Review LG Magna with a curved screen

Review LG Magna with a curved screen

The new line of smartphones LG average price category, which includes models of Magna, Spirit and Leon, was first presented in early March at the annual exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC). Through a combination of good for its level of performance and premium design elements, such as a curved screen and rear layout of controls (originally appeared in the flagship LG), a new budget line of smartphones have achieved a balance of style and practicality and gain popularity among users.

Seniors in this series considered the model LG Magna. The smartphone is really comfortable to hold thanks to the curved body and a display with a radius of curvature of 3000 mm. LG Magna, which means “great” in Latin, is equipped with quad-core processor and a 5-inch HD IPS-display, which, on assurances developers will work even with broken glass, thanks to technology In-Cell Touch, usually used in models of the premium level. The device turned out quite interesting, especially since it is not as high for the current market price standards. So, it’s time to get acquainted with this model closer.

The appearance and usability

LG Magna really like two drops of water similar in shape and design to their older counterparts from the top of the range (up to the size, of course). The device is the same curved along the horizontal axis design that originally appeared in unusual models special subfamily G Flex , and later already sported a curved screen and representatives of the main flagship series ( LG G4 ).

Review LG Magna with a curved screen

During the time elapsed since the release of the first curved model G Flex, this design has changed a lot: significantly sharpened edges, was sunk deep into the body speaking first rear power button, and the entire hardware flow control has evolved considerably. In this regard, the model LG Magna like it is on the last of the family with curved screens, such as the G Flex 2 and G4.

However, the screen itself from Magna just slightly bent, the radius of curvature is here as much as 3,000 mm. However, since the smart phone seems more curved as the screen side and the rear side. This visual effect is achieved by a black plastic rim side, which has a much more curved shape than the body. Being the most prominent and eye-catching design element, namely, it creates the impression that the body is curved smartphone is much larger than it actually is.

Self rim, by the way, is not glossy and Mark, like the same LG G4, coating and matte and shiny, but its surface is still quite slippery to hold in his fingers. The casing smartphone remains largely non-staining, evident only prints on the glass display. The size of LG Magna is a typical representative of modern five-inch smartphone, not too big, not too heavy and not too thick.

Most of the housing is removable plastic cover, almost completely covering not only back, but all the side walls, that is, all the openings for access to the connectors located at the ends do exactly in it. The cover has a thick enough profile and due to its shape in the form of one piece trough is completely flexible.

Review LG Magna with a curved screen

This cover is quite easy to remove from the case – this side there is a small ledge under the nail. Under the hood you can find standard slots: two – for SIM-cards format Micro-SIM, and the third – for memory cards microSD. The battery is removable, it does not prop up a card, but their hot replacement is still not possible, it is necessary to restart the smartphone.

On the outside of the rear of the unit routinely housed camera window, the eye single LED flash and the lattice dynamics. It should be noted that all of the elements designed in the same “square” style, in contrast to, say, the same LG G4: the holes are even covering the speaker grille – square shape. The grid falls on the curved edge of the body, so the sound is lying on a hard surface smartphone virtually muted.

The surface of the cover around the buttons is a kind of rough texturing metal. Non-marking surface and very slippery. Buttons themselves are slightly recessed and are more rough texture, so that they are easy to grope blindly. The buttons have a standard assignment: center fulfills a key switch and lock your smartphone and the other two, top and bottom, are responsible for the volume control. Advanced block hardware buttons provide additional functionality to manage: long hold top button launches the application Qmemo, bottom – activates the camera.

Review LG Magna with a curved screen

The front side of the smartphone completely covered with protective glass, which gives a slightly curved shape. Glass, it should be noted, has only a mild grease repellent properties: it is covered with fingerprints quickly and hard to clean. In the upper part of the screen can be found in the glass slit for the earpiece, took metal bars. Nearby you can see the eye of the front camera and sensors. It also placed and LED notifications, shining different colors – its functions are regulated in the relevant section of the settings.

Touch buttons below the screen bottom there, they moved on the screen. Block with virtual buttons can be configured on your own, it is possible to rearrange the buttons places in more user-friendly sequence, remove, add, and even change the color of the block from white to black.
With regard to the choice of color, here the developers have shown little imagination: quite apart from the usual white color, there are two that look more attractive. Thanks to the brilliant paint surface textured by roughly oshkurenny metal housing, made in gold and titanium design, really look like metal, even more expensive than it actually is.The connectors are located at both ends of the case: audio output (mini-jack 3.5 mm) headphone jack – on the top, Micro-USB – on the ground. Connecting to the USB port OTG mode smartphone does not support, wireless charging, too. Strap holder on the body is not provided.


LG Magna unexpectedly pleasant surprise very loud and high quality sound, clean and bright, can consist only complaint is that the sound is too sonorous, bass is almost not felt. Nevertheless, smart sounds to level his nice – no rattling and distortion even at the highest level. In headphones, the situation is even better, and bass can be heard here, and again, the distortion is not noticed, the overall volume is quite satisfactory. The earpiece caller’s voice, the timbre and intonation are familiar and recognizable. To control the sound quality in the company’s audio player has a choice of several preset values equalizer.

FM-radio in standard configuration has a smartphone. Radio not connected to an external antenna headphones did not work, but is able to record programs off the air.


LG Magna is equipped with two units of digital cameras with a resolution of 5 MP and 8. The front camera is equipped with 5-megapixel module with a lens with an aperture f / 2,4 and has autofocus and flash their own. To create a self function provides quick one-touch recording and using hand gestures, for the same invented the so-called “virtual flash” when the screen around the viewfinder is a bright backlight to “gently illuminate the” own face during shooting front camera.

Review LG Magna with a curved screen

Main, rear camera is equipped with 8-megapixel sensor and a lens with an aperture f / 2,4 with autofocus and LED flash own. The settings menu is the same as in last year’s models, LG, in this regard, nothing has changed. Menu extremely laconic, setting combined into several horizontal strips that appear as needed.Icons, and captions finely drawn, in the bright sun, they are difficult-to. Typically, the camera settings interface smartphone is the ability to use a variety of shooting modes: panorama, continuous, sports, HDR.Here, everything is much simpler: in addition to the standard automatic mode other modes are not provided.

The camera has good sharpness and detail that could be the envy of many 13-megapixel modules. Work shumodava very accurate, though noticeable, but the noise as a result of virtually invisible. Scharping is virtually absent, although in some places it can be found. Perhaps not the most wide dynamic range and little meager colors do not allow to use the camera for the art of shooting in full. But with documentary footage it will cope fine.

Telephone part and Communications

The smartphone works in modern networks 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA, support for LTE (4G) in the unit no.That is the maximum wireless signal rate is limited to receiving a standard HSDPA + up to 21 Mbit / sec.You can create a wireless access point through the channels of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, there are modes of Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Display, module Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n support the work of only one band (2.4 GHz). NFC is not supported, and USB flash drive using the OTG adapter to connect to a USB port can not.

The device works with the GPS / A-GPS, without the support of domestic Glonass. The device is installed magnetic field sensor necessary for the successful operation of the electronic compass navigation map software.
Phone applications support Smart Dial, ie while typing the phone number and immediately made contact search is supported and non-separable type of method of writing Swype. For the convenience of one-handed traditionally provided a variety of ways, from changing the size of the virtual keyboard in height, and the approach of the keys to one of the edges. There may even be a permutation of the keys and change their order.

Review LG Magna with a curved screen

The smartphone is designed to work with two SIM-cards standard Dual SIM Dual Standby. Apart from the dedicated button to quickly change the priority SIM-card, the implementation work with two SIM-cards in general is standard for the platform. The radio is one, so the active call can be only one. The settings can be assigned to each card name, a color theme and layout of icons. At the time of the dial to choose between two SIM-cards is not available – it is a separate button to quickly switch the priority map, located on the bottom row of icons. With 3G networks can run SIM-card in any slot, but at the same time in this mode can operate only one of the cards (the second will only work in 2G).

OS and Software

LG Magna initially runs on Google Android software platform fresh fifth version.Naturally, support and firmware update “over the air» (OTA). However, the familiar interface design «Material Design» is not found, all hidden under its own proprietary shell LG, significantly modifying and complementing the standard interface. Additional features and capabilities are not as much as in older models, the flagship of the series, some of which are not found, for example, proprietary features QSlide, allowing disengage and decreases in the size of the working window. But in place Glance View, with which you can view the date and time even when the screen is turned off, as well as protective system KnockOn. Support for gestures is limited mostly only one inversion unit to turn off an incoming call or a video statement to pause. From proprietary interface of the fifth version of Android OS are explicitly left except interactive tiles, informed of any developments before them in smartphones LG understandably was not. But the most important innovation brought by the advent of the latest version of the OS, is the appearance of features in Android to keep a copy and then fully restore the system.


LG Magna hardware platform is built on the basis of an outdated quad SoC (SoC) MediaTek MT6582 with a fairly weak processor cores ARM Cortex-A7 with an operating frequency up to 1.3 GHz. For graphics processing are responsible modest in its capabilities accelerator Mali-400MP. Own memory for the needs of the user device is allocated only about 3.4 GB can be increased by using microSD memory cards up to 32 GB officially, although our screening card of 64 GB device was also recognized. The amount of RAM is 1 GB.Mode of connecting external devices to the port Micro-USB (OTG) in the device is not supported.

Battery life

Removable battery installed in LG Magna, has a decent capacity for modern smartphones in 2540 mAh.Display resolution as the most energy-intensive components of a smartphone, here is not so high (720p), the platform is far from the most demanding, so in terms of the autonomy of the smartphone all at a very decent level.

In normal operation the unit surely live up to the evening charge, with economical consumption and can live for two days. It should also be noted that tests were carried out without the intervention of any energy-saving features, although any smartphone available.

Uninterrupted reading program FBReader (standard, light theme) with a minimum comfortable level of brightness (brightness was set to 100 cd / m²) lasted until the complete discharge of the battery over 13 hours, and at continuous viewing high quality video (720p) with a view same level of brightness over the home Wi-Fi network device lasted a full 10 hours. In gaming mode the smartphone worked for at least 4 hours. Full recharging of the network is about 3 hours.


The smartphone is pleasant to look at and touch, that is, to his strengths certainly could be considered advantageous to set it apart from competitors noticeable design with unquestionable quality. Other positive points include the high-quality screen is surprisingly decent sound and, of course, a very high level of autonomy, that devices of this level is very important. Typically, these workhorses are chosen precisely because of the low price and simplicity of use, and characteristics such as productivity and the quality of recording on the camera, and the buyer can close your eyes.

Review LG Magna with a curved screen updated: July 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis