Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2

One of the most striking innovations of IFA 2015 became smart watches Samsung Gear S2. For the first time the South Korean company has made ​​model with a round screen, and implemented a completely new method of management – rotating bezel. Already these two features (and, of course, the name of the manufacturer) would be enough to ensure that the new product was in the spotlight. But Gear S2 there is still a lot of interesting. We were able to learn in some detail with the watch the next day after the world premiere, and we hasten to share with you our observations.

As the name implies, smart watches Samsung Gear S2 should continue the tradition of the model Samsung Gear S, represented by the way, at the same exhibition IFA, only a year ago. But in fact, between these models – almost nothing in common. No form factor or operating system interface, no other details do not allow them to be perceived as representatives of one family. Gear S differed big screen (perhaps the largest among all the smart watch), which in addition has been bent, but rectangular. At the same news – the screen is small, flat and round. Yes, both models running OS Tizen, but the operating system interface has been radically redesigned for Gear S2, that is, from the point of view of the user is a completely new operating system, and programmers also have to write applications specifically for Gear S2 – it is obvious that the application for Gear S unacceptable on a round screen.

In this respect, far more logical to look the original intention of Samsung (at least it was rumored) to call a new watch Samsung Gear A, thereby denoting a new branch of the family Gear. Why finally decided to choose the name of the Gear S2 – a mystery. And even more interesting – if Samsung plans to develop model Gear S, which, recall, is different than the presence of a large curved screen also maps of Nano-SIM.However, this is something for the future. Now our challenge – to consider the Samsung Gear S2 and understand as much as possible on the glimpse, I get the best product.

For clarity, we decided to make a table with the characteristics of other top smart watch (including a previous version Gear S), making it the parameters that at the moment are the key when choosing a device of this type.

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2

On the table it is clear that the new watch Samsung’s smallest screen is among the competitors, not to mention the precursor. However, it is the case with the Samsung Gear S2 this option does not seem to minus. But less capacity battery than the Moto 360 second generation – it is alarming. Although to say that some models have longer battery life, we can only after full testing of both models.

Pay attention to the fact that all models are equipped with Wi-Fi, while the first generation of smart watches Wi-Fi did not have (for hardware or software reasons). In addition, Samsung Gear S2 Sport supports 3G, and here at the new Moto 360, as well as in the classic version of Samsung Gear S2, there is no 3G support.

As for performance, it is, at first glance, are the best advocates new Motorola, but it is in the case of the watch is far more important to optimize the software and the correct utilization of SoC. But with this, Android Wear were problems: the operating system involved only one core of four (it is possible that this is corrected, but in the case with the previous model Moto 360 and up to date at that time version of the Android Wear it that way).


As the watch just presented, the store packaging has not been seen. However, one element of a complete set we were able to meet: a wireless charging.

It looks a bit like charging Moto 360 – a similar form, apparently, the same material and color, but the charging Moto 360 “back”, which is adjacent to the watch, the more massive. In addition, there is a magnetic charge, that is, when we put on her watch, they are anchored to the back. And Moto 360 Magnet was not.

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2

Add that charging Samsung Gear S2 significantly lighter than the Moto 360. On the whole, we think this decision is very good, but still it has a drawback: without it is impossible to charge the watch, so in case of loss or damage of charging will have to find a new, it will probably be difficult to do.


Now let’s take a closer look at the watch. Samsung Gear S2 will be available in two versions: Classic and conventional (conventionally called Sport, though the manufacturer says a Samsung Gear S2). We were able to hold in the hands of the two, so share your impressions here and that and the other, starting with the Classic.

In our view, it looks great. Indeed round, without any “dead zones” (like Moto 360 both generations) screen, steel body (except the inner surface adjacent to the hand), narrow-bezel bezel with ridged circle, metal hinges, sleek leather strap … From all smart watches that we’ve seen, this is perhaps the most elegant and stylish. Even the new Moto 360 with a smaller screen size we liked less.

Here’s how they sit on a hand. Note that the hand of the author – thin, so larger models her look bad. These watches – perfect size. True, leather seemed a lack of elasticity – the photo above you can see that the watch does not fit snugly to the hand, so here it is precisely because of the strap.

The main element of the design – is, of course, rotating bezel (ring). It can rotate around the screen, thereby controlling, the interface watch and performing navigation in the menu. The bezel rotates very nice, downright pleasure you get from this action! The course is soft enough, but the random rotations of the touch of clothing should not be. Although, of course, it should be checked already in practice.

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2

Due to the ribbed surface of the bezel in rotation fingers do not slip, and this solution looks very interesting, adds charm and originality watches. In addition to managing the watch bezel can be carried out using the touch screen and two physical buttons, which are located on the right side (left side is free from any elements).Layout and their form is the same for both versions hours. The photo below shows the sport and classic version of Samsung Gear S2 side buttons.

Press the buttons with a slight effort, no claims have not arisen here. The top button allows you to go to the home menu, and the lower button – to return to the previous menu or screen. A small hole between the buttons – a microphone, it is necessary for voice input.

On the back surface of the body, we see the heart rate sensor (he was also the previous model range Gear), as well as information about the watches. The surface – plastic, very pleasant to the touch material, does not cause discomfort. Here we can see a carrying strap. It is clearly seen that it is quite traditional, on metal spokes. To disconnect the halves of the strap, just click on the small levers on this spoke.

Leather strap has a width of 20 mm. This is less than the most common values ​​of 22 mm and a width of the straps to find a sale is not a problem. Since the mount is standard, there is no problem to use straps party created not for Samsung Gear S2. As for the corporate version, it makes a good impression. This leather, with a nice texture on the outer surface and a pleasant, suede inner surface. Strap stitching adds sophistication. And as the shortcomings can be noted only the rigidity of the strap already mentioned (though, perhaps, over time, this is leveled).

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 (Sport)

Now let’s see the version Sport. It produces a very different impression – not to say that bad, not at all, but instead of the classic shape of a wristwatch here we see more minimalist and futuristic design.

Hinges as such in the Sport version available, a body gradually narrows to the width of the strap and strap yourself halves are connected by means of the original fastening. In the picture below the watch slightly out of focus, but the presentation of it can be obtained.

To detach the strap, it is necessary to press the button on the edge of the strap and pull down. Initially, it is impossible to do it, so you can decide what removable strap. But, nevertheless, it is not. However, it is clear that the strap for such a device is not suitable. So you have to choose from the options presented by Samsung. All are silicone – is, in fact, another important difference between the model Sport. However, different colors are available, as well as the color of the watch.

We saw black, white, red and yellow variants straps. In our opinion, the most stylish – white, although black, probably universal, yellow and red – fun and original. In the photo below – version with a red strap and white hull. Pay attention to the mounting strap to the watches.

It is important to emphasize that despite the name Sport in this version is also used steel: in the bezel. But in the case of the bezel there is one important difference between the version of the Classic: it is smooth and not ribbed. Honestly, we enjoyed such a solution is less than with ribbed bezel, but it does affect the functionality should not. Rotating his equally easy and comfortable than the Samsung Gear S2 Classic. At the same time, if you look at the watch from the side and not be aware that there is a rotating bezel, you would not think. It seems that it’s just a static rim.

In sum, praised Samsung for the design of watches (to a greater extent for the model Classic, but also for the regular version, too), and particularly single out the rotating bezel – a real find! Also note that the watch (both versions) are not perceived as thick, though formally their thickness is not less than the Moto 360 and larger than that of Apple Watch. Finally, despite the attractive design, both versions of the watches have moisture and dust protection class corresponding to IP68. This means that they can safely take a shower, and they also withstand short-term immersion in water.

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2


As already mentioned, the screen is completely round at the watch, with no dead zones (in contrast to the Moto 360). Matrix – Super AMOLED, so black here looks really deep, and when displaying black electricity costs are minimal, so that the dark dials are more economical.

In the context of the exhibition, we certainly did not have the opportunity to test the watch screen on our technique and hope to do it as soon as Samsung Gear S2 get into our test lab. But in the eyes colors are rich and deep, and the screen is generally a very good impression. Note that this is the case with wearable devices lacks the technology Super AMOLED (oversaturated colors, very wide color gamut) seem to merit, as the issue of plausible color is not necessary (you will not be on the watch to watch videos and pictures!), But it is important that the color was bright, juicy and did not lose their qualities in the sunlight.

The interface and functionality

Watch Gear S2 running the operating system Tizen, like Gear S, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. Recall that is the brainchild of Samsung and Intel, based on the Linux kernel and applications running on HTML5. His pedigree is Tizen operating system MeeGo, which, in turn, is rooted in the Maemo (the history of these projects can be read here and here). Although today more and more manufacturers are betting on Android Wear (eg, Sony, abandoned in favor of Google’s own operating system shell used in the SmartWatch 2), Samsung is betting it hard to Tizen. The new flagship watches only confirms this.

However, it is important to note that the interface has been radically redesigned OS is for a round screen that is a big plus. All icons are now round. In the main menu, these icons are still arranged in a circle. In general, Samsung plays in all ways screen format.

Among the applications and widgets have traditional set that includes a calendar, weather, messages, voice assistant S Voice, and a set of fitness applications. In the case of 3G-version there is also the possibility to make calls, send SMS and surf the Internet without a smartphone. Recall that Internet access is only in the normal pattern Gear S2 (Sport), and implemented it using the built-in e-SIM (embedded SIM), in contrast to last year’s Samsung Gear S, which had a normal vstalyat Nano-SIM.

However, to talk about the pre-installed software too early because by the time the watches of sale of set can still change. In this case, only note that all applications that we saw on the Samsung Gear S2, really optimized for the round screen and look very nice. Navigating the interface is convenient, although the abundance of options for how you can go from one screen to another (from the main menu via the auxiliary menu, etc.) leaves a feeling of congestion.

A very important point: According to unofficial information obtained by us from trustworthy sources, the watch Samsung Gear S2 will be compatible not only with the Android, but with iOS. It first Samsung will work with the iPhone! However, when used with the iPhone will be available for only a fraction of the functionality.Thus, Samsung made ​​a very shrewd move: First, make the device available for a variety of holders iPhone, secondly, deprived undeniable competitive edge platform Android Wear (which has recently also become available on iOS), and thirdly, created momentum for change the iPhone on the smartphone Samsung. For example, people used iPhone, bought a watch which he liked and which are consistent with his smartphone, and then learned that truly reveals their functionality only in conjunction with a smartphone Samsung. What is not a reason to go?


While Samsung Gear S2 gives the impression of one of the most successful models in the watch line Samsung, and even against the background of devices from other manufacturers this gadget looks very good.In addition, Samsung promises autonomous operation lasting 2-3 days, and if this is true, Gear S2 will be the most long-lived intelligent watch with a round screen.

However, this, as well as the properties of the screen, and the nuances of functionality is necessary, of course, have to check with the full testing. In the meantime, we have been able to truly appreciate just design – and he impressed us. The Classic all beautiful, regular version (or Sport) is also good. A big plus – the presence of a plurality of straps for the standard model and the ability to connect standard watch straps 20 mm wide model Classic.

Finally, the main innovation – rotating bezel – seems extremely promising and more interesting than spinning wheel on the Digital Crown Apple Watch. But it is important to not only Samsung, but third-party developers were able to use the bezel into their applications. And, of course, that there were more of these applications.While Samsung promises thousands of applications at the time of start the watch. Let’s see whether it will be so!

Review Smart watch Samsung Gear S2 updated: September 9, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis