Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone

Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone


Philips has needs no introduction. Surely each of our readers once in your life to use electronic devices produced by this company.

However, now the mobile phones under the Philips brand produces a completely different company – China Electronic Corporation, which is now owned the mobile unit.

Our current guest – focused on the budget end of the market Philips S309 – in fact, is an improved version of the Philips S308, a more powerful battery and 1 GB of RAM (512 MB vs. predecessor).

Budget smartphone – filling the budget. However, if we had not tested the Chinese phones are not officially sold in the Russian market, we could not know that for this money you can buy something better – almost all models in the local stores have roughly similar characteristics.

And in these conditions come to the fore has other options: the overall balance configuration, design, build quality and overall feel of the product. Who knows, maybe will surprise Philips S309? Let’s find out.

Packaging equipment Philips S309

Philips Smartphone comes in a small cardboard box predominantly white.

Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone

On the front and back sides of the package shows a photograph of the device.

The package, besides the phone with the battery, include:

  • Charger;
  • Cable MicroUSB;
  • Stereo.

In addition, in a box hidden user manual, warranty card, and – a pleasant surprise! – Additional protective film for the screen.

Well, no frills, but everything you need is present. We now proceed directly to the smartphone.

Appearance and design Philips S309

Philips S309 is made in the form factor – candybar with a touchscreen.

Dimensions of the smartphone make up 64.5 x 127.5 x 10.8 mm, weight – only 127 g Record-light unit can not be called thin – even more so, but his hand is good.

The smartphone has a strict rectangular shape with slightly beveled corners.

The back cover is made of matte plastic, stylized metal. In the hand unit is almost non-slip, and the material is pleasant to the touch.

Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone

What pleases, backlash or gaps were found – at the level of build quality.

Apparently, the display glass panel protects the ordinary.

Options oleophobic coating performs glued to the phone “out of the box” protection film.

On the front side in the upper part are the earpiece, front camera, light sensor and proximity and LED indicator.

LED indicator lights red when charging and flashes green with the frequency ~ 2 seconds when a new notice.The indicator is not very good, its glow from a distance of two meters is no longer visible. Features indicator settings provided by regular means.

Below the display is a block of three touch keys (left to right): “Back”, “Home”, “Menu”. Highlights have no keys, so in low light seen their weaknesses.

On the back side of the machine at the top of the eye is the main pyatimegapikselnoy camera, and next to him – LED flash.

In the lower portion of the rear cover is disposed more openings which hides the external speaker.

On the right side wall of Philips S309 is a single volume button.

Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone

On the left side is a button Power / Lock.

Connector 3.5 mm MicroUSB-port found a place on the top side of the device.

The microphone is located on the bottom.

To remove the back cover, you need to hook it with a special recess. Under the hood hides the slots and SIM card slot (MicroSD). The battery is removable, the possibility of “hot” replacement SIM cards and memory cards there.

Philips S309 is available in five different colors: white, black, red, yellow and blue.

And he, unlike many of his fellow budget does not look cheap and quite comfortable to hold. It is his definite plus.

Now we look carefully at the hardware component of the smartphone. Let’s start with the screen.

Display test Philips S309

Philips S309 features a 4.0 “LCD touch-type matrix TN. Screen resolution 800 x 480 pixels, pixel density (ppi) at 233 dpi.

Although the type of matrix, the display gives a nice looking picture – no IPS or AMOLED, of course, but better than many devices with TN screens. The pixel density is low, but the problems with a strong pixelation image is not observed.

OGS technology is not applied, the air gap between the glass and the display is present.

Hardware test screen Philips S309 performed using a calibrator X-Rite ColorMunki Display.

Gamma curves strongly shifted relative to the reference line.

The graph of the color channels RGB Levels we are seeing the same problems.

The color temperature of the display of the smartphone is much higher “‘s reference» (6500K). Accordingly, the screen looks a lot cooler than expected.

Less than the standard color gamut sRGB, there are offsets in green and red.

All points of the gray wedge close and did not meet the scope of the deviation DeltaE <10 – display in obvious problems with color accuracy, the flowers are present “parasitic” shades.

Well, with the brightness and contrast of the smartphone business is as follows:

To use the device in direct sunlight uncomfortable – the maximum brightness level is not enough. But the lowest possible brightness level is low enough to use the device in the dark will be convenient. Contrast is stable at all levels of brightness, its value is ~ 566 – a good indicator for a model in this price range.

Surprisingly, the black color can be called deep – but only at the minimum brightness. With white everything is fine – it looks the way it should look.

Auto Brightness is working very slowly, but picks up the brightness values accurately.

Viewing angles are generally standard for TN matrixes: when tilting the smartphone up and down more than 20 degrees of color on the screen almost completely inverted. When tilted to the left and the right image is distorted not so much, but it is still noticeable.

The display supports only up to two simultaneous keystrokes inclusive. Such a large number of clicks enough in everyday use, but in some games it becomes impossible to play.

Within the public sector display Philips S309 can be called even good – but only among similar devices. In general, everything is pretty bad – overestimated the color temperature, “parasitic” shades, color reproduction problems – there is nothing to brag about.
Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone

Hardware platform and performance Philips S309

As the “Iron Heart» Philips S309 performs SoC production budget MediaTek- MT6572M (two cores). At its core – processor family Cortex-A7 (maximum frequency of 1.0 GHz), 28 nm process. Graphics chip used well familiar to us – it’s Mali-400 MP.

RAM device greater than that of many competitors in this segment – it is 1024 MB. For everyday operation of the phone is enough.

After restarting the smartphone freely around 500-550 MB.

We verify the performance Philips S309 using various benchmarks.

The results of the benchmark are very low, which is not surprising, given the weak hardware device.

With gaming machine also not handled in the best way: Dead Trigger 2 is running at minimum graphics settings with small brakes and Minion Rush ever happened “Friesians.” Asphalt 8 and NOVA 3 generally refused to start.

But let us leave the game and benchmarks – from the very beginning it was clear that the smartphone is clearly not designed for demanding applications. Much more important in this case, the other – the behavior of the machine in daily activities. Here, the situation is clearly better, though not without complaints: the interface works quite smoothly, although there are also jerks when scrolling lists, and brake animation.

With Internet navigation is also not so good: scrolling Web pages comes with jerks like in a regular browser, and in the direction (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin).

With intensive load smartphone is quite heated, but heating is almost tactile feel and the stability of the work is not affected.

Now consider the device software.

Firmware and software Philips S309

Philips S309 is controlled by the operating system Android, version – 4.4.2 KitKat.

There is a choice of runtime.

In general, the standard shell – with the exception of only application icons and desktop themes “launcher”.

As for the other applications, on the phone (except a standard set of programs) nothing special pre-installed.

Root rights can be obtained with the help of special programs (for example, using Framaroot). Due to the novelty of the model or the modified firmware or custom “rekaveri” for Philips S309 does not exist yet.

Multimedia Philips S309

In this case, it sets the standard music player.

It contains a set of standard equalizer with several presets, and the possibility of a small adjustment.

There is also a program for listening to FM-radio.

Operating range Radio FM: 87.0 – 108 MHz.

Functionality of the standard program: stations can be stored, you can switch the audio to an external speaker or recorded broadcast with FM-range.

FM-radio works only with a headset connected – it is used as an antenna.


The sound of ringing speaker has a small reserve volume and average sound quality. But Vibrating alert is rather powerful – vibrations lying in a jacket pocket phone is quite palpable.

The earpiece does its job properly, problems with noise or poor audibility for calls has not been noticed. By the microphone significant complaints. The maximum volume level of the earpiece is low enough – with her voice is heard in a noisy street is not very clear.

When tested in RMAA smartphone connected to the sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with a signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB.

The maximum volume of the signal when testing the machine in RMAA was ~ -4 dB.

Speaking subjectively, the sound in the headphones have a good supply of sufficient volume and average sound quality. Complete a simple stereo Headsets- “pills”, and no comfort or sound quality can not boast.


Now let’s see how the machine to cope with the different formats of video files. Testing was conducted using AnTuTu Video Tester.

As with many such devices, problems at Philips S309 occurs when you play video files with audio tracks in formats AC3 and DTS. This is a common problem that is solved by installing a third-party player.

Streaming video provides Philips S309 without apparent difficulty.

Memory and File System Philips S309

The Philips S309 is installed flash memory capacity of 4 GB. The user of these available 2.47 GB.

You can install a MicroSD memory card up to 32 GB inclusive.

Mode support OTG (USB On-The-Go) no connect a USB device to the machine fail.

The smartphone connects to the computer as a USB drive. Standard connectivity – USB 2.0.

Wireless interfaces and communications Philips S309

Philips S309 works over cellular networks 2G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and 3G (UMTS 900/2100 MHz). The signal device keeps quite stable, although sometimes briefly loses contact – however, this rarely happens.

Working with SIM cards in Philips S309 is implemented in the mode of Dual SIM Dual Standby: radio in the smartphone alone, both sim cards work at the same time – in the standby mode, when you call or data transmission on one of the “simok” the second is not available. In addition, one of the installed cards will work only for 2G, while the other can work for 2G, networks and 3G.

The smartphone supports Bluetooth v4.0 protocol and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. It is possible to use it as a modem (for connecting a USB or Bluetooth), and as an access point (Wi-Fi Hotspot). But support for NFC (Near Field Communication) no.

The phone, based on the old SoC production MediaTek, usually present problems with navigation module, but Philips S309 is true to a lesser extent. When disabled “data transfer” smartphone finds satellites with difficulty.

But when using the Internet connection the situation has markedly improved.

Battery life Philips S309

The Philips S309 Li-ion battery 1600 mAh. Such container does not inspire confidence, on the other hand, the appetite of hardware smartphone slim. All tests were performed at 100% brightness, to enable the wireless interface and activate the synchronization.

Camera Philips S309

Philips S309 manufacturer equipped with two cameras: the main one with a resolution of 5.0 megapixels with autofocus and LED flash and a 0.3 megapixel front.

The camera interface – standard, also shooting modes: panorama, automatic scene detection, search smiles. Customizing subject exposure level (-1 to +1) and color effects. ISO setting can not be. There are various modes of white balance settings. The ability to include stabilization when shooting video missing.


Despite the fact that Philips S309 does not claim the title of “best of the best” smartphone, to the status of an “ideal state employee” it lacks quite a few: powerful processor, better screen and camera.

You can go by lowering the price – and you get a great option, definitely recommended for purchase. In the meantime, for this price you can find many other interesting devices.

Pros Philips S309:

  • One gigabyte of RAM;
  • High-quality build and nice design;
  • High battery life.

Cons smartphone:

  • Very average already today the hardware;
  • Weak camera.



Review Philips S309: good balanced budget android smartphone updated: July 28, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis