Review MSI PE60 Prestige laptop

Review MSI PE60 Prestige laptop

MSI launched earlier this year a new series of high-end notebooks in the new Prestige’ line. The series is characterized by the use of luxury materials like aluminum mater, powerful components and good displays. The Prestige series is aimed at professional users who have high demands on the performance of his laptop, MSI and thus moves between competitors like the Asus N550 and Zenbox UX501 and of course the MacBook Pros from Apple.

The Prestige series are still four models are available, with the PE60 variants feature a 15.6 inch display, while the PE70 models have a 17.3 inch screen. Both models are available with either a Core i5-4210H processor and a 1TB hard disk, or having a faster Core i7-4720HQ in combination with a hard disk and a 128GB to 1TB SSD, or in the case of the PE70 even two SSDs. We test the PE60-2QE-051NL, the 15.6-inch model with the Core i7 processor, which has an average retail price of 1349 euros.

If we get the notebook out of the box is immediately clear that we have a luxury device do. The back of the screen is constructed of aluminum and has a beautiful brushed finish, in which the MSI is arranged hidden logo. We open the window we see a nice keyboard that is equipped with a numeric keypad and white LED lighting in all keys. The keyboard is surrounded by an aluminum palm rest, which gives the device a classy look. However, the PE60 is explicitly not ultrabook. With a thickness of 2.7 centimeters and a weight of 2.3 kilos of the device is definitely not the thinnest or lightest notebook, but as we shall see in the following pages, you will get it in return.

Review MSI PE60 Prestige laptop

MSI PE60 Prestige: Processor, memory, graphics and storage

The MSI PE60-2QE-051NL has a quad-core Core i7 processor that delivers outstanding performance. The baked on 22nm Core processor i7-4720HQ of the Haswell generation and has a clock speed of 2.6 GHz.

The processor is soldered on a motherboard MSI 16J2 with HM87 chipset. On this board, we also find two superimposed memory slots for low-voltage DDR3 SO-DIMMs to. In the slot an 8GB PC3-12800U module is inserted. The other slot is empty. This is easy to expand the memory, but it also means that the standard memory installed unfortunately in single-channel mode works.

MSI has chosen to be models in the PE series to feature an Nvidia GeForce GTX960M GPU taking over the work of the Intel HD Graphics iGPU of the Core i7 processor when higher performance is required. The GTX960M is a fairly powerful GPU, but do not expect performance that rivals high-end desktop GPUs at this time.

With regard to the built-in storage MSI has made an interesting choice. The primary boot disk is a TOSHIBA THNSNJ128G8NU SSD with a capacity of 128 GB, whose installation at exactly 70GB is free to the user. In addition to the fast SSD, however, the notebook also features a 1TB Hitachi HGST HTS721010A9E630 hard disk, the net capacity of 908GB fully available to the user. Ideal for storing, large files and as it is a 7200rpm writes the performance is also very decent.

Review MSI PE60 Prestige laptop

MSI PE60 Prestige: Network connections

Connection to the outside world is controlled by a Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller. About the supposed benefits of the Killer controllers Opinions are divided, but the fact is that it is anyway a good controller, which is accompanied by excellent management software. For the wireless connection MSI opted for an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3160. That is an adapter with a single antenna connection, capable of up to 433 Mbit / s to 150 Mbit via 802.11n and 802.11ac.

We take a step back and look at the connections on both sides of the machine, then we are not disappointed. Connecting an external monitor via HDMI 1.4 as well as by mini-DisplayPort. Of course we also find an RJ45 connector, one powered USB 3.0 port, two standard USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, line-in microphone and line-out for example headphones. There is also an SD card reader and a DVD player / burner. In addition to these physical inputs and outputs are also two invisible interfaces namely Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

Review MSI PE60 Prestige laptop

MSI PE60 Prestige: Conclusion

To come straight to the house with the door: MSI PE60 is a great laptop for as long as the power cord is plugged in. The aluminum finish, the pleasant illuminated keypad and display are all great pluses of this machine. Also about the performance we have little to complain about. The combination of a fast Intel Core i7-4720HQ quad-core processor and a potent Nvidia GeForce GTX960M make you outstanding under various conditions with the PE60-2QE-051NL from the feet. MSI’s choice to combine a 128GB SSD with a 1TB hard disk is useful if you want to lose many large files. The disadvantage is that the SSD itself only 70GB free space available. Competitors in this segment usually choose one 256GB SSD, which obviously is more space, but those models lack the mass storage MSI does offer the extra hardddisk.

The only real downside of this machine is in our working hours on battery. With a spell of less than one and a half hours with heavy loads and just under three and a half hours during light work, the PE60 is clearly not a machine that is intended for use on the go.

Comparing the PE60 with other stylish and fast machines like the N550JX and the Zenbook UX501 from ASUS or the Macbook Pro (MJLT2N / A) Apple (comparison table), we can clearly see that the manufacturers have made different choices. In terms of specifications, the PE60 is most similar to the N550JX from ASUS, which is cheaper around 150 euros. That too is a relatively oversized machine with a 4720HQ processor, 8GB of memory and a full HD IPS display. The N550JX has a slightly slower GeForce GTX 950M GPU and a 256GB SSD. In terms of performance, the ASUS N500JX do it – except for the 3D benchmarks – slightly better than the PE60 MSI, and also working on the battery is better. Conversely, however, that the display of the PE60 is significantly better.

The comparison with the ASUS Zenbook UX501JW and Apple’s Macbook Pro (MJLT2N / A) is slightly skewed, since these are considerably more expensive devices, with more focus on a thin design and displays with much higher resolution. The usefulness of those extra pixels is to argue, and neither do they match the sheer quality of the PE60. The advantage of the two machines is that they achieve a considerably longer working time on their batteries to know.

Under the steep is the PE60 fine machine for those who want a stylish, fast notebook with a good screen, and it mainly used near an electrical outlet. The differences with the slightly cheaper N550JX ASUS are not large, so all MSI offers a better screen and more storage space, the PE60 which in our opinion makes an attractive machine.

Review MSI PE60 Prestige laptop updated: August 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis