Review LG 27MU67. A new monitor

Review LG 27MU67. A new monitor

Yesterday, LG showed the world gaming monitor labeled 27MU67, which Western media talked about in May this year. The product became so popular only because of quality performance, advanced features and a more or less reasonable prices. In fact, analogs of the product coming to the market every day – manufacturers often make us happy gaming monitors, curved panels and 4K resolution. However, almost the majority of these monitors would be too expensive, even for hardcore gamers – not everyone can afford to monitor the passage of a new shooter and a half thousand dollars, let it even be the coolest on the market, and he will take you for a toy. The new monitor from LG pleased us especially enjoyable ratio of price to quality and detail we now tell you why we think so. Do not think that this is the most advanced device in the market.


LG 27MU67: Stuffing

As the name suggests, it was possible to understand that the diagonal of the monitor is 27 inches. This is more than enough to pass with a comfortable gaming products, watch movies and enjoy other benefits of the modern world. The display resolution is 3840 to 2160 points and lets you get the most out of the picture. It is worth noting that at this resolution and refresh rate per second, the eyes when working with the monitor did not get tired, and you will not need to make a break. Monitor covers 99 percent of the color space sRGB, the maximum brightness is 300 cd / m2. Working contrast ratio of 1000: 1, dynamic reaches to 50 million: 1. Matrix monitor built on technology with IPS viewing angle of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. Manufacturer boasted and low response time – only 5 milliseconds.

Review LG 27MU67. A new monitor
LG 27MU67: The case design

The manufacturer has decided not to amaze us with intricate forms and elements, so that the monitor has turned out quite modest. The front panel display itself is located, a small frame of plastic texture dark brown. Here, the manufacturer’s logo and the indicators monitor settings. Place the monitor on a fairly massive stem with a large stand that can adjust not only the height of placement, but the angle of inclination. Due to the massive base, the monitor is not filled up, even if you are actively poking his finger after an unsuccessful skirmishes in CS and Dota 2.

LG 27MU67: Rewards

Monitor runs on technology AMD FreeSync – virtual image stabilization mechanism by which even in very active toys picture will not be outdone and solidify. Just inside the installed technology called Black Stabilizer, to create a true black, not grayscale. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the minimum amount of blue, from which our eyes tired after prolonged use of the product. Included with the monitor LG 27MU67 as is special software with which you can create profiles with the settings screen for each game.

Review LG 27MU67. A new monitor
LG 27MU67: Result

Monitor will be sold at the price of $ 600. Given the diagonal of the display in 27 inches and a resolution of 4K, it can be considered the best value for money for the quality in this segment. Of course, there are more steep monitors with a diagonal of 30 inches, with a higher frequency of reviews and other bells and whistles, but there are such devices from thousands of dollars. The same monitor you are satisfied with all the parameters, unless of course you are not a geek with special requirements.

Review LG 27MU67. A new monitor updated: June 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis