Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone

Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone

The Korean company LG Electronics unveiled the first smartphone with curved case for a long time. Until recently, this feature has the advantage flagships. Now, however, such a decision can be called a “business card” of many models of this brand.

One of them was the hero of the review. It is representative of budget segment – LG Spirit. Is there any practical sense in a curved body, or it’s just a design course? What can offer brand-name manufacturers in the machine for 10 thousand? On these and similar questions we will try to answer in the course material.

Well, traditionally we begin – with the study of technical specifications and equipment.

Specifications LG Spirit

Device type Smartphone
Model LG Spirit
Processor MediaTek MT6582, 4 x 1.30 GHz
Video processor Mali-400 MP
Operating system Android 5.0
Memory GB 1 RAM; 8 ROM
Screen 4.7 “IPS, 1280 x 720
Cameras, MP 1.0 + 8.0
Network GSM; WCDMA
The number of SIM-cards, pieces. 2 (micro-SIM)
Support MicroSD Yes
Data transfer GSM; WCDMA; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth
GPS / aGPS / EPO / GLONASS Yes / Yes / Yes / No
Battery mAh 2100
Size mm 133.0 x 66.0 x 9.95
Weight, g 118
Price, rubles. ~ 10000

Features absolutely standard for devices in this price range. No pleasant surprises, and against the backdrop ofsome members of the same budget you can even find fault with the lack of support networks LTE.

Packaging equipment LG Spirit

We tested got a smartphone without picking and packing, so for them to say something will not turn out.Therefore, immediately move on to the study of the appearance of our hero.

Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone

The look and design of LG Spirit

The smartphone is made in a classic candybar with a touchscreen. Ordinary materials – plastic housing with protective glass screen. However, the other in the low-end segment is difficult to meet.

In the hand unit it feels very nice and kept tight. Despite the fact that the plastic is stripped of any invoice, it feels nice under your fingers. By the way, the lid collects fingerprints quite reluctant, which is not the defensive glass.

The front side is covered with a protective glass on the entire area, it is completely black. Dilutes the picture of a brilliant manufacturer’s logo on the bottom.


Above the screen is placed a standard set of elements – front camera, earpiece, proximity and ambient light.

Frame around the screen is too wide not to name, all within reason.

Below the display is located only logo, buttons implemented on the touch screen.

The left and right edges completely empty, because the control buttons are moved to the back of the machine.

At the bottom end is located Elementary microphone and microUSB slot for charging and PC connection.

Top showed AUX connector and one microphone for noise reduction.

Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone

If you look at the side of the machine, and even better to put it down the screen, you can clearly notice the slack bend the entire body. And even the manufacturer indicates the radius of curvature equal to 3000 mm (3000R).

Outwardly notice this bend quite difficult, but if you look closely. And in the hands of the powerful changes are not there, just the phone comfortable to hold.

But from the point of view of protecting the glass such construction is almost ideal. The fact is that due to the bending machine rests on the surface of only the upper and lower ends, thereby protecting the glass from rubbing.

Rather, it is due to this (as well as the quality of the glass itself) smartphone came to us for a test without a scratch on the glass. Although as of the back cover is easy to understand that our lab tests it is not the first in the queue.

Now that we are about to study the back of the device, consider the back cover and the elements on it in more detail.

In addition to plastic, the back to find any materials fail. The back cover looks stylized brushed metal and had a golden hue. Apart from it, this model is also available in white or titanium versions.

At the top we were met by a customary main camera lens with LED flash. Here below you can see the three control keys, which are typically located at the ends. Do users unfamiliar with the devices LG, such a structure is a shock at first. Although, admittedly, this concept proved to be convenient.

In the lower part there were only the logo of the manufacturer and the opening of the main speaker. You can also see how jammed the lid during use.

It is removable and although firmly fixed in its place, its dismantling does not cause any problems. Apparently, even with a slight drop on the floor have to look for the battery cover and flown away.

Under the hood, we expect two slots for micro-SIM cards without the support hot swap slot for microSD memory cards and removable battery at 2100 mAh.

In general, the body of the smartphone has left a positive impression. The materials used, though not belong to the class of elite or expensive, however, successfully perform their functions. Due to the pattern on the back of the light damage almost invisible, and curved shape protects the screen from minor scratches. A very nice set of useful features for low-cost devices.

While striving to release affordable smartphone manifests itself if slightly compress the body of the aircraft in hand, it will start to creak.
Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone

Display test LG Spirit

Hero review was IPS display with a diagonal of 4.7 “and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The pixel density of 312 ppi. This figure means that the image detail to the claims will not arise.

Apparently, the matrix is based on technology of OGS.

In addition, the manufacturer draws attention to the use of technology In-Cell Touch, providing thinner display module and improved responsiveness of the sensor.

Multi-touch support up to ten simultaneous keystrokes.

Viewing angles have turned very, very good.

The black color looks quite natural, even though blue tint still has not gone away.

White looks a bit grayish, no matter what angle you look.

Using a colorimeter, we took measurements of the brightness of the screen, and also tested its factory settings.

The brightness level,% Brightness white, cd / m 2 Black Brightness, cd / m 2 Contrast, x: 1
100 355 0.662 536
75 191 0.358 533
50 90 0.169 533
25 43 0.082 524
0 28 0.053 528

As can be seen, the maximum brightness is not committed to record levels, as well as contrast. However, these values still was enough to ensure a comfortable use even in bright sunlight.

Color line lie virtually flush to the reference value, these figures can be called a very, very decent. It is unlikely that a user will notice the error.

Although none of the colors is not turned on the reference value, blue and green are located as close as possible. Red is a little further, but still within tolerance.

The color temperature is too high at 99% of modern devices, but the LG model, it is not inflated so much.Especially “cold” colors will not appear.

However, the color range significantly falls short of the ideal value of sRGB. The result is not the rainbow, but we must remember that we are talking about the budgetary system, compared to other indices it is possible to forgive.

Let point gray wedge and were inside the borders of the delta, they are located close enough. Parasitic shades are unlikely to bother the user, but completely avoid them fail.

Ultimately, the manufacturer should be commended for the quality of the screen in the budgetary system.Confused only lack the range of RGB. However, the lack of shades is not felt in the operation. But the sensor perfectly fulfills all keystrokes and sunny day is not a hindrance.

Hardware platform and performance LG Spirit

On the value of LG Spirit recall immediately as soon as you pay attention to the specifications. For smartphone running traditional budget chip, known to everyone – MediaTek MT6582. This quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz.

In a couple of his appointed 1 GB of RAM from which user available for the needs of nearly half. However, even this volume is sufficient for the required number of applications run simultaneously. Although special expectations testing is not necessary.

Needless to describe the chip, which only appeared in the laboratory more than a dozen times? To all our readers thoroughly known as features and capabilities of the solution, so we go straight to the results of the various benchmarks to assess performance in this particular case

You can surprise anyone test results budgetary system? Productivity enough exactly what to cope with daily tasks, sometimes helping its owner to brighten minute expectations of any game.

By the way, games like Real Racing 3 or similar run and work quite well.

Heating even under load showed himself quite modest. Even under heavy load the heating body does not exceed the comfort indices.

In general, the characteristics of the smartphone did not initially seek to surprise the consumer, because it fit the budget problem. And here he is in the right place, because at a price of about 10 thousand rubles at the same time we get a quality device with sufficient, though not a record filling.

Software Upgrade LG Spirit

The device “out of the box” is running an operating system Android 5.0. Traditionally, the standard interface of the manufacturer modified proprietary shell.

In the settings provided by a wireless update.

Despite the impressive interface changes, he has not lost consistency and ease of use. Habituation occurs extremely quickly, and some additional options greatly simplify the use of the smartphone.

For example, to know the time, you do not need to unlock the gadget quite svaypnut downward on the display is off, and specify the time for this screen here. Remove your finger from the display, and it will go out again.

In addition to the activation of the screen button, the user has also two options: double tap on the display or the use of proprietary features KnockCode.

The essence of this feature is that the phone is unlocked predetermined combination of clicks on certain areas of the display until it is disabled. Similarly, the code will work when the LCD.

And if you accidentally turn on the display, it will be enough to double-click on the screen to set the area code and unlock the device goes to sleep again.

The interface is redrawn by the manufacturer. It is concise, beautiful and comfortable. Desks were desktops – application menu hidden behind his button, as in the usual interface.

Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone

Status bar manufacturer redrew seriously enough. Now it is fully extended in one motion.

I liked having two “sliders” – adjust brightness and volume. But the “Clear” button is too small, and get your finger on it sometimes becomes a problem.

Settings menu reminded those of Samsung. You can also choose to display a list of items (as in the screenshot below), or tabs.

Setting a lot about innovation, we talk a little lower.

In addition to standard touch keys Android, the manufacturer has provided the select button is used SIM-card.Also, settings can be set in two keys.

Interest attracted Shortcuts notes. After pressing it directly on the display, you can draw a note, highlight something, and so on, and then save the image on the display, along with notes as a note or picture.

For the first time such a feature has been seen on ASUS Fonepad Note 6 and it works when you activate the touch pen. Here, this feature is also implemented, and many will like.

To simplify the use of the smartphone with one hand provided as a shifting of the telephone and conventional keyboards to one side. Function is definitely useful. However, such a diagonal screen still looks excessive.

But support covers branded with a special window will not go away, it is to be expected.

It is enough to activate the corresponding mode in the settings, and the machine will respond to the opening-closing cover.

In general, users at least once were holding the smartphone LG last generations, will not have a single drop of surprise. This is a standard interface with the same brand chips, features and innovations.

From the viewpoint of stability when tested did not have any complaints. Even with a large number of running applications interface is smooth and stable.

File System LG Spirit

Built-in memory is only 8GB – by modern standards, quite a bit, but the low-end phones forgivable. The more that is possible to install a memory card.

The speed of the file system was measured by means of the application AndroBench.


Results are able to provide peaceful enjoyment gadget, no problems to the user experience is not necessary.

Interestingly, when connected to PC guide defines only half built volume. And the smartphone displays settings that 4GB busy indelible system files.

Whatever was the reason for such a situation, to the user will still about 4 GB. And it is unpleasant – not immediately purchase a memory card.

The battery life of LG Spirit

The device is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 2100 mAh. By modern standards, this figure is not a record, rather it is an acceptable minimum. However, taking into account the weight and size model, coupled with the small screen diagonal and a resolution of the stored energy should be sufficient.

To check the autonomy we have used synthetic tests AnTuTu Tester and GeekBench 3.


The results were pretty good, but by the standards of the budgetary system, even good. However, there is nothing surprising: not too nimble and filling the small screen with a low resolution reduce power consumption to a minimum gadget.

In practical tests yielded the following results.

Test Battery life, h
Play music ~ 14
Play Video ~ 8
Web surfing (Wi-Fi) ~ 9
Maximum load ~ 5.5

Such indicators would be enough to smartphone could live without problems saturated daylight. If we think about energy savings, it is possible to count on a few days without the charger.

Say something about the characteristics of the included power adapter, we can not because of the fact that the product has been tested without any accessories. We can only assume that it is unlikely we will see the adapter, issuing more than 1-1.5 A.

It is unlikely that the lack of autonomy will disturb user LG Spirit. Suffice it to develop the habit to put the unit on charge at night, and you can safely leave the charger at home. While planning any long trips away from sources of power, still have to think about energy savings or purchase an external battery.

Camera LG Spirit

Traditionally, making this class there are two cameras. The front is quite modest, its 1.0 megapixel resolution in all, and the pictures are 1280 x 720 pixels. The basic module is a little more interesting, but still not committed to record levels: 8.0 megapixels and images at a rate of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

The app will be familiar camera for those who have already had to use devices LG, and newcomers will get used to managing fast enough, because the interface is simple and straightforward.


Assess the quality of the camera is best for examples of photos – they are listed below.


Smartphone LG Spirit has shown itself as a quality machine for a very reasonable price. To be realistic in their expectations and do not require the implementation of the budget model obviously unbearable problems, you most likely will be satisfied.

And let a slight bend housing almost no impact on the feel of your gadget, but it served as a good protection for the glass display. The advantages and we put a nice wrapper interface, which works steadily and pleases with its design and the quality of images provided by the camera.

Despite the fact that the revelation of shortcomings in the smartphone can not be found, you should pay attention to the very mediocre quality of the headphones and the plastic on the back cover, which is not too actively opposed to mechanical damage.

Pros LG Spirit:

  • Support for two SIM-cards;
  • Smooth and functional interface;
  • Reasonable price;
  • A good indicator of autonomy;
  • The design of the housing, protecting the glass from well-mashing.

Cons smartphone:

  • Low quality sound headphones;
  • Display settings could be better;
  • Low resolution front camera.
Review LG Spirit (H422): curved inexpensive android-smartphone updated: June 22, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis