Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller

Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller


The Chinese company Meizu can do excellent smartphones. After successful flagships Meizu MX4 and MX4 Prothe manufacturer has decided to master and the public sector, releasing Meizu M1 Note. He was warmly received by users, as eloquently sales figures.

In our lab got Meizu M2 Note, the next device in the line M Note. Will he be able to repeat the success of the eminent predecessor? Let’s find out.

Review Meizu M2 Note traditionally begin with a study of the performance characteristics.

Packaging equipment Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note comes in a white cardboard box of small size. Framed packaging is very stylish – it even just nice to hold.

On the front of the box name of the device is applied, and on the back side is a label listing the main features of the model.

Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller

Peering under the hood, the first thing we see very smart and extraction tool tray SIM-cards.

In addition, the package includes:

  • Charger (Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz ~, 0.3 A, Output: 5 VDC 2 A);
  • Cable MicroUSB.

Stereo is not what informs the care label on the plug in the appropriate cell.

Let’s just say the wealth supplied amazes. Only the necessary minimum.

Now let’s actually to your phone.

Appearance and design Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note is made in the form factor – candybar with a touchscreen.

Dimensions of the smartphone make up 75.2 x 150.9 x 8.7 mm, its weight – 149 g The device is lightweight and thin for its diagonal, although the surface of the front panel can be used more effectively, the benefit of the frame around the display is wide enough.

The smartphone has a strict rectangular, slightly rounded corners to improve the ergonomics of the device. Because of this, it is convenient to control the machine, despite its large size.
The back cover is made of matte plastic. In the hand unit is confident slips slightly, and the material is pleasant to the touch.

The device is assembled solidly – no backlash, no gaps, no creaks body was found.

Display glass panel protects the AGC Dragontrail (NEG T2X-1). There oleophobic coating.

On the front side in the upper part are the earpiece, front camera, light sensor and proximity and LED indicator.

The LED indicator glows white once every ~ 2 seconds when a new notice. Features indicator settings provided by regular means.

Like the Meizu M1 Note, instead of the standard solutions with the placement of a block of three touch keys manufacturer chose to place one mechanical button, equipped with a capacitive sensor.

Touching it returns the user to the previous screen (similar to the button “Back”), pressing the button is similar to the mechanical button “Home”. But with the screen “Recent Apps” is not so simple: it is necessary to call your finger up from the bottom edge of the display.

Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller

Highlights of the mechanical button is not received.

At the top of the back cover is the eye of the main chamber (13.0 megapixels), under it – the dual LED flash.

At the bottom of the back cover, in addition to the logo of the manufacturer and the proud inscription «Designed by Meizu. Made in China », nothing.

On the right side wall is Meizu M2 Note tray MicroSD and SIM-cards. You can install either two SIM-cards or one SIM and one MicroSD – one of the slots is aligned.

It is gratifying that in comparison with the previous model unit gained the support of memory cards, but this implementation of this support seems a bit strange – like it or not, Meizu M2 Note has sufficient dimensions to accommodate the individual slots for MicroSD.

The single “rocker” volume and power button / lock are located on the left side. In terms of comfort, it is also strange, though better than in the previous model (where the power button / lock was placed on the top), but it is much more logical to place these buttons on the right side wall of the device, given that they are recessed and press they are not very convenient.

3.5 mm and the upper microphone located on the top side of the device.

Port MicroUSB, external speaker and microphone is lower, respectively, on the bottom.

Meizu M2 Note is available in four different colors: white, blue, pink and light gray.

It is time to deal with the hardware component of the smartphone. Let’s start with the screen.

Display test Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note is equipped with a 5.5 “LCD touch-type matrix of IPS (IGZO) manufactured by Sharp. Screen resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels. Dot density (ppi) is 400 dpi, so the image pixilation problems will not be.

Applied technology OGS, the air gap between the glass and the display is not.

In the setting of the smartphone has the ability to manually adjust the color temperature, but use a little of its meaning – the display is already well-calibrated “out of the box”, the result is certainly not improve, except that adjust according to personal preference.
Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller

Hardware platform and performance Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note equipped with a new SoC production MediaTek- MT6753 (eight cores, 64-bit architecture). At its core – processor family Cortex-A53 (the maximum frequency of 1.3 GHz), 28 nm process. As the graphics chip used Mali T720 MP3.

The amount of memory is 2048 MB – it is unlikely that in the use of any problems with the lack of memory.

After restarting the smartphone with a “clean” system freely about 800-900 MB of RAM.

In the setting of the user is prompted to select one of three modes of performance.

Multimedia Meizu M2 Note

The Meizu M2 Note installed the original music player Meizu.

In it there is an equalizer with several presets, and set manual override.

There is also a “uluchshayzer» – Dirac HD Sound. You can choose from one of several options for correcting the sound for different models of headphones. At the sound of these settings affect very much, both good and bad – depends on the use of headphones.

But the FM-radio in Meizu M2 Note no.


The sound of ringing speaker can not boast of any volume, no good sound quality. But strong vibrate mode – vibration lying in a jacket pocket phone is quite palpable.

The earpiece does its job well, problems with poor audibility for calls not. By the microphone also has no complaints. The maximum volume of the earpiece is enough to clearly hear the caller’s voice in a noisy street.

When tested in RMAA smartphone connected to the sound card ASUS Xonar U7 with a signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB.

The maximum volume of the signal when testing the machine in RMAA was ~ -4.6 dB.

If we talk about the subjective impressions, the smartphone Meizu always been known for high-quality sound in the headphones, and Meizu M2 Note is not an exception, and for its price segment it is generally out of the competition. The sound in the headphones clean and juicy. Of course, not a smartphone for music lovers, but the average user of its sound will certainly taste.


Now figure out how to handle the device with video files in different formats. Testing was conducted using AnTuTu Video Tester.

Well, “omnivorous” device can simply be envied! With AC3 and DTS, which most phones do not play out of the box, Meizu M2 Note handled without problems.

Of the features of the pre-application “Video” include the ability to output a playback video as a floating window on top of other windows.

Streaming video up to 1080p and including Meizu M2 Note reproduced without apparent difficulty.

Memory and file system Meizu M2 Note

As we got to the lab version of Meizu M2 Note installed flash drive capacity of 16 GB. The user of these available 10.5 GB.

The smartphone supports the installation of MicroSD memory cards with a capacity up to 128 GB inclusive.

There is support for the regime OTG (USB On-The-Go), that is, the machine can be connected USB device.

The smartphone is connected to a PC as a media device (MTP). Standard connectivity – USB 2.0.

The speed of the built-in storage is average, as the speed of interaction with the external memory card.

Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller

And wireless capabilities Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note works over cellular networks 2G (GSM 900/1800 MHz), 3G (UMTS 900/2100 MHz), 4G (LTE 1800/2100/2600 MHZ). LTE network works in Russian. The signal device keeps stable cases loss of communication was observed.

Working with SIM cards in Meizu M2 Note implemented as we have known mode Dual SIM Dual Standby: radio in the smartphone alone, both sim cards work at the same time – in the standby mode, when you call or data transmission on one of the SIM cards second is not available. But unlike many other devices, Meizu M2 Note any of the installed SIM cards can work in networks 4G, but only one at a time. SIM card used to access the Internet, specify the settings, drag and rearrange them is not necessary.

The smartphone supports Bluetooth v4.0 protocol and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n. It is possible to use it as a modem (for connecting a USB or Bluetooth), and as an access point (Wi-Fi Hotspot).

Support for NFC (Near Field Communication) no.

How GPS navigator, Meizu M2 Note works perfectly – the satellites the unit fast, taking a confident, stable.

Battery life Meizu M2 Note

The Meizu M2 Note has a removable lithium-ion battery capacity of 3100 mAh. We carry out its testing AnTuTu Tester:

AnTuTu Tester praised autonomy Meizu M2 Note.

Well, our “field testing” has issued good results (all tests were performed at 100% brightness, to enable the wireless interface and activate synchronization mode performance “Balanced”).

In the “hard” mode of use (resource-intensive game) smartphone will turn off after four hours. When watching a video (720p) will be enough for about seven o’clock.

With moderate use gadget stretch three or four days at a maximum of four to six hours of screen. A good result, although the Meizu M1 Note figures were slightly better.

Camera Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note is equipped with two cameras: the main one with a resolution of 13.0 megapixels (module production Samsung, a five-element lens, the aperture of F / 2.2, blue IR filter, dual LED flash) and a front 5.0 megapixel (OmniVision OV5670, a five-element lens, aperture F /20).

A choice of the following shooting modes: automatic scene detection, manual, portrait, panorama, change the focus (in this mode, the camera takes pictures sequentially with a different focus, which allows subsequently select the most appropriate picture) mode, the scanner of QR-codes, slow motion .

In the automatic scene detection in addition to the size of the photos and the timer set up anything. But in the manual mode, you can change almost everything: the level of exposure compensation (-3 to +3), ISO (100 to 1600), the level of focus and exposure.


The company Meizu has released a completely different smartphone. Why is that? Although the number “2” in the model name, Meizu M2 Note restart bit more modified M1, with reduced capacity – so as not to compete with more expensive devices Meizu, and with a reduced price tag – for greater accessibility. Owners M1 Note move it makes no sense, and if the choice of these models is to think – it may be better to overpay a half to two thousand rubles and take Meizu M1 Note?

If you do not compare the smartphone with its predecessor, the bottom line is we have an excellent and inexpensive device with a heap of advantages and disadvantages of the minimum, clearly recommended for purchase.

Pros Meizu M2 Note:

  • Cool design and adequate size;
  • Excellent price / quality ratio;
  • High-quality screen;
  • Overall performance of the platform;
  • Supporting two SIM and MicroSD;
  • Low price;
  • Good sound in the headphones;
  • High-quality assembly.

Cons smartphone:

  • Low performance in “heavy” games.

Cannot arrange:

  • Difficulties when shooting in low light conditions.
Review Meizu M2 Note: inexpensive bestseller updated: August 8, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis