very high volume, I think, is higher than that MX4, MX4 Pro and others. The sound is clear, no wheezing.It seems that the speaker is the highest quality of all that I have heard over the last couple of years. Another would have added bass notes of – it would be great.

The sound in the headphones loud. The quality is excellent. The manufacturer does not point to a single chip music, but the sound sure will appeal to all! In the settings there is an equalizer. Total five bands: 100 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz and 4 kHz, 16 kHz. There are several presets. Still here Dirac HD Sound – a special software that analyzes and adjusts the “color” of the sound. The algorithm works described in more detail here .

Radio is still there. The video player has not changed, but there was a button to display special other video memory.


The quality of communication I have no further questions. Vibrating alert is better than in the M1 / M2.

C great pleasure tested this unit. One feels that Meizu tried to make really high quality device with all points of view.

However, those who argue that the difference between the MX4 and MX5 small, they will be right. In the new metal case, more than gigabyte of RAM, front-facing camera is a bit better, a little faster processor, larger screen and LCD replaced by SuperAMOLED. That is, in fact, before you MX4s. However, MX5 flagship will be short-lived, soon we will show MX5 Pro, and then everything will fall into place.

Something that would have to be, in my opinion, to work:

  • The metal groove should stand less, it is now urgent and deep.

Certain nuances

  • Matrix SuperAMOLED should have saturation settings as smartphones Samsung. Without it, some users screen will seem too colorful, and someone is too faint.
  • In fact, it is working with only one operator.
  • From Android 5.0 is nothing left that is not very good.

Detected bugs are likely in the firmware

  • Incorrect operation of the proximity sensor. Sometimes he does not fire.
  • Details are described in the relevant section.


  • Metal case
  • SuperAMOLED-matrix screen
  • Laser autofocus
  • Good battery life
  • Very loud speaker
  • High-quality voice speaker
  • Great sound with headphones
  • Event LED
  • Good camera
  • Excellent quality of 4K video
  • The fingerprint scanner


  • Not all operators working and not everywhere
Review smartphone Meizu MX5 updated: July 16, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis