Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Sometimes there are situations where some of the producers suddenly realizes with horror the shocking fact that he inadvertently or inadvertently released to the market “perfect” product. It so happened in the modern world, that among producers there is an unspoken rule: never sell to consumers at an affordable price a complete, versatile, satisfying all the requirements of the product. What, in general, with the cynical approach to the issue is probably justified. Sometimes it is extremely rare, but as recently happened with the smartphone Meizu M1 Note. This mobile unit has acquired overnight and experts and ordinary users extraordinary popularity, being as sort of reference with which to compare the steel literally any purchase of an average smartphone when it comes to finding the most advantageous combination of price and quality. Real cases of life showed the same situation when people get yourself Meizu M1 Note, confidently stated that the more expensive flagship products they are now useless. “Because they are not much better than the Meizu M1 Note, and are thus much more expensive.” All this, of course, terrified the company, and they immediately rushed to replace their sverhuspeshnyh product to another. That was like not very much, but in some ways greatly simplified, and this step is obviously brought Meizu calm.

This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that too soon after the Meizu M1 Note happened update. This became an overnight legend M1 Note quickly and without much noise has been removed from production. Who did not, that, as they say, too late. Now customers no choice: the budget line, the company closed really unpretentious, quite outstanding smartphone, which justifies its low price and the buyers do not excite the imagination – an ordinary middling, which are many.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Contents of delivery Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note goes on sale in exactly the same flat, square box of cardboard of white solid as its predecessor, only the inside of the acquired different color. Box in the style of minimalism: the outside of the snow-white background is applied only a couple of logos. Habitual inner box, made in the form of books, the junior model has not received.

Accessory Kit is not rich: in the box are a miniature charger with an output current of 2 A and the connecting cable Micro-USB, nothing more.

Just as is the case with the older models of the series, the headphone was not included, but there is an empty nest box for them, scored a stub with an unambiguous sign.

The appearance and usability Meizu M2 Note

His appearance Meizu M2 Note hardly differs from its predecessors. The company has groped its own particular design, which came to her liking, and uses it in all of its new products, from luxury to budget. It’s still the same simple without additional elements adorning the plastic cover-boat rounded on all sides streamlined.

No additional collars, inserts, or even chamfering no – one continuous trough plastic, glued to the glass display. Inside this polycarbonate case, made by solid casting, there is a metal frame made of magnesium alloy.

The size of the smartphone Meizu M2 Note fairly large, but due to large radii on each side at the back of the device is quite comfortable to hold in hand. Weight is small, the thickness is also not excessive, all within the allowable.

The material used is polycarbonate, depending on the body color Meizu M2 Note, may have either a matte or glossy finish. The quality of materials and assembly raises no objections: no scratches, sagging back cover or crunching under compression is not in sight, the case Meizu M2 Note creates an impression of stout, firmly assembled, durable product.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Since there is no removable cover, the unit received the appropriate option card attachment: metal tray is inserted into the side slot and can be removed using the included key-clip. In this respect, the differences from the previous model are many: the format supported by SIM-cards has changed to Nano-SIM, while the opportunity to replace the second SIM-card to the memory card. It is not clear what to do to the user if he wants to suddenly insert a second SIM-card, as stored in the card information is probably not that there is, that it can be so simply lose when you will need the support of the second SIM-card . In general, the compromise version with a choice between two SIM-card and memory card looks ridiculous, and at such a large scale housing is also completely unjustified.

As for hardware mechanical control buttons, the changes are also not benefited. The ill-fated power key and lock with the upper end of the moved, finally, on its side, but it is placed in the middle of the edge, so that the index finger to get her uncomfortable. Maybe, of course, at the hands of the Chinese themselves a smaller size, or hold the smartphone they are somehow different, but for the European palms the button arrangement of clearly too low. However, for the left-hander this option is even preferable.

Sami buttons are large, easy are blind, but their course is too tough and resilient, it is necessary to press with considerable force.

With regard to other mechanical buttons, the one that is located on the front side under the screen, then move it, on the contrary, extremely soft and too short, but when you hear a distinct and fairly loud click.The most offensive that, in contrast to the flagship models of MX series, here in exactly the same type of button with no fingerprint scanner is not built, which is a pity.

On the back of all the usual and familiar: a large box camera, covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass 3, it does not protrude beyond the surface. Next to him is dual colored flash of the two LEDs.

Speaker grille on the back side there is, it is located at the lower end of the body is made of several large round holes. Here is the bottom connector and Micro-USB, supporting connectivity OTG, and next to it – a hole spoken microphone.

Audio connector for mini-jack 3.5 mm headphone jack submitted to the upper end. Slot cover devices are not covered, not found on the body and mounting strap. Protection against water and dust the machine did not get support for wireless charging – too.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Regarding the variety of color options Meizu M2 Note can say the following. There are three body color (white, blue and pink), whose surfaces are glossy and Mark, and that’s the last one, the gray version has a matte coating, it is not Mark, but rather slippery to hold in your hand. So, this is an infrequent case where the color of the body is highly dependent and ergonomics, and here one has to choose for himself the most preferred option.

Screen Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note is equipped with a touch IPS panel production Sharp / AUO, made by technology IGZO. The screen, by the way, unlike the M1 Note, not protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3, and AGC Dragontrail / NEG T2X-1. The physical screen size is 68 × 121 mm, the diagonal – 5.5 inches, resolution – 1920 × 1080 pixels, pixel density equal to 401 ppi.

The thickness of the framework from the edge of the screen to the edges of the housing on each side is about 3 mm and the top and bottom – 15 mm. With such a large display such a framework look quite thin, though not a record.

Sound Meizu M2 Note

Sounds Meizu M2 Note for its level very nepoloho. And over time, and the headphones sound clear, bright, full of all of the frequency spectrum, the maximum volume level is satisfactory, distortion and wheezing was observed. The earpiece is clearly conveys all the intonations and timbre of the voice of a familiar companion remains recognizable.

To play music, use a major corporate player with a widget on the screen. In the settings of the player it is possible to use an equalizer with preset values, and also use better sound quality by selecting from a number of different profiles of Dirac HD Sound, but it is available only when you connect headphones.

The device can record telephone conversations with the line, it is sufficient to press the corresponding button on the phone interface application directly during a call. FM-radio in the machine, as usual, no.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Cell Meizu M2 Note

Set the physical camera modules hero review, apparently, is exactly the same as in the Meizu M1 Note, but that’s part of the software processing is not so simple. However, the final verdict on the quality of the shooting will be shown below, but in the meantime list the physical characteristics of the sensor used. The smartphone is equipped with two units of digital cameras with a resolution of 13 megapixel and 5. The front camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor OmniVision OV5670 with wide-angle lens with a 4-element lens and aperture f / 2,0 and has autofocus and flash. To carry out survey on the front camera, you can use the hardware volume control key, which is useful when creating self-portraits. The picture quality for the level of self more than satisfactoryThe main camera has all the same 13-megapixel sensor with Samsung lens with a 5-element lens and aperture f / 2,2, rapid auto focus and dual LED flash colorful. The lens is protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3.

Menu control shooting is almost the same as in the previous model, but a little more simplistic in its capabilities. Mark also has several modes: automatic and manual in addition to the user is provided an opportunity to further engage panoramic, portrait mode, and specific, such as a change of focus and manual mode barcode recognition. For video mode is provided lapse. And here present before macro mode for night-time disappeared. It seems that the camera module Meizu decided not to change. It still is not too bad and is acceptable to the budget segment. Details of the camera does not always work out, but tries to suppress the noise is not very gently but effectively, Scharping not abused. Perhaps, more and nothing to add because all that we have seen in the previous model.

Overall, the camera is also good choice for not too demanding shooting in good light.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Telephone part and Communications Meizu M2 Note

The communication part – it is the little that is improved compared to the previous model. And even then, these changes are relevant not for everyone, but only to residents of those countries, where, in the course of the frequency of LTE FDD 2600 MHz, as in Russia, for example. For the rest, including for the Chinese themselves, the addition of one frequency to the total number of supported frequency does not mean anything in particular, because in Asia in the course of an entirely different technology 4G (TD LTE). As a result, Meizu M2 Note, unlike its predecessor, not only the standard works in modern networks 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA, but also has full support for LTE networks in our country. With FDD LTE smartphone can work now on 1800/2100/2600 MHz frequencies.

The rest of the network capabilities typical smartphone: NFC, as usual, no support for both range Wi-Fi (2,4 and 5 GHz), Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Display, you can create a wireless access point via Wi-Fi channels or Bluetooth 4.0. Connector Micro-USB 2.0 supports connecting external devices (USB Host, USB OTG), so it can be connected to a port Micro-USB flash drives and mice to keyboards.

The navigation module works with GPS (with A-GPS), Glonass and domestic. To work no complaints navigation module, the first satellites at cold start are detected in the first tens of seconds. Among the sensors of the smartphone has a magnetic field sensor, which works on the basis of a digital compass navigation software.

Telephone application supports Smart Dial, ie while dialing a telephone number and immediately carried out a search on the first letter of the contacts. Support Swype not. In addition to the standard keyboard has an alternative TouchPal X with a wide range of options and opportunities.

Smartphone supports two SIM-cards. In a call, you can select the desired map, but can not advance some of the SIM-cards to designate the primary organization for voice calls or sending SMS-messages. With 3G / 4G networks can operate SIM-card in any slot, but at the same time in this mode may operate only one of the cards. To change slot assignments card swap is not required – it can be done directly from the phone menu. Working with two SIM-cards is organized on the usual standard Dual SIM Dual Standby, when both cards can be in the active standby mode, but at the same time can not work – there is only one radio.

OS and software Meizu M2 Note

As the system is used in the device software platform Google Android latest version 5.1, but the proprietary interface Material Design is not to see – everything is hidden and replaced with elements of their own shell Flyme OS. Proprietary interface is the most recent version 4.5 with the ability to further update “over the air”. However, in general, some noticeable changes in the average user is not found, but a change in the sequence number is associated with only a shell, “sharpened” under the new fifth version of Android OS.

The casing of the possibilities is the same as the previous models. Interface strict, concise, beautiful and well-decorated, well-sorted all sections, access to any of the settings is carried out just a couple of clicks, menus, intuitive, virtually no extra software.

As usual, great attention is paid to work with gestures, in this regard, nothing has changed. To make it easier to work with a huge screen with your fingers one hand, provides a virtual button SmartTouch. It can be installed at any location on the screen, with its help it is possible to shift the picture halfway down, make it easier to reach for the top elements. With the help of gestures and made the interaction with the menu recently opened programs curtain notifications, unlock the home screen, etc. Side touch keys below the screen at the bottom here, as usual, no, so that part of their duties entrusted to a single central hardware button. For example, the option to return to the previous step. Overall, despite some inconvenience of constant need for “jewelry” work with gestures, the user interface of the Meizu Flyme OS is one of the most attractive, neat in appearance, thought-out and systematic alternative membranes for use with the Android OS. Performance

The saddest news related to the change, the updated model is a significant setback in terms of hardware performance. Here, the entire system, including the CPU and GPU, considerably simplified and cut, and therefore a new version became much less productive, and that to a large extent affected the gaming capabilities of the smartphone. Instead, a powerful graphics accelerator Mali-T760 with a frequency up to 700 MHz core, triple-core is now used by Mali-T720 with a frequency of up to 450MHz core, which could not but affect negatively the performance of the games.

The very hardware platform Meizu M2 Note entirely has also undergone significant changes in the direction of reducing the overall capacity of the system: Now the smartphone is built on the basis of single-chip system (SoC) MediaTek MT6753, which has the same eight cores Cortex-A53 clocked at only up to 1300 MHz instead of 1700 MHz, as the platform MediaTek MT6752, used in the M1 Note. RAM is still the same 2 GB of internal memory and allocated depending on the version 16 or 32 GB. Supported cards microSD, but then the user is prevented from using the second SIM-card.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Battery life Meizu M2 Note

Even in terms of the volume of the built-in battery Meizu M2 Note was weaker than its predecessor. The device is less capacious battery (3100 mAh), and though the difference is not so significant. And it does not, however, a smartphone demonstrated significantly worse level of autonomy in all scenarios use than its predecessor M1 Note.

Uninterrupted reading program FBReader (standard, bright theme with avtolistaniem) at minimum comfortable level of brightness (brightness was set to 100 cd / m²) lasted until the complete discharge of the battery 13 hours, and if uninterrupted video viewing in high quality (720p) with the same level of brightness over the home Wi-Fi network unit sustained no more than 8.5 hours. In the 3D-gaming smartphone worked for 4 hours. Charging time is about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Conclusion Meizu M2 Note

As for the cost Meizu M2 Note, it is, as one would expect, was little changed in the smaller side compared to the more powerful model M1 Note. However, the vicissitudes of foreign exchange market led eventually to the fact that the weaker model has almost caught up with the price predecessor. However, those smartphones M1 Note, now sold from residues become even more costly. Given the current realities of the market, at a price of 15 thousand rubles solidly made smartphone with a large bright screen quality, good sound and a camera and a decent set of network capabilities seem justified proposal. At the same time, we have witnessed how much worse compared to M1 Note overall performance and the level of autonomy of the unit.

Besides, like it or not, sad to realize that the manufacturer deliberately went to the deterioration of the fundamental features of the product, so as not to undermine the foundations of marketing market. In this opinion the fans of the brand, most likely, for Meizu receded into the background, giving way to cold calculation.

Review Smartphone Meizu M2 Note updated: August 21, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis