Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

The Chinese company Lenovo, even buying the mobile division Motorola and entered the list of leaders in the tablet market in different countries, does not cease to experiment, as in the tablet segment, and the segment of a mass, in smartphones. And Vibe Shot – another similar experiment, this time with the design and the camera. The idea is simple and not new – to make a smartphone with an emphasis on PhotoChances while highlighting this feature not only the quality of the camera and software for pictures and the design of the device. That is why the new Lenovo Vibe Shot from the back side looks more like a compact digital camera than a smartphone. This solution has its advantages and disadvantages, let’s talk about everything in the review. Let’s go!

Design and materials Lenovo Vibe Shot

C front of the Lenovo Vibe Shot resembles another smartphone – Vibe X2. The same shape of the body, about the same size and even some models have similar colors. However, if the Vibe X2 chip was in a multilayer design, when you look at your smartphone the feeling that he is made up of several layers, the Vibe Shot another idea – similar to the camera. Engineers have tried to make the smart phone as similar to a compact digital camera, and they succeeded. On the back of the machine it is really reminiscent of “bar of soap”, and if instead of the name «lenovo vibe» to put the logo of any of the manufacturer of cameras, many decide that the camera is in front of them, and not a smartphone. That is, this problem was solved successfully. But there is a reverse effect. Chasing design and the similarity of the device with a compact digital camera manufacturer has forgotten about ergonomics and practicality.

Firstly, the glass on both sides of the body. Yes, it’s beautiful, it’s spectacular, and at the expense of such a decision Lenovo Vibe Shot attracts attention and looks great in photos and on the shelves in stores equipment. But in reality the body is easily soiled, it collects fingerprints, greasy stains and dust, resulting in a need to constantly wipe the smartphone or come to terms with what look like in life, he will not be as fresh and neat as in the pictures.

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

Secondly, the eye of the main chamber is situated in the corner of the case, as in “iPhone”. This is inconvenient when you hold the smartphone with two hands for a shot, finger first time often rests precisely on this angle, so that it takes time to get used to this arrangement, the camera module.

In addition to glass, a metal used in the body – of which are made frame and chassis (the inner part of the body). Metal painted in one of three colors – red, dark gray or silver. These are the three colors of the body, dark gray and red versions, except for the frame, all other elements remain unchanged in color – black. The silver version of the back of the smartphone white, front side – black.

From a design standpoint, Lenovo Vibe Shot success – it is not like other phones, in a sense unique, albeit repeats the idea of past years, but it is quite successful. From a practical point of view is not so good, you have to be prepared for the fact that the smartphone will quickly get dirty and lose marketability. The rest have no complaints.

Build Lenovo Vibe Shot

The device uses unibody-building – no movable elements, in addition to the trays under the SIM-card and memory card here. Accordingly, the build quality and reliability of the body no claims arise.

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

Controls Lenovo Vibe Shot

The left side of the smartphone lacks keys here are trays for two SIM-card format microSIM tray and a memory card format microSD.

The buttons are gathered on the right edge – here are the top-down volume keys, power, mechanical switch camera modes and the shutter button. The switch allows you to quickly change the camera mode from automatic to manual, which is available all the detailed settings. Capture key when you half-press focus, when you press the stop takes the picture.

At the top end located mini-jack for headphones and an optional microphone (squelch). At the bottom – microUSB for charging and connecting to a computer, as well as two speaker grilles. One decorative, located under the second speaker.

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

And another nice detail – either the lower end has fastening strap or lace at hand. Few manufacturers of smartphones in today adds this element, but Lenovo is not greedy.

Block touch buttons below the screen is the same as in Vibe X2. Buttons with white backlight, you can turn off or put on the operation of the lighting conditions. Disadvantage – poor lighting, and outside on a sunny day, marking keys are simply not visible. Left to right here are the key “Menu”, “Home” and “Back”. Reassign given on the action button can not be a minus.

On the back of the cabinet to place the camera, the flash unit and the infrared focus. On the front side of the screen are the earpiece, light sensors and proximity, as well as 8-megapixel front camera (autofocus not) and the light left.

Screen Lenovo Vibe Shot

The Lenovo Vibe Shot uses IPS LCD screen with a diagonal of 5 ” and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the density of 441 ppi. The screen is covered with protective glass Gorilla Glass 3.
For all the characteristics of the display device good. There is a good supply of brightness, maximum viewing angles and close to the natural color rendition. In the settings screen options are available, transforming it from a fairly good to excellent.

First, the traditional smartphone Lenovo are several color profiles for the screen, including manual with the choice of the individual parameters and their settings.
Secondly, there is a regime of increased brightness, greatly raising the brightness level of the screen. By enabling this option, you can use the device in a bright sunny day in the street, without experiencing any problems with its readability.

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot
Third, there is a return to this “night mode”. It overall brightness of the screen is reduced significantly, while in this mode, you can also change the brightness in a wide range, simply have a lower level of illumination. This mode is perfect for situations when you want to read with a smartphone in the dark, for example.

In general, here are software add-in Lenovo Vibe Shot – an excellent example of how the display of a seemingly ordinary characteristics can make a great screen.


Platform Memory Lenovo Vibe Shot

The smartphone is built on a platform of Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 with eight cores (quad-core Cortex-A53 clocked at 1 GHz and quad-core Cortex-A53 – at a frequency of 1.7 GHz) and 64-bit architecture. The device 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory for data storage. There is also a card slot for microSD. Graphic system – Adreno 405.
Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

Interfaces Lenovo Vibe Shot

The smartphone works in networks GSM, HSDPA and LTE. Supports work with two SIM-cards, the format microSIM, while one radio in the device, so if you speak the first “sim card”, the second at this time is not available.

USB. For PC synchronization and data transfer using the supplied cable microUSB. Interface USB 2.0.
Bluetooth. Built-in Bluetooth 4.1 supporting A2DP profiles, and the LE.
Wi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g / n). The smartphone is a dual-band Wi-Fi module, it works flawlessly. Like any other modern Android-device, Lenovo Vibe Shot supports “rassharivaniya” mobile Internet on Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi-router).

Navigation Lenovo Vibe Shot

Support GPS / A-GPS and Glonass is implemented by built-in solution on a chip to determine your location (search for satellites) takes less than a minute. Special software for the navigation in the smartphone, there is only the program Google Maps, as usual for Android-smartphone.

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

Software features Lenovo Vibe Shot

The smartphone runs on Android 5.1, the interface is used as a brand VIBE UI (Lenovo Launcher), similar in its basic idea to MIUI. The same arrangement of all the shortcuts on the desktop and without a separate application menu, holding your finger or Remove Programs icon and pressing the cross over him after.

On the lock screen, you can quickly switch to calls, messages, or start the camera. If you listen to music through audio player (Google Music, for example) on the lock screen displays album art and music control buttons.
Lenovo Programmers need to say thank you from the heart, because they did not touch the standard Android lock screen 5 and add something of their own. This allows you to click on two cards to pass the notification to it from the lock screen, without going through the extra steps (as in LG G4, for example).

The same applies to curtain notifications – left it almost a standard, and that’s a plus. The changes were mainly appearance.
To have the shell themes, with the main idea – as in MIUI: you can change the theme entirely or use the individual components of the different themes, somewhere to take icons, somewhere – image, and the third topic – ringtones.

Of the nice additional features: Automatic recording of phone calls, display battery percentage or graphically, the ability to enable or disable the effect of double-tapa on the screen to activate the screen, vibration when the subscriber answers your call and some other seemingly not very important, but nice chips. It is due to such small details proprietary shell from Lenovo reserves pleasant experience.Yes, there is the interface and layout, but good decisions from the Android 5 is not in harmony with menee successful solutions for Vibe UI.

Here I want a little to grumble about the fact that, in addition to useful applications in the device, as in other smartphones, still meet the extra program, Vibe Shot is UC Browser, the application “Books” and Gamestore, who do not understand why you need when there’s Google Play.

Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot

Conclusion Lenovo Vibe Shot

The Lenovo Vibe Shot not all implemented successfully, the problem is definitely there, but they are almost invisible, and from noteworthy at all one – impractical from whatever side you look, the case.He gets dirty, it left traces and fingerprints, dirt, it constantly has to wipe. Everything else is in good or excellent level. High-quality screen, moderate size, unusual design, comfortable soft karaoke chips and, most importantly, excellent camera, both basic and front. Yes, probably, in terms of PhotoChances Lenovo Vibe Shot slightly inferior smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 (entire line) and LG G4, but wins in almost all the rest. It’s not just about the quality of the photos, but all the complex things associated with a photo on your phone, such as the convenience and speed of the interface, additional settings and other things. There is only one minus – no video recording at resolutions greater than 1080p.
Despite the emphasis on fotosostavlyayuschey (one design that is), Lenovo Vibe Shot – solid, well-balanced machine for everyone, so if you choose a new smartphone should look at this model.


Review smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot updated: September 19, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis