Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

Considering the product range Lumia, I can not shake the feeling that every time marketing companies find the secret weapon that should get things off the ground and push up sales platform. Not long ago, they have mastered the 5-inch screens, the first model with such a display – Lumia 535, it became in demand as a cost, and on the screen diagonal in the budget segment is a good suggestion. But the screen resolution 960h540 points was that it was comparable to Android-smartphone, there was no tangible advantage over them.

The Lumia 640 company made the move and gave HD-resolution, in addition to the diagonal of 5 inches, sales increased immediately. In terms of iron, Lumia 640 is not perfect, but in its price segment clearly stands out. What makes many people even forget that it’s Windows Phone. When I talk about selling Lumia 640, we should understand that they are not visible within the market, namely the segment for Windows Phone, which in recent years has not changed in terms of unit shipments. Phones become cheaper, while sales in units are approximately at the same level.

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Design, size, controls

The usual 5-inch phone is quite compact – 144h73.7h8.6 mm, weight – 152 grams. In his hand is fine, in the pockets of hidden and invisible.


The device is very striking buildings, blue, white and orange. It is the non-winning version of the body, it is made not to create competition, the same Lumia 640.

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

At the top end is 3.5 mm on the bottom – the usual microUSB-socket. On the right side – the volume rocker, immediately – on / off button.Speaker output – on the back surface near the camera and LED flash.


Open the machine easily pulled over the body, it is like a cover. The design, approved on a variety of models are very reliable. Inside, you will see the battery, and two connectors for plus microSIM card slot.


In the early days I had everything well with the case, but then she appeared a gap on the left side, attempts to disguise Case were not successful.The case began to walk, did not get up in the groove until the end. During the week, I struggled with this problem, until I realized that the battery is slightly moved and disturbed body slam. I corrected, and everything fell into place. Construction strange that the battery may well depart while the phone works.

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Screen

Normal IPS-matrix with a diagonal of 5 inches, resolution – 1280×720 pixels (294 dpi) covered Corning Gorilla Glass. For its price segment the screen is quite decent. The buttons in the onscreen apparatus.

Unlike the 640th model, the matrix is a little worse, perhaps, that it exactly the same, but namudrili with safety glass. Even in cloudy weather, the screen is difficult to read in the camera mode, the same can be said about the normal use of a sunny day. Other information on the screen is readable, but its behavior in the sun far from ideal.

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Battery

Battery 2200 mAh Li-Ion, Standby time – up to 24 days, talk time – up to 14.8 hours (3G), music playback – up to 81 hours of work in Wi-Fi – up to 10.1 hours of video – up to 6.9 hours.

On average, the unit operates at a load of 1.5 days, a quarter less than Lumia 640 (ibid 2500 mAh battery). If the Lumia 640, I praised in a long time, then there is not, affected by the voracious and slow processor. This is the biggest difference between the models, it is worth to remember that. For those who almost never uses a telephone, achievable and 3-4 days of work.

Full battery charging time – about 2 hours.

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Communication capabilities

A standard set of protocols – Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 (no support for LE) – complete set of standard profiles, WCDMA. As you can see, the device can not boast of something special or unusual.

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Chipset, memory, performance

A typical solution from Microsoft, within 200 Snapdragon (in Lumia 640 Snapdragon 400), 4 cores up to 1.2 GHz. The interface is fast enough, which is also typical for such decisions. RAM – 1 GB built-in – 8 GB memory card – up to 128 GB. In synthetic tests here are the results.

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Camera

The front camera of 5 megapixels, which is pretty good for a device of this class.

The main camera is 8 megapixels, rather mundane. Removes bad in the sun room has lathers. If we compare the camera with many of the 8-megapixel camera on Android, it is likely to win, it is better unit.

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Software – Windows Phone 8.1

Phone for Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. added in a huge number of functions – is now in the “Settings” there is a separation of the points (!!!), also the individual settings can be taken to the main screen. When typing text, you can add your own shortcuts to quickly enter. And that’s all for Update 2. I do not get tired to hit the speed with which to add new features Microsoft – per hour on a teaspoon compared to this seems to be the first cosmic speed. No, these guys really are the fastest on the planet – the division entered the settings menu, although Windows 10 there is a totally different menu! Well done, keep it up.

Innovation systems are described in detail in the review of Windows Phone 8.1, I see no reason to repeat – everything is standard.

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141)

Microsoft Lumia 540 DS: Impressions

In terms of voice quality during a call, it is a standard solution from Nokia – good, but not good, as usual. Use one microphone. Vibrate remained silent, it is guaranteed to miss.

There is no reason to buy this device is not present, there are no special features. Read increase the resolution front camera special advantage for customers is impossible. Model communicating, if Microsoft does not reduce the price on it.

And, as usual, adding that buying Windows Phone as the dialer or unknowingly. It is not smart in every sense of the word, so treat them as such is not necessary. It is better to focus on the platform Android, where the capabilities of the devices is much higher.

Review Microsoft Lumia 540 DS (RM-1141) updated: July 9, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis