Review Meizu Pro 5 – first Look

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

Early last year, the company Meizu is a manufacturer of smartphone, producing strictly on the flagship times a year, and then maintaining the machine, parallel to working on the new one. The incredible growth of the Chinese smartphone market has led to what is more or less large manufacturers grew up together with him, and such notable as Xiaomi and Meizu, particularly hard. In 2014 the company introduced a line of low cost devices «Blue Charm» in addition to the first and only series MX, and now, after a year we show is the third line of devices, introducing the first of this series of smart index PRO – Meizu Pro 5.

In fact, Meizu Pro 5 can hardly be called a truly new device. A cursory study its characteristics, then look at Meizu MX4 Pro and Meizu MX5. Yes, the new Pro 5 – a mixture of these models in a complex proportions. This will also be true of the phrase that the Chinese have been working on the mistakes made when creating last year’s flagship MX4 Pro. As a result, we have a balanced smartphone, though not without flaws, but within the range of the company Meizu well suited to the role of a leader until mid-2016.

This time the invitation to the presentation of the company, many caused even greater surprise and indignation than before. The reason was a large box with an inscription Meizu Go Pro and action-camera GoPro Hero + inside, “light” in the photo well before the date of announcement of the Pro 5. Some people have for some reason decided that the Chinese have made their camera and copied to this Go Pro, on the reality is more prosaic – Meizu just gave all those invited to the presentation of the original camera Go Pro. Yes, provocative, but as you can see, this kind of advertising works, and largely due to step with this gift to speak about Meizu Pro 5 began well before the date of the presentation.

By the announcement of the new flagship of the company has changed its corporate logo, in this case can not be said that radical changes are likely make it more flavorful and a little less bright. For my taste, the coolest logo at the Meizu was at the beginning of the creation of the company smartphones, where the icon was used with the characters, reminiscent of dancing men and new logos, as the previous one, and shown in the presentation, more boring and generic. But it’s the lyrics.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

Updating the company’s logo spent, not because the old logo is all tired as one would think, all a little different. The company’s sales are growing not only in China, but gradually in other markets. Meizu Officially presented not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Italy and some other European countries, in India. Naturally, sales volumes in all these countries is not going to any comparison with the millions of smart phones sold by the company in its home market, but the growth is, and more in the Meizu can not ignore it. Therefore, the company gradually turns to these markets, and change the logo, I think more aims to highlight the interest in developing international Meizu direction. New fonts, worked in including non-Chinese languages, the new European entity, participated in the development of a logo and accompanying elements.

Now smartphone. In terms of design, the new Meizu Pro 5 resembles the Meizu MX5, with the addition of just one piece of glass 2.5D, made the new flagship is very similar to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. C front of the apparatus can easily be confused if you do not remember, the round button at the “iPhone” or slightly flattened, oval-shaped. The new background picture in the subject of space added to the Pro 5, the only exacerbates the effect of similarity. The back of the unit have its own, without similar to the iPhone 6 Plus members.

So obvious similarity – is it good or bad? This question everyone is responsible for himself, personally I do not like such an obvious copy, it is clear and evident desire to make Meizu is very similar in design to the iPhone 6 Plus unit. At the same time, it is foolish to deny the fact that if I chose a “PHABLET” on Android, it would pay attention to Meizu Pro 5 as a minimum because of its design, because I like the idea – smooth curves, the shape of the body and so on. And in this case it does not matter to me that to mind the idea of ​​design driven at Apple, and the Chinese are simply copied.

Housing smartphone is made of aluminum, just as in the Meizu MX5. In the MX5 has a small glitch – protruding above the surface of the housing slot between the aluminum back and plastic inserts for better signal above and below. There slot recessed and do not interfere. In general, Meizu Pro 5 looks and feels like an expensive device: good assembly quality materials body, recognizable design, albeit not his own. Nothing to complain about.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

For Pro 5 will have four color options: two white front panel and two black. With white – gold and silver, with a black – light and dark gray. Last call graphite easier to avoid confusion. What colors are available for Russia, still unknown, most likely, graphite and gold colors.

Now the most “sharp” point – size. The new flagship was a screen with a diagonal of 5.7 ” and, accordigly, increased in size, even in comparison with the rather big Meizu MX4 Pro and MX5. Dimensions of the new device – 156.7 x 78 x 7.55 mm, weight – 168 grams. The size of Meizu Pro 5 is comparable to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus (diagonal 5.5 ”). Of course, the smartphone can not be called a compact, but to say that the Chinese are spending irrationally place, as it is impossible. Frames thin margins at the top and bottom – a little more than a centimeter, weight is acceptable.

The foregoing does not mean that the unit “superudoben” in the hands of an incredibly ergonomic or not. Smartphone with a diagonal of 5.7 ” can not be convenient for all, obviously, but in the framework of this class of devices as “PHABLET” new Meizu Pro 5 looks neat and its dimensions can be called moderate. Although in fact, of course, a very large smartphone.

Brief talk on the packaging. The company changed its approach, instead of a small white box is used a large pack of black solid cardboard with a minimum of inscriptions. It looks impressive. Inside, in addition to the smartphone will be, as usual, clip to extract the tray under the SIM-card, paper manual, cable USB type-C and 12V charging unit 2A.

The Meizu Pro 5 mounted screen with a diagonal 5.7 ” and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the type of matrix – SuperAMOLED. As I wrote in the first look Meizu MX5, I am not a fan of this type of screen and, until recently, treated him very negatively. On the other hand, if you look at the situation objectively, these matrices manufacturer, Samsung, has done a great job to improve the technology SuperAMOLED, and today it is already quite “edible”.

If before “amoled” screens could offer users anything good, except for the lush, over-contrast and extremely bright images, but now the situation has changed dramatically. There were opportunities for fine-tuning display, and the factory settings screens become more accurate and safer. SuperAMOLED in Samsung smartphones is no longer burns the eyes, and if this is not enough, you can always adjust the different characteristics (brightness, contrast, color temperature) to your taste. The Meizu Pro 5 is the screen looks quite acceptable, although, of course, the issue of use of the resolution FullHD instead 2k remains. The Meizu say thanks FullHD smartphone works longer and less heated, and the difference is small for the eye, if noticeable at all.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

The smartphone is built on one of the top platforms from Samsung – Exynos Octa 7 7420 with an eight 64-bit processor. Four-A53 Corteh core clocked at 1.5 GHz, four – Cortex-A57 at a frequency of 2.1 GHz. Graphic system – Mali-T760 MP8 with eight cores, each core frequency – 772 MHz.

In Antutu machine knocks over 70,000 “parrots”, while not heated as much as Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, as in the Meizu did not fail to remind the slide so that’s nice:

The smartphone will be available in two versions: 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal and 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal. In both cases, the standard built-in memory UFS 2.0 (universal flash storage).There is also a memory card slot, combined with one of the slots for SIM-card. You can use either the microSD-card, or “sim card”.

The performance Meizu Pro 5 any time will be one of the standards among the top devices, in doing so, even if you decide to buy the unit for two or three years, the performance Pro5, most likely, will be enough for the whole period of using a smartphone. Here the situation is exactly the same as with a series of Note from Samsung, when the terms of the “iron” machines remain valid for two or three years.

Now for the cameras. The module main camera has a resolution similar to the MX5 – 20.7 megapixels. It uses a new sensor Sony Exmor RS IMX230 area of ​​1 / 2.4 “with a pixel size of 1.2 microns. The aperture f / 2.2, six lenses, dual LED flash on the same site and, of course, a full manual mode, is already familiar to smartphones Meizu. The main novelty of the camera is exactly the same as in the MX5 – laser focus, both in smartphones LG G3 and G4 (G3 has been mentioned as a tool by which Meizu and decided to make such a system the focus).

The camera interface is unchanged, perhaps it will be a little different with the release of a new version of Pro 5 Flyme, but still uses the old.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

The camera focuses quickly, shooting is instantaneous, continuous shooting at high speed. On a photo speak engineering samples – a thankless task, but in the case we Meizu each year about seeing the same picture: the company produces a smartphone with a potentially excellent camera, but it takes at first pretty average. It was only after two or three months after the launch of the device and the output potential of the camera’s firmware several disclosed.

Meizu Pro 5 the situation is exactly the same now camera produces good pictures in manual mode, you can get very good results in the “Auto” – it depends. However, some time after the start of sales of the new camera firmware, is likely to be more severely tightened in terms of image quality.

Front camera – 5 megapixel OV5670 sensor with an aperture f / 2.0. It shoots very well, in my opinion.

The smartphone two slots for SIM-card format, both nanoSIM. One of the slots can be installed instead of the “Sims” memory cards microSD. Support LTE is implemented in each of the slots, Russian supported frequency (lanes 1, 3 and 7). The radio in the smartphone one, so that when the first conversation on the second SIM-card is not available.

Almost standard set of interfaces – dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 with support profile LE (Low Energy), GPS, and NFC. New – connector USB type-C, which is why the device can not be recharged older USB-cable. On the one hand, this is bad, on the other, sooner or later (hopefully) the company still will move en masse to this standard and the situation will change. Meizu While acting as a pioneer on a par with Nokia (tablet) and OnePlus.

The capacity of the internal battery in the Meizu Pro 5 – 3050 mAh. Using the platform and Samsung SuperAMOLED screen should have a positive impact on working time, however, is simply to test and use the device, one day work with the machine, I do not draw any conclusions venture.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

The Pro 5 includes support for fast charging, smart phone for half an hour you can be charged to 65 percent.

Already familiar in Meizu Pro 5 has a fingerprint scanner, as well as all the chips of mBack – hardware button below the screen. Scanner works very well, not only allows you to unlock the screen, but access to applications, as it can be used to pay for, but this functionality is relevant only for the Chinese market.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

The smartphone runs on Android 5.0 with a proprietary interface Flyme 4.5. Special or important innovations in the new version Flyme not, they will be Flyme 5, also demonstrated at the presentation.This new, more simple and similar to Material Design the look and mesh with the increased number of icons on one screen and color display various events, as well as remote SmartBar. This will need to speak separately with the release Flyme 5. For Meizu Pro 5 upgrade from Flyme 5 will be available on November 15 but before the interface will appear on the Meizu MX5 – September 25.

Finally, you need to talk separately about the sound. There Meizu did not invent anything new and just used the same solution as in the Meizu MX4 Pro. It has already proved itself, everything is logical.The smartphone installed a dedicated Hi-Fi audio chip ESS ES9018K2M with a dynamic range of 123dB, amplifier OPA 1612 and uses unique technology of filtering noise. To improve the quality and volume of the external speakers, use four transistors NXP TFA9890, ceramic, film drive, patented passive filter and amplifier circuit Solo. As you probably know, I’m still the expert on sound smart, so just be limited to this description of the characteristics associated with the audio portion.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

In China Meizu Pro will cost 2,799 yuan for the version of the 3/32 GB and 3099 yuan per GB version of 4/64, the unit goes on sale on 12 October and pre-order already open. Price for Russia yet, but wait for the value below 40 000 at the current dollar exchange rate is unlikely. Miracles do not happen, and the use of top-end “hardware” makes the product expensive, even for the Chinese market price of Meizu Pro 5 – palpable, especially given how cheap and here love ultranedorogie devices.

Review Meizu Pro 5 - first Look

However – the position Meizu also understandable. The company has excellent Meizu M2 mini and M2 note in the budget segment, and Pro 5 – a demonstration of the possibilities and strength. Apparatus with one of today’s best options (excluding the screen), recognized (albeit not his) design, moderate size and weight, no problems with the heating, with potentially good cameras (front already excellent), and the best on the market sound. It is not a mass product, but for those who want a smart phone than a year – a good option to buy, because in this case, the high cost of the device does not look so strange – such a device you buy more than one year, and two or three .

Review Meizu Pro 5 – first Look updated: October 7, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis