Review monoblock Lenovo C40

Review monoblock Lenovo C40

The main problem of candy bars is that the built-in obsolescence of components have to part with a good monitor. However, Lenovo has wisely added to Lenovo C40 port HDMI, thanks to which candy bar can be used solely as a monitor. So you can extend the life of the device, when the filling is too slow for everyday tasks. At a price of around $ 450 you get a processor AMD A6, 8 GB of RAM, DVD-drive and HDD capacity 1TB. It can offer more than the equivalent of the price of a laptop or mini PC, but still do not expect Lenovo C40 fantastic performance.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Design

Design Lenovo C40 is quite simple – face made ​​in gloss black on the sides of the thick frame and plastic lattice screen hides under the built-in speakers. Y-shaped base ensures good stability and ability to adjust the tilt, but height adjustment is not provided, and if you want to raise the monitor higher, have anything under it enclose.

The power button is located on the right side, there is a button under the mode selection that allows you to switch to a video source connected to the port HDMI (for example, a game console or media player streaming). For those who still uses optical discs, there are DVD-RW-drive is installed vertically. It is located above the buttons.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Connectors

For convenience, Lenovo C40 has two groups of connectors. In the back of the candy bar has three ports USB 2.0, power connector input and output HDMI. They are great for connecting peripherals used permanently. On the left side you can find two ports USB 3.0, jacks for microphone and headphones and a card reader 6-in-1. It is often more convenient to connect recoverable devices such as flash drives or game controllers.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40

The HDMI input lets you connect a game console extender and so monoblock Lenovo C40 can play the role of the TV when not being used for its intended purpose. This feature allows you to extend the functionality of Lenovo C40, when it is set in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Keyboard and mouse

Peripherals bundled with Lenovo C40 is not particularly good, but coped with the task until you buy something better. Keyboard membrane keys with the progress of 2.94 millimeters and 60 grams actuation force (the force with which you need to press). The keys are easy to press, and the first time our author was able to print 79 words per minute at its average speed of 75-80 words per minute.

Easy Mouse, laser, with two buttons. The buttons are pressed a little tight, and in general it is not much different from that of other cheap disposable mice.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Webcam

Because Lenovo C40 is no height adjustment, it is easier to change the height of the chair, tilt the screen than to a person caught in the frame of the camera. Webcam at 720p a picture with high grain and stains, and the hair of the author mixed into one dark mass.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Display

Overall, 21.5-inch touchscreen display Lenovo C40 with 1920 x 1080 pixels is pretty good, although the brightness is not very high for a glossy surface. In some cases, due to the lack of brightness of color can not be sufficiently saturated.

According to our measurements the average brightness of Lenovo C40 was 202 nits. The monitor is on par with Aspire Z3-605 (202) But below Lenovo C560 Touch , Showed 232 nits, and the average figure among candy bars 282 nits.

C40 reproduced 108 percent color gamut sRGB, it’s more than that Aspire Z3-605 (202) (Eng.) (96 per cent) and Lenovo C560 Touch (102 percent). Lenovo C40 has also demonstrated a good, but not better color accuracy with an error index 3,5 DeltaE (ideal is 0).

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Sound

Stereo monoblock Lenovo C40 sound loud enough sound to fill a large our test lab, but they are a bit lacking fidelity sound. Low frequency sound muffled and vocals surface and aspirated. The sound quality of the treble is much higher, but the best sounding midrange.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Performance

Budget AMD processors do not have a high speed, and it harms performance Lenovo C40,which installed one of these CPU. The combination of quad-core A6-6310 clocked at 1.8 GHz, 8 GB of RAM and hard disk capacity of 1TB provides a level of performance, roughly corresponding average among the tested tablets. When watching movies at 720p had no problems, but at 1080p, we noticed some delays and gaps frames that are a little spoiled impression of viewing the scene.

The benchmark Geekbench 3, which measures overall system performance monoblock Lenovo C40 scored 2476 balls. This is about 40 percent less than in 3486 at Aspire Z3-605 (202)(processor Intel Pentium 2127U, 4GB RAM, HDD 1TB) and 2.5 times less than in 6209 at the balls Lenovo C560 Touch (with Intel Core i3). For comparison, the average performance among the tested candy bars is 6471 balls.

Lenovo C40 has completed the task of combining 20,000 names and addresses to Open Office in 18 minutes and 6 seconds. This is much slower than Aspire Z3-605 (202) (8:03), the average results of monoblocks (6:48), and Lenovo C560 Touch (4:33).

Review monoblock Lenovo C40

The only test in which Lenovo C40 was not in the tail, is the speed of copying files. Hard disk capacity of 1TB and 7200 rev / min suffered a file folder of mixed type, totaling 4.97 GB in 1 minute and 27 seconds at a data rate of 58.5 MB / s. He was a little overtaken Aspire Z3-605 (202) (54.2 MB / s) and Lenovo C560 Touch (45 MB / s), which are also equipped with 1 TB HDD capacity at 7200 rpm.

Looking at such low results must be said that in Russia monoblock with processors AMD A4 and A6 are delivered virtually. Because we have acquired any piece with Intel processors will be much more productive.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Graphics

Lenovo C40 is equipped with an integrated graphics card AMD ATI Radeon R4, which card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft generally worked smoothly in the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at medium settings. However, we have noticed a delay when playing a very intense special effects animation spells. Attempts to play Bole demanding graphics games, for example, League of Legends, have not been successful, we could not manage to keep the frame rate above the lower threshold of 30 FPS.

In the graphic benchmark 3DMark Fire Strike Lenovo C40 scored 452 balls. His result is slightly higher than the result Aspire Z3-605 (202) (435 balls with Intel HD graphics 4000), but lower than the Lenovo C560 Touch (597 balls with Intel HD graphics 4400). Lenovo C40 also scored only half the average for the monoblocks indicator 1139. In the game World of Warcraft in the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with automatic settings Lenovo C40 barely handle the load and was able to provide only 18 frames per second. Although Aspire Z3-605 (202) was not much better (20 fps) Lenovo C560 Touch in similar settings, reached the mark of 35 frames per second.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Software and Operating System

Lenovo probably thinks that people like family too much software with the OS since Windows 8.1 in its monoblock plenty. There are, of course, useful applications, for example, Lenovo Nitro Pro 9 software for viewing PDF documents to replace Adobe Acrobat and Complex Power 2 Go for recording CD- and DVD-ROM drive. But there are also unwanted software, such as a child’s play Fruits, in which you need to look for a combination of objects.

Lenovo also included a browser Maxthon Cloud, who can manage accounts of cloud services.This application is duplicated own application Lenovo REACHit, which does the same thing but with more features.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Configuration Options

In Russia monoblock Lenovo C40 is available in several versions, starting with version 35 000 rub., Equipped with a dual-core processor Intel Celeron, 2 GB of RAM and the HDD to 500GB.The version in the top of the range of ~ 50 000 rubles. may have a dual-core processor Pentium 1,9 GHz or Core i3 1,7 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and hard disk capacity of 1 TB, as well as discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce 820M with 2 GB of RAM DDR3. Lenovo C40 All models have a touch screen with a diagonal of 21.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, as well as DVD-ROM drive.

Review monoblock Lenovo C40 | Conclusion

We would be unlikely to buy a candy bar Lenovo C40 with AMD processors because of its poor performance. But with Intel sense in buying it there. HDMI connector also adds value as it allows to use a candy bar as a standalone monitor when filling much obsolete and candy bar is too slow. If you need a higher speed, it is best to look at the model Lenovo C560 Touch (Eng.), equipped with processors up to the Intel Core i5. But again, if you can find Lenovo C40 at a good price, it can be taken as an acceptable alternative.


  • Inexpensive;
  • There are DVD-ROM drive;
  • Login HDMI.


  • Extremely low performance processors AMD;
  • Lots of extra software;
  • The screen is not adjustable for height.
Review monoblock Lenovo C40 updated: September 8, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis