Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship

Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship

For many manufacturers of smartphones has become a tradition to release a compact version of the flagship.

Before us LG G4s – a logical continuation of the line of compact premium smartphone LG.

The characteristics there is a clear step forward – the manufacturer has chosen SoC higher grade (could put QSD 410/412/415), increased the amount of RAM up to 1.5 GB of sufficient moral and established a clear Full HD display.

With all of this functionality is not affected, the user is still available two slots SIM card and memory card slot. You can only complain about a reduced battery capacity, because the number of processor cores has doubled, and the screen resolution is now solid.

Packaging equipment LG G4s

Alas, as is usually the case with test samples of LG, the hero of the review had been deprived of all sorts of packaging and accessories. But as in front of us is still not the flagship model, expect a rich set hardly worth it.

Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship

Most likely, the list of accessories is as follows:

  • Charger;
  • Cord MicroUSB;
  • Documentation.

It is known that the manufacturer will be offered brand Case Quick Circle.

Design of LG G4s

Trained eyes immediately calculate the proportions typical of smartphones LG, like bending the upper and lower side of the device are familiar to us from the time of LG Nexus 5.

Non-standard button layout on the back side remained intact, apparently users it had in mind, and I can not say about such a constructive course of something objectively wrong.

Chassis design folding, removable batteries. The panels are made entirely of plastic that mimics the metal, although the touch is immediately obvious situation.

There are other color options, including fashionable lately golden.

In order not to weary you, I say at once – the display is bent. But not much. LG can not just take and do not bend the smartphone screen. But there is nothing wrong with this I do not see barely noticeable bend and does not interfere comfortably operate the machine as it was the case with the LG G4.

Since the physical keys are on the back of the smartphone, the side ends of the left without meaning.

Location MicroUSB port and AUX-release classic, charger cord is connected from the bottom, while the headphones on.

On the test samples at one of the corners of the rear cover is loose to the body, and “requested the porridge,” but this is not surprising, because in front of us a copy of the test is not for sale. Otherwise, the quality of manufacturing and processing of materials do not cause problems. I wonder just how will look back, if it is a deep scratch.

Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship

CALL speaker is not equipped with any protection against the mute, but it is not necessary, as the body of the smartphone has a bend.

On the front side there is nothing unusual. Lighting and proximity sensors are working properly, the brightness varies smoothly, adaptive brightness variation works well.

Not cheated model and LED-indicator developments, which is located in a corner of the housing and has an adequate brightness and wide angle visibility.

The build quality of the camera module front is good, average size lenses, illumination defects were found.

And here is the key module. When removing the cap, it remains in place. Build quality is good, backlash is minimal.

Follow the fashion trends in the LG G4s installed dual LED flash, which is designed to eliminate unnecessary cold tone in portraits. Alarming is that over the first LED reflector too simple. To the left of the lens is IR-sensor, which should measure the “color spectrum.” The manufacturer provides the following information:

“The real work of art, the infrared sensor of the color spectrum designed for LG G4s, automatically analyzes and measures all shades of color, before you make a snapshot, ensuring naturalness and fidelity the smallest detail and halftones even in low-light conditions.”

It sounds good, but how it works and whether at all, we will find out in the relevant section.

The lenses of the rear module are of medium size, are visible on the surface subtle inclusions, similar to very fine dust.

“Under the hood” we are waiting for a non-standard layout. For example, memory card slots and a SIM card are facing each other, with one of them (pictured right) doubled. Because of design flaws can be noted an insufficient number of catches on the back cover, and the most reliable ground contact antenna NFC – contact “whiskers” clearly forced on the cover plate, which may eventually lead to the loss sustained contact. But whether it happens in reality – a matter of time.

Overall, LG G4s looks quite modern and stylish. Of course, to chic flagship models, he does not hold, but in this place, our hero is not intended. Frame around the display are quite thin, good body fits in your hand, though, and has a rather slippery back cover.

Display LG G4s

LG G4s comes with a fairly large display diagonal of 5.2 ”. Matrix resolution seriously – 1920 x 1080 pixels, aka FullHD. Oleophobic coating is present, and the glass itself is protected by a bend and trim, which is of a millimeter above the plane of the screen.

Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship

From current trends in the form of rounded edges to the glass, promoted by some other manufacturers, LG decided to give up. In my view, the correct approach, as it allows to comfortably use a protective film to stick to the same iPhone 6/6 Plus is problematic. But the reader, of course, entitled to disagree with my opinion.

Hardware platform and performance LG G4s

Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 – a step forward with respect to the model of the previous generation, so that problems with the “brakes” should not be. I’m sure some users will accept 1.5 GB of RAM as an irrelevant compromise, and here I have to agree, because currently 2 GB can already be found in multimedia models of the same price range, such as Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. One gets the impression that this amount was chosen in order to have something to improve in the next version. However, we wait and find out.

Judging by the built-in monitoring, smart enough RAM.

Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship

Similarly, the question arises whether there is enough power Adreno 405 graphics accelerator for processing 3D-games FullHD display. In my opinion, it would be appropriate to provide a smartphone HD display and 2 GB of RAM instead of FullHD and 1.5 GB of RAM. But in order not to speculate “enough – not enough,” proceed directly to the tests. For convenience, select the predecessor and the hero of our review.

Software Upgrade LG G4s

LG G4s is running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Shell interface of its own design, called LG UX.

There is nothing new with respect to the last time it was detected, all the basic functions and additional “buns” remained intact.

During the tests, it is a minor update which fixes minor bugs and errors. However, several major update to the model is likely to reach.

In general, the stability of the high, but sometimes there are some errors, the nature of which it is necessary to know the manufacturer and / or Google.

Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship
Multimedia LG G4s


Alas, the power audio amplifier smartphones LG never differed. It happened at this time, the power output amounted to -15.5 dB, which put an end to the analysis of data from the test package RightMark Audio Analyzer.

However, objectively sound pretty high quality, background noise can not be heard, the distortion is not annoying.

Volume ring dynamics is good, though the sound quality and he is no different. The earpiece provides good audibility, coupled with high-quality microphone. At least during the test interlocutors complained about the quality of speech. Strength shakes enough.

Wireless interfaces and communication LG G4s

LG G4s able to work in networks of Wi-Fi protocols b / g / n. Strange, but only supports 2.4 GHz frequency range.

The speed of the good. Two first launch – the result of selecting the wrong frequency Wi-Fi router settings.

Transferring files using the LAN-network is not as fast as we would like.

The work of GPS-receiver is not satisfactory, it is a pity that the system does not support satellite Beidou.

GSM signal is also caught perfectly random disconnections have been reported.

File System LG G4s

LG G4s completed only 8 GB of onboard flash memory, that for devices of this class looks too modest.

Of these, the user on the “fresh” devayse available less than half – 3.3 GB. At the same time, the smartphone does not know how to install applications directly to the memory card, only to transfer them. So with the installation of “heavy” applications and games may have problems.

The speed of the flash array is high.

It supports connection to a PC via a protocol MTP. The data rate on the smartphone – 10-15 MB / s data rate from the unit – ~ 25 MB / s.

The battery life of LG G4s

LG G4s set of batteries in 2210 mAh battery model – BL-49SF.

In reality, the picture is as follows:

As expected, eight-processor coupled with Full HD screen requires very “thick” battery. Of course, LG G4s equipped with a system to save battery, which immediately disables half of the nuclei, but why do we then eight, if used “on postoyanke”, as our readers in the forum, inefficient?


Often readers can contemplate on our site such as the phrase “balanced specifications.” Something similar can be said about LG G4s. In general, we face thoughtful, though not a perfect solution. Filling new items at or slightly worse than that of the flagships of two years ago. But if you weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, the significant competitive advantage in the review of the hero is not so only hope for an aggressive pricing policy on the part of the manufacturer.

On the other hand, LG G4s more balanced than LG G4, who inherited all problems precursor, including the level of autonomy. And the issues with the materials of the shell in his case is not fully resolved. And here we offer almost a remake of LG G2, only in a more pleasant version (albeit with a smaller amount of RAM).

Pros LG G4s:

  • Good Full HD display;
  • Not a bad performance against the backdrop of major competitors;
  • Supporting two SIM cards and memory cards;
  • Have LED-indicator developments;
  • Support for LTE;
  • Enhanced OS.

Cons smartphone:

  • A low battery life;
  • 1.5 GB of RAM;
    Total 3.3 GB of free space on the built-in storage;
  • High heat and aggressive throttling.
  • Can not arrange:
  • Weak audio amplifier;
  • The inability to install applications on the SD-card directly (update forward?).
Review LG G4s (H736): more balanced than the flagship updated: August 17, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis