Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

By the third generation of Moto X has increased in size and multiplied at the same time, it is now not one but three models with the prefix Play, Style, Pure. The difference between them is huge, since the diagonal screen and its resolution and ending with the amount of RAM, the size of the battery and processor. Younger machine in the lineup is the Moto X Play, about the possibilities of which we shall speak in this review. The text will necessarily present a comparison of these models, but now I want to focus on positioning Moto X Play, which becomes the most affordable model of the family at a minimum price of 299 euros and above.

The idea of ​​Moto X has always been simple and close to the consumer: for a penny to get a phone that if inferior flagship worth two to two and a half times more, is not much. In short, the machine that looks good, has a high quality of execution, a decent camera. A sort of workhorse with a nice design, good materials housing and decent performance.

If the 2014 Moto X model with its typical flagships dimensions and screen size was 5.2 inches in 2015 at Motorola decided to go a little further and make a model with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. In spite of the same name, we have a fundamentally different device, it quietly passed from segment to segment phones PHABLET here in terms of price / quality offers one of the best options for purchase. A distinctive feature of the entire range of phones from Motorola – a profitable cost and availability of its own chips that improve the perception apparatus, put them on a par with the best solutions to other companies. But for those who already owns Moto X previous generations, the new product can seem too big, not by hand. There is a feeling that the company wanted to improve the lot of options, but decided to focus on the diagonal of the screen as the one of the most familiar and understandable to the consumer characteristics. Involuntarily in place Moto X 2014 gets cheaper model Moto G, and all devices with an index of X transformed into PHABLET.

Perhaps, then, it is important to make one retreat. If you do not have a compact phone, you are used to more devices, the new Moto X will have to court, it is not such a giant as it may seem. But the size of more than 5-inch models, and this should be remembered, especially if you want to buy the phone in absentia, there is repeatedly weigh the pros and cons.

Speaking of Moto X Play, it should be noted that this is one of the most interesting phones at a cost, though it is not without certain drawbacks, compromises, which the manufacturer was forced to go. However, let’s look at it closely, the more I used the device for a month as their primary phone.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

Design, size, controls Moto X Play

The Motorola usually provide the ability to customize the phone for themselves and their ideas about beauty, and you can use a special utility MOTOMaker, you choose the color of the cabinet, panel and artwork. Default Play is available in two colors – white and black.

For this model does not provide a deep customization, especially since it is only available in a number of European countries, Asia. For example, it is absent in India and the United States where it takes place the previous device. Therefore, if you expected that, as before, you can choose bamboo rear panel, you should forget about it.

The back panel is made removable, which gives hope that the sale will be possible to find a variety of options for additional panels. Interestingly, the molded body and the opening of the panel carries only one function – to change the appearance of the device.

I really like the way decorate panel at Motorola, this device – is no exception. Diamond pattern, the touch panel is made of rubber, in the hands of non-slip tactile and enjoyable. This device feels in your hand can give odds to many other models, especially those that are significantly more expensive.

The housing is curved, so the size specified in the thinnest portion and the middle, where the maximum thickening. Dimensions – 148h75h8.9-10.9 mm, weight – 169 grams. Excellent fits in your hand, heavy, you can get it out of his pocket without looking.

The rear panel has a recess with a company logo. When you hold the device in your hands, it lays a finger, it’s convenient. On the right side there is a button on / off, it is ribbed, and it is easy to feel without looking at the phone. Below – the volume rocker.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

Materials used are typical for this class of product – it is plastic, no metal in the phone no. The frame around the body under the metal, but it is dyed in plastic rather resistant to scratches. Nothing wrong with that, that there are no metal frame, I do not see enough rugged construction and can withstand a fall. Screen covers Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The phone has two microphones, there is a noise reduction system, it works fine. Microphones are placed at the ends. Also on the top you can see the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a number – the SIM-card and memory card. The design of the rather curious: on the one hand, you can insert one or two SIM-cards, on the other hand – the memory card. The fact that there were a memory card, can be considered progress. Those who buy the European version of the phone to one nanoSIM-card can easily flash it on the company’s software supports two cards and the plug should be removed and you will have a full connection. In short, cheap and cheerful, you can get a good unit for two SIM-cards, only radio has been and will remain one. You should also think about what you need LTE frequency is possible that the game is not worth the candle, and the activation of the second card when flashing – it is unnecessary confusion.

MicroUSB connector is on the bottom, everything is standard.

Now a few words about the Activity Display, in the previous model on the front panel, in addition to the light sensor were also infrared sensors that feel, that you put your hand to the screen, and included in it the icon with which you can quickly open an application or rewind music. There were icons, but the sensors are removed. Now the icons are displayed as soon as you touch the phone, their activation is tied to the movement.

Unfortunately, in the car, this leads to false positives, often the screen is activated when the phone is just bouncing over the potholes on the table it can also sometimes react to the tremors. Useful in this mode is less than desirable.

The phone is not LED, it is also a sign of a budget solution. Finally, it remains to say that the Motorola treated parts of the machine casing and a water-repellent liquid, it conforms to IP52. Flushing is impossible, but a heavy downpour, he should quietly endure.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

Externally, the front panel is framed in such a way that it seems that there are two dynamics. Since, however, it is. But when playing music only works the lower speaker, the top – only during conversations. There is nothing wrong with that, as the speaker volume is very high, the sound is clear and well distinguishable. Repeatedly we sang at the phone in the car, running the music through the speaker.

Build quality, protection of water (even more) – all this distinguishes the device from the mass of other models. For the appearance and characteristics of the products should be commended, he was able to make an interesting model.

Screen Moto X Play

While each manufacturer tries to put on a flagship SuperAMOLED-screen, here we are waiting for the usual, but very high quality IPS-display. At 5.5 inches diagonally in the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels for a phone of this price range – it is an excellent suggestion. The screen quality is beyond praise: smooth image brightness can be adjusted automatically, and works well. The screen is readable, the picture is clearly visible. The viewing angles are maximum. Like it or not, but this screen gives the impression of a very high quality and at the level of the best examples in the class. Perhaps it lacks a bit of brightness, but it will come with time, you get used to that level, that is in the machine.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

It comfortably watch movies, it allows both diagonal and resolution. In short, the screen of this device can be a long time to praise. The prints of the fingers remain visible, despite the oleophobic coating.

Battery Moto X Play

Features built-in Li-Ion batteries are as follows: 3630 mAh, full time with supplied battery charger – about 3.5 hours. But the phone has the technology TurboCharger (analogue QuickCharge from Qualcomm or Fast Adaptive Charge by Samsung), through which the battery can be fully recharged in about an hour and twenty minutes. You agree that support this technology – a huge plus, so you only have to buy a separate charger. I checked with the phone quick charge from Samsung, it works without any problems.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

The manufacturer claims that the phone can work up to 48 hours in a mixed mode, that is, with the active use it will last two days. Impressions of the first week of using the machine were not so rosy, battery sit during the day and time of the screen is about 3.5-4 hours, which cannot be called a record. Yes, and other tasks that have negative impact on operating time are not executed. I wondered why other people are very different results.

On the sixth day, a miracle happened, the phone suddenly alone and without any changes to the settings began to work much longer. You can look at the results below, but on average it is always two days at 5-6 hours of screen (backlight on middle level), a rather large volume of data transmitted. I want to remind that the program GSam some data appear crooked and do not coincide with the built-in utility, so you should give preference to her, if the data differ.

The resulting time can be considered very good. For comparison, my Note 5 / EDGE + under the same conditions live approximately 1.5 times faster (brighter lights have higher resolution and thus less battery, but still they live considerably smaller). From modern LTE-smartphone this model can be considered one of the most long-lived, especially since the Pure / Style Battery less like the work. That is, the low-end model has benefits and working time, which is good.

Memory, memory, chipset, and performance Moto X Play

The phone has 2 GB of RAM, which can be regarded as the golden mean for such devices, it is not a little, but not much. Built-in memory, you can choose a 16 or 32 GB, but there is also support for microSD memory cards of up to 128 GB. This is a big plus for the device, especially against the background that the same Samsung refuses to memory cards in many models.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

The chipset inside the phone – a Snapdragon 615, 1.7 GHz, 8 cores, a graphics accelerator Adreno 405. Performance of the decision at an average level, but the Motorola learned to squeeze out of the chipsets from Qualcomm maximum possible, without increasing power consumption. Look at the results of synthetic benchmarks below.

In practice, not all so rosy as we would like. To begin with, it is often observed in the interface braking, third-party programs can be opened slowly, but the brakes can be and spillage in the usual menu, for example, the list of SMS or phone calls. It is not very annoying, especially if you remember the price of the phone, but his flagship, of course, very far away. Then I can advise a simple thing: vote for yourself how to you this moment is critical. There are people who cannot stand even a millisecond delay, and there are those who simply do not pay attention to it.

USB, Bluetooth, communications capabilities Moto X Play

Version BT 4.0, all profiles are supported, which can be considered a pleasant feature of the device. Depending on the model numbers are supported by different frequencies for LTE:

  • LTE band 1 (2100), 3 (1800), 5 (850) 7 (2600), 8 (900) 19 (800) 20 (800) 28 (700) 38 (2600), 41 (2500 ) – XT1562;
  • LTE band 1 (2100), 2 (1900), 3 (1800), 4 (1700/2100), 5 (850) 7 (2600), 8 (900) 12 (700) 17 (700) 28 (700) – XT1563 (SS).

For Wi-Fi, there is support 802.11 a / b / g / n, dual-band 2×2 (MIMO). The phone has NFC, but the version of USB – 2.0.

Camera Moto X Play

The front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, it is pretty good for its class. But the main camera is built on the Sony IMX230, a matrix with a resolution of 21 megapixels (f / 2.0), which corresponds to the best cameras for image quality in ideal conditions, and obviously avoids almost all models of a similar value.

In absentia I was interested in this model is the quality of the camera, I looked at a dozen reports made by the American edition, and willed this device ever, and no phone before. Even before I saw the phone, I had a strong impression that the camera – it’s something she can shoot at least no worse than the flagship from Samsung.

The first disappointment was the fact that the Motorola used their brand camera app that ergonomics can be considered a very, very bad.

 Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

For example, by default, you cannot focus on the subject by touching the screen, you just need to include the appropriate mode, the same will adjust exposure. This is not just uncomfortable, it is the realization of the curve, which cannot be justified.

The camera module 192 uses the phase the focus sensor, which in theory makes the autofocus quick and trouble-free. Keyword – in theory. Autofocus is slow and often fails focuses not on the things that you need. Indoor camera blurs the picture lacks the sensitivity matrix. Look at two pictures, made almost immediately, one grabbed the camera image, and in the other it is typically lubricated.

Under ideal conditions, when you have a smooth, bright sunlight, no extremes of contrast, the camera in the Moto X takes on the level of the best cameras from other manufacturers. But as soon as lighting conditions worsen, down the drain. For example, take a picture of the sunset and did not get cereal output – it’s almost an impossible task.

To show the difference in image quality, I have made them for this camera and Samsung EDGE +, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

And here’s some pictures in different places, made the camera Moto X Play.

The camera is also able to automatically read the bar codes (optional appeared update the camera application). But it is unlikely many will need this opportunity.

It remains to be said about the video recording, the maximum resolution – 1080p, 30 frames per second. Focus also fails here, the picture is often smeared when you move the camera or she believes that such a move has occurred. However, have a look at the examples of video, you will see this clearly.

The bottom line will say this: the miracle did not happen. The camera for its price class is amazing and just great, she has no competition. However, it does not work in the dark or in the dim light, all-weather cannot consider it. But the competitors in its class it simply does not exist.

Software features, or nearly pure Android Moto X Play

Before us is almost pure Android, which the Motorola almost did not change. Version 5.1.1, in October, there should be 6.0. This will be one of the first devices to 6.0, with the exception of the new Nexus.

The menu is habitual, repeat the standard review of Android makes no sense.

At the same time, I want to note that there is a built-in FM-radio, it works with headphones, the quality is quite good.

In terms of media I like this unit, it plays music well, and comparing it with classmates mostly of Chinese origin, I prefer it, the sound is played cleaner and better.

Annex Moto show you how the movement of the brush, you can activate the camera, you can record a voice tag to activate the phone, as well as familiarize with night mode.

Individual applications processed, such as a gallery or creating multimedia cuts of videos and photos that you get automatically.

But nothing about what should be described as a new and additional as well for our friend Android.

For a month use the phone several times I caught the error in standard applications, for example, I flew card Google.

These minor problems did not have much, they sometimes arise, but in general cases. This is also necessary to know not to expect from the device ideal job. But to call it raw, I also cannot. I have the feeling that some of the errors associated with the absence of a number of sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer, and so on), and traces of their use in software from Motorola. I think that with the new firmware will increase the stability of the device, now it is already at a good level and no significant problems are not, there are small and annoying flaws that do not spoil the overall impression.

Impression Moto X Play

The ringer volume is different, he heard of a jacket and inside pockets. Vibrating alert is average, not always felt. Voice quality is good, but we should remember one moment – in which country and which model you purchase. For example, my phone was bought in Germany, and it is intended for Europe. No problems with him in Moscow networks were not, but the apparatus, which is similar in features, but came from India, showed a much worse result, lost network and behaved disgracefully. As far as I know, after flashing the European software all problems disappeared.

In roaming in the UK my phone sometimes behaved oddly, lost network 4G, connected her with limitations (data transmission has been disabled). During the call, roaming often communication breaks. The native network in Moscow were not observed anything like it, even remotely, everything worked like clockwork.

Given that the cost of this device 299 euro without taxes in Germany, with delivery available from the Russian for 24 thousand rubles, in this way, I bought the machine. The Russian market is nothing in this class and with such characteristics is not even close. In terms of price / quality Moto X Play bypasses most of the devices from large companies, however, do this and with manufacturers from China. Often this PHABLET compared with OnePlus Two, but worse still camera battery, a controversial chipset, however, comparable to the screen and, in theory, the price of the invitation is that of Moto X.

In practice – no memory cards, the price at the dealers at the level of 30 thousand rubles. It is in every sense a bad purchase, and the model is very controversial.

For those looking for a cheap and efficient PHABLET, you can look at Idol 3 5.5, at a price of about 19 thousand rubles, it provides an excellent price / performance ratio. But this product is lower class, he is worse camera, two speakers playing quieter than the one in the Moto X.

Motorola has received very good workhorse. A great screen, great camera for daylight, which allows to receive decent shots and passes almost all the competitors in its class. And most importantly, it’s a long time on a single charge and receive a speedy Android 6 through the air. Model got interesting, and it is worth paying attention to. During the crisis, it is an excellent suggestion, a sort of middle ground, the apparatus accurately enough for a couple of years of use. And he just looks pleasant.

Now just a few words about what the different version of Style / Pure from the usual Play. Screen size – 5.7 inches with a resolution of QHD, 808 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 3GB of RAM, a 3000 mAh battery 3630 mAh instead, stereo speakers, instead of mono. As you can see, the differences are serious enough and suggest another model this device. But the price of at least one hundred euro above, and in some countries the difference and even more. Review Moto X Style / Pure try to prepare later.

Review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563) updated: October 6, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis