Review manipulator Razer Tartarus

Razer Tartarus

Developers of modern gaming devices have no choice but to go on two beaten track. Going one by one, they can produce a well-established pattern, familiar to users of appearance and functionality, following the other – to invent something new that can attract buyers.

And the company Razer tries not to lose sight of the two directions, year after year and announcing the updated controllers, and fueling community of players something new.

At first glance, the world of computer peripherals everything has already been invented and studied, and all the convenient input device for a long time in operation, but it is not.

Despite the fact that two years have passed since the announcement, Razer engineers did not forget about his brainchild as keypada Tartarus, which after renovation has got even more functionality and lighting Chroma, supports 16.8 million colors options. But while the older brother reaches the shelves, look at his parents.

But first is to define what is a keypad. This device – is not a single piece of the keyboard as it may seem, but an independent arm.And in case the game version before us a model that combines the function block basic keys and often eight-joystick.

Of course, more precise wording is not so different companies produce a variety of devices for gamers. One of them is a hero of the review – Razer Tartarus.

Review Razer Tartarus

Packaging and delivery

Packing arm Razer Tartarus is no longer the box and calmly gaming mouse is placed in a conventional notebook backpack. And the abundance of black and green – one of the signature features of models of the company.

On the front of the device itself is shown in all its glory, close to the logo and name of the manufacturer, as well as a summary of the main advantages of the product.

A characteristic feature of the package in the form of books migrated here, opening up access to the manipulator, hidden under the transparent plastic. Already at this stage you can see the appearance Razer Tartarus.

Review manipulator Razer Tartarus

The reverse side bears no surprises: the standard description of the device, with its schematic representation with markers and signatures.

The sides of the box are provided with brief information about the character of the material.


Delete “from the captivity” keypad Razer Tartarus is not so simple: the top of the closed lid with three prongs, to cope with that, it becomes easier to reach the box, after which the user tries to fall out the twisted cable.

The whole package is mounted in the tray here, with the device. In general, he is not rich, and it includes:

  • User’s manual;
  • COA products;
  • Two brand labels.


Razer Tartarus: Appearance and ergonomics

At first glance, the design attracts attention Razer Tartarus. Speaking of the title: the developers give their original model names that with nothing to confuse. Among them – BlackWidow («Black Widow»), Mamba, Naga, DeathAdder, … and now, and Razer Tartarus. Is that the transfer of any complexity: most suitable “Hell”, but a hint on the box with the letter «S» made it clear that we are talking about the family of scorpions  .

Returning to the ergonomics.

Review manipulator Razer Tartarus

Himself manipulator is an original alternative to the keyboard to control games, and it helps 15 programmable keys in the front.

On the right note at the top of the thumb button (switch layouts), a joystick and eight-button-tab, perform the role of a space by default. On the other side there is nothing interesting.

Slightly less attractive, but also menacing looks Razer Tartarus and in front of the pale – the opposite. One can only note the logo developers so broad back of the manipulator.

For more convenient presentation features models give a schematic view of a device with markers and captions.

In its original form to enter the usual 105 keys and 15 keys keyboard Razer Tartarus is not possible, it follows that the manipulator can reach a limited number of switches.

For convenience, the range was taken from the «Tab» to the «V», which is enough for the usual games. If that’s not enough, you can program for themselves or change the layout “on the fly”. Thus, you can use all the keys, and even further to include here the call functions, opening applications or macros – all that is available via the official tools.

All available technical specifications are usually on a label located at the bottom. Here we note the four rubber feet that cover a large area of the device and do not let it slip away with at the workplace.

With regard to the connection to the computer, it is used with the gilded USB connector. Cable length is 180 cm, it is protected by a fabric braid and easy to bend, taking shape.

Not without backrest adjustment arm: on the right side at the bottom there is a spring-loaded button, when pressed, can be moved back of the back and forth for 16 mm.

This customizable ergonomics allows owners of long fingers adjust Razer Tartarus for themselves. It is a pity that other manipulations setup can not produce, but they are available in the new version of the device.

Well, it’s time to move on to the final part of the review of the appearance.

Review manipulator Razer Tartarus

As always, I could not resist the temptation to take some photos of the manipulator with backlight.

From a different angle.

In total there are eight keyboard layouts, each of which is illuminated indicator on the right side. There are three colors to each category: blue, green and yellow (numbering system, as you know, a binary three LED can display all eight values).

The disadvantage is possible to name them in the fading daylight.

Razer Tartarus: Software

The sales package you will not find the usual CD-ROM with the necessary software and drivers. They were invited to download from the official website, otherwise accessible only basic configuration settings, sewn in memory keypada Razer Tartarus.

At the time of this writing, version 1.18 was available programs Razer Synapse 2.0 (21.5 MB capacity), through which we have to “communicate” with the device. After installing the utility checks the relevance of the old features and loads the new data.

At the end of the installation, you will need to go to your account or sign up. This will keep their individual gadget settings on the remote server to download driver and firmware updates.

Review manipulator Razer Tartarus

The main window has not changed for a long time, and we had time to get used to it. By the way, all connected devices Razer, if more than one, are displayed at the bottom of the tab.

Button under the thumb of default programmed to switch between layouts keypada, of which only eight. Each layout corresponds to the color of the indicator, it was immediately clear to what kind of active.

Since only 15 main keys, the necessary keys can be conveniently reassigned to other layouts.

Tab “Backlight” allows you to customize LED keyboard Razer Tartarus.

You can adjust the backlight key in the usual 100% range, which is divided into a manufacturer with more meaningful to the user values “Off” – “Bright.”

In addition, you can switch to flashing (most – pulsating) mode in which the light goes out and lights up again in the range of seven seconds.

Without macros can not do any self-respecting gamer. You can create the exact sequence of keystrokes and buttons, customize macros, and extra-long macros to perform the required tasks. The process of creation is very simple.

Tab “Update” is used to extend the functionality of the device by adding specific game settings (for example, a custom interface).

To begin using supplements Razer, you must enable the “Use addition Razer Tartarus». It’s simple.

When activated invited to indicate an executable file of the game.

However, in my case, there was only one game – World Of Warcraft, alas, so I did not have. But at least one of the sections marred with “undying» Heroes of Might and Magic III, now in HD  .

Particularly popular was the section “Statistics” The first time it tried to find a utility data mechanical keyboard BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth, an overview of which

Overall, an interesting feature, you can keep track of how the “past” in a day or clicks made in a single session. For example, the two looked like that perform tasks in the game “The Witcher 3”, which according to statistics it took me 17 minutes and 323 presses.

But the “Settings”, developers have not corrected, they appear in the caption as “Tracking data DISABLED”. The options here include the activation / deactivation of statistics, the choice of units, reset data connection accounts of Facebook and Twitter.

By the way, the translation is mediocre places where a function or a section named with a lowercase letter, somewhere in obscurity or ambiguity of the phrase. Maybe this is nitpicking, but still.

Razer Tartarus: Conclusion

This class of devices like keypady poorly distributed on the market, and the choice of models is small – the whole thing in a narrow audience of gamers and enthusiasts who prefer this type of manipulators. And while their number is growing so rapidly. Yes, the producers from time to time apply a lot of force, producing interesting new products, but the overall situation is almost not affected.Once again excelled in this field, and the company Razer, presenting Razer Tartarus Chroma, but back to the hero of the review.

Pointing Razer Tartarus, to my surprise, it turned out to be not another ordinary “toy”: a great appearance, coupled with the convenient form of a half did the matter. A second pulled fitting such a device functionality – key 15 programmable keys, joystick and eight-petal. They are more than enough. Of course, without the fine remarks could not have done, but the manipulator Razer Tartarus will not leave indifferent the player, and this is important.

There remains one last question: whether the keypad deserves buy or not? I would try to find a place where these things are available for public use – stands with products in large stores, and tried to Razer Tartarus personally. After all, its design is too unique and is not suitable for everyone.


Review manipulator Razer Tartarus updated: July 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis