Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Lenovo is the first year on the market and often delights us interesting mobile solutions. Suffice it to recall the devices, such as Vibe Z2 Pro or K3 Music Lemon.

Not so long ago at the IFA 2015 under the brand Lenovo introduced several new models with interesting features and characteristics. It is one of the novelties, equipped with two front-facing camera, and became the hero of the review.

How to get a new smartphone, whether it is necessary to wait for its appearance in retail and whether he is able to gain popularity? We will try to answer these questions. A start testing traditionally – with specifications.

As can be seen, characteristics not explicitly record. However, they allow you to carry the machine to the segment-making as close as possible to the flagship. Anyway, in addition to performance and a pair of chips there is our hero than to conquer the consumer. For example, the materials and appearance of the housing.

Packaging equipment Lenovo Vibe S1

Lenovo Vibe S1 was testing without package and supplied, so we will immediately proceed to consider the appearance of the device.

But we can assume that the package would be a standard device in the form of an AC adapter, a USB cable and clip to withdraw slots for SIM-card.

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Appearance and design of Lenovo Vibe S1

The smartphone is built in a candybar with a touchscreen. The body is made as a “sandwich” of two glass plates and a metal frame. The first is to be commended for the quality of the materials used and the meticulous workmanship. The device gives the impression of a monolithic bar, for at least the minimum clearance or backlash is not even a hint.

The front panel is completely closed protective glass with oleophobic coating. In the center of the display is located. The side frame is neither a record narrow or large.

Above the screen is the earpiece, the window for the light sensor and proximity, as well as two cameras on the front of the lens 2.0 and 8.0 megapixels.

The bottom frame is occupied by three touch control buttons without illumination.

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

The back side as well as front, covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass 4 and quite successfully resists scratches.

“The back” gadget got slack bend, resulting in smart forms the shape of the boat. With this decision, the case is seen thinner than it actually is, it conveniently fits in your hand and looks interesting.

At the top you can find the main camera lens and LED flash, almost in the center logotype line to which the model – «Vibe». The bottom cover is the manufacturer’s logo and little overhead.

At the ends of the housing surrounds the aluminum frame. She got a rough texture and the bevel on the edges of the mirror.

At the upper end of the body is AUX jack for a headset or headphones, and a microphone for noise reduction.

Below you can see the microUSB slot and two groups of holes. Apparently, one of the hidden speaker, but for others – Elementary microphone.

The right side carries three mechanical buttons: power / lock and “rocker” volume. On the opposite face there is a slot for nano-SIM and memory cards.

Overall, the device looks high quality, interesting and stylish. Design though evokes some memories of the Apple iPhone 6, still independent and successful. The quality of materials and workmanship is not to find fault – all done very carefully. Before us is a smartphone that can serve as an addition to the practical benefits and even fashionable gadget for its owner.

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Display test Lenovo Vibe S1

The display was familiar to us characteristics – a diagonal of 5.0 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The pixel density of 440 ppi. So you can be sure that by the sharpness of claims will not arise.

Multi supports up to ten simultaneous keystrokes.

IPS display is made by technology OGS, providing a good brightness and color reproduction.

The viewing angles are the widest. Changes in color even under critical angles available.

The black color looks natural and believable.

White also looks white, but slight deviations in blue still visible. However, they are minimal and unlikely to cause problems.

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Using a colorimeter, we tested the display settings, and took measurements of the brightness of the backlight.The maximum brightness is at a very high level, though not too much. In practice, this means that even in sunny weather, the screen is quite readable. The minimum brightness is low enough to be comfortable in the dark.

Color line tightly gathered near the “‘s reference.” Indicator completely positive, the problems with the perception of promises.

Blue and green are located close to the “reference”. But the red significantly distanced. Although this is unlikely to cause problems.

Color temperature usually overpriced, nothing surprising here.

The color range is almost the same as sRGB. This is a good result, which means an accurate representation of colors.

Points gray wedge placed near the border of the delta. Spurious tones, are likely to be, but it is very mild.

Especially demanding users can also choose the preferred display mode, or even put the settings manually.

Furthermore, in setting mode can be activated for maximum sensitivity gloves (which will be important in the winter), or the night mode to further reduce brightness.

Thus, the display showed a good side, and thanks to Full HD resolution picture looks very dignified. Manufacturer clearly worked on the color matrix adjustment, and success are highly visible.

Hardware platform and performance Lenovo Vibe S1

Despite the fact that the smartphone is not a flagship solution, it is equipped with a productive filling and completely meets all the requirements of modern life.

As the CPU is used SoC MediaTek MT6752. This eight-solution frequency of 1.69 GHz.

Together with a good margin in the amount of RAM 3GB get a good performance in terms of apparatus.

To study the features of the processor hardly makes sense – he has long studied the length and breadth.

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Much more interesting to pay attention to the test results in a variety of benchmarks.

The results are quite good. Even modern three-dimensional games without any problems and start working.

Stability testing has shown that under load the machine warms up to about 42 degrees.

It’s not so much, but the temperature is distributed mainly in the metal frame, and there is not too nice in the hands. But it can hardly be called a significant disadvantage.

In general, the device turned out quite productive. Its resources are sufficient for any modern tasks, think about the lack of speed or amount of memory is hardly necessary.

Software and firmware Lenovo Vibe S1

Smartphone running the operating system Android 5.0 with a proprietary shell VibeUI.

There is the ability to update over the air (OTA), and although no testing during the update does not appear, they can be expected in the future.

Branded shell is very different from the regular menu, the lack of Android applications. More interface VibeUI saw my colleague in a recent review of the Lenovo Vibe Shot.

It is worth noting smoothness of the shell as a whole. Total test time was not noticed any glitches, lag or slowdown.

In addition, pay attention to the simplicity and consistency of the shell. In the search for any functions do not have to strain your imagination the question “where is it can be?” The benefit of all intuitive and is located in place.

Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone

Filesystem Lenovo Vibe S1

The smartphone is equipped with 32 GB of internal memory. This volume can be expanded with memory cards microSD, though in such a case would have to sacrifice a second SIM-card.

Built-in file manager is easy to use and has the necessary functionality.

The speed of the file system was evaluated by application AndroBench.

The results allow to use the device without any discomfort. No claims to the file system does not arise.

Multimedia Lenovo Vibe S1

The smartphone features basic multimedia capabilities. So, I get a standard video player capabilities.

Testing the “omnivorous” in terms of the unit was carried out with the help of video applications AnTuTu Video Tester.

The result was quite familiar, some formats have to play with a software video decoding.

Given the quality of the display character for good review in order to pass the time waiting for the movies.

A separate application for playing music is not provided. Established a program Play Music from the set of standard Google services.

However, this is unlikely to be a problem, because the necessary player can always be downloaded from the app store.

With sound card ASUS Xonar U7 to the signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB, we tested the sound quality of the headphones.The signal level at the calibration was -6.6 dB. In terms of media issues to the smartphone does not arise. Manufacturer clearly worked on the quality of sound, and the result was not long in coming. This model is quite suitable for the role of portable media center.

Wireless interfaces and communications Lenovo Vibe S1

Novelty is equipped with a standard set of wireless interfaces. There is support for next-generation networks LTE.

The device is capable to work with two SIM-cards format nano-SIM. However, we must remember that the installation of a second card is blocking the use of the memory card. As a result, the user will have to choose.

In conditions of Moscow and the Moscow suburbs signal quality problems did not arise.

Appendix phone easy and intuitive, the settings can be enabled grouping of the numeric keys to the edge of the screen, depending on the inclination of the device.

Of special mention is the work of navigation. “Cold” start takes about 10 seconds. The device smartly detects and connects to the GPS and GLONASS satellites.

In the end, we have a model with a set of standard interfaces. There are no extra features like NFC or iRDA here. However, the nominal functionality is implemented efficiently and works without any glitches.

Battery life Lenovo Vibe S1

According to preliminary data Lenovo Vibe S1 is equipped with a non-removable battery at 2420 mAh. This is not a record figure, but also very humble can not say. Obviously, with the compact body still have to sacrifice something, since it is with the battery.

The rate of charging with supplied power adapter, as well as about its characteristics, nothing can be said because the smartphone was testing without supplied.

Testing was carried out with the help of autonomous application AnTuTu Tester and GeekBench 3. In practice this means that the machine is guaranteed to survive in the morning until late at night on a single charge with a good margin. In addition, the energy saving option settings provided.

If economical approach to use, you can count on a few days without charge. Not a bad result for a compact device, is not it?

Camera Lenovo Vibe S1

A standard set of two chambers – the front and rear – quite familiar. However, to see the three modules is that unusual. The fact that there are two front cameras, one with a resolution of 8.0 megapixels and 2.0 megapixels in the second. But first things first.

Resolution main camera 13.0 megapixels, it allows you to take pictures at a rate of 4096 x 2304 pixels. The module is equipped with a phase detection autofocus that provides high-speed focusing.

Pictures front camera made in 2560 x 1920 pixels. The main module is the matrix 8.0 megapixels, and an additional two-megapixel camera is used to focus in the background and allows, for example, cut yourself from the background.

Appendix camera quite convenient. This is the default shell for VibeUI decision.


The only thing that caught my eye – a small number of modes. In fact, they simply do not, apparently, the reason is that a copy of a pre-production test. Most likely, in devices designed for retail, will have plenty of modes.

However, on the ability to shoot a lot to say, but it is much better to see examples of how our hero.


Lenovo Vibe S1 left a positive impression. First, for what it is worth to praise the manufacturer – for the quality of housing. And this is true both in terms of design and quality of materials and workmanship. Despite the fact that some users may recall the appearance of the moments of the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S6, it still turned out a distinctive and interesting.

The impression is not spoiled, and after the start of operation – display quality, performance, well thought-out shell and battery life do not cause any complaints. And music lovers will appreciate the quality of sound in the headphones.

A controversial point is perhaps that the need to choose between installing a second SIM-card or a memory card.

Pros Lenovo Vibe S1:

  • High quality of materials and assembly;
  • A good calibration of the display;
  • A good level of performance;
  • High-quality sound through the headphones;
  • High-quality camera;
  • The stable shell.

Cons smartphone:

  • Will have to choose between the second SIM-card and memory card.
Review Lenovo Vibe S1: practical android smartphone updated: October 7, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis