Review HTC Desire 620G

Review HTC Desire 620G

The hero of the review was the model of the company HTC – Desire 620G, announced last winter.

I suppose, in a further submission Taiwanese brand HTC does not need the benefit we previously reviewed many of his mobile solutions.

Yes, HTC Desire 620G – this is not the flagship, and the “workhorse”, which is designed to fully meet the needs of the average user. The advantages of the smartphone include a nice HD screen, sufficient capacity, which provides an eight MediaTek MT6592, and an abundance of color variations enclosure.

Well, on that new model range capable in fact, we try to find out in the course of the review.

Packaging and accessories HTC Desire 620G

HTC smartphone comes in a classic for the brand cardboard box with rounded corners. On top there is an image of the device and contains the model.

Review HTC Desire 620G

Below are the main specifications.

The first thing we see after opening the package – the handset itself lying in a cardboard backing.

Apart from him, carefully packed in a box:

  • USB cable;
  • Charger;
  • Headset;
  • User’s manual;
  • Warranty card.

As you can see, supplied standard. Nothing interesting or unusual in the box we find.

The same can be said about the headset. Before us is the standard in-ear headphones.

Again, that HTC Desire 620G is available in several color variations, but the basic versions only two – in the form of a gray and white. However, color options decorative frames much more.

The look and design of HTC Desire 620G

We were on the test was an instance of gray. The smartphone has a standard rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners.

Review HTC Desire 620G

Almost the entire front portion occupies 5.0 “HD touch screen. No hassle with one-hand operation does not occur. In this case, the device can not be called neither subtle nor easy.

The weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. Because of this, the smartphone well in the hand and not a clone in any one direction.

The material served as a matte plastic casing. It is quite pleasant to the touch and also almost does not collect fingerprints. You can not worry about that after a short operation of the device is covered with small scratches.

In the hand the smartphone is good and completely non-slip.

Build quality is excellent. All items are well-adjusted to each other, all the clearances uniformly minimal. When pressed and squeezed completely lacking all sorts of squeaks and backlash. Call smartphone can not flimsy.

On the top side of the device are 3.5 mm jack for headphones. No complaints about the quality of ports there.When using the USB cable and headphones securely fixed in their interfaces. Play or scratches are completely absent.

At the bottom – the port microUSB, and a microphone hole spoken.

Review HTC Desire 620G

At the top of the front side is the earpiece, front camera and light sensor and proximity.

Touch keys are located on the bottom of the screen that many will carry the disadvantages. Here you can see the holes of the main speaker.

Review HTC Desire 620G

Sides are slightly rounded. To the right is a button on / off and “rocker” volume.

The back cover is removable. At the top are the main camera and LED flash.

After removing the cover we have access to the SIM-card and memory card.

Hardware platform and performance HTC Desire 620G

The smartphone is equipped with an eight-SoC MediaTek MT6592. It is based processor family ARM Cortex-A7 (maximum frequency of 1.7 GHz). As a graphics accelerator Mali 450 MP4 acts. On board 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of permanent memory.

To begin to familiarize with information about the system that we provide CPU-Z utility and AnTuTu:

Review HTC Desire 620GReview HTC Desire 620G

The findings suggest that the smartphone is able to satisfy the average user. There should be no problems, even with heavy gaming applications. Let’s consider some use cases in detail.

All the simplest tasks, whether navigation menus and settings, Internet surfing and so on, do not cause absolutely no problems. All actions are performed smoothly as possible. When installing live wallpaper and heavy widgets smooth completely lost.

With games, things are very good. Heavy gaming applications run fast and run without any problems. Many of them are at maximum graphics settings without lags and delays. Of course, with light and casual games are all excellent.

Test results are quite logical and do not show us any surprises. The indicators are at a high level.

Software Upgrade HTC Desire 620G

HTC Desire 620G is running Android 4.4. The interface is a kind of hybrid between a proprietary shell HTC Sense and the standard Android.

There are installed BlinkFeed.

The other three desktops received a standard form.

Setup Menu desktop little changed.


You can change the number of active desktops.

The main menu is built according to the “4 x 5”, placed on the same page twenty labels programs. There are only two pages with appendices.

The size of the grid can be changed.

As we can see, the smartphone completely overloaded with additional applications, and for the most part all the pre-standard software.

It may be noted only a few additional programs.

Some applications are grouped by type.

The settings menu is quite standard. There are all the basic options to personalize the smartphone itself.

Multimedia HTC Desire 620G

The smartphone is equipped with a standard audio player. Nothing interesting or notable it does not possess.

Main speaker volume is high. Problems with the fact that you do not hear an incoming call, clearly does not arise. The sound quality is quite good, like most devices of this brand. We can say that the main speaker good for watching movies and listening to music even. Deficit midrange, like many smart phones, is not observed.Wheezing and other problems no to the threshold of 70% in volume.

Complete the headset does not show anything outstanding. At the same time when using third-party and more expensive headphones sound quality is markedly improved. In this case, it is possible to use the smartphone as a player.

In place of the standard video player and that is not traditionally support for many different file formats and codecs.

When you install a third-party player list of supported file significantly expanded. Indicators smartphone on the item are identical to many similar devices.

Wireless interfaces and communications HTC Desire 620G

The smartphone works in networks 2G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and 3G, UMTS / HSPA (900/2100 MHz). The device has only one radio, which suggests alternate mode of operation of SIM-cards, and if the call is received on one of the “simok” that are both busy.

The earpiece and microphone delivers excellent sound quality. Interlocutor is clearly heard in almost any environment. Network reception level is high. Even in places where many smartphones have problems with network reception, our test shows a good result.

Work Wi-Fi module does not cause any issues. Receiving stable, discontinuities and other problems arise.

The navigation module works with the system GPS. Speed work is on quite acceptable level. The first “cold” start took less than a minute.

Memory and File System HTC Desire 620G

HTC Desire 620G carries a 1 GB of RAM. Of the total amount you will get around 600 MB.

Permanent memory of 8 GB. Of this amount, about 4 GB free.

There is an opportunity to expand its number using memory cards microSD. The device supports cards up to 64 GB. Among other things, the possibility of selecting the installation location. So the problems associated with the lack of space for applications, should not be.

Speed performance is average.

The battery life of HTC Desire 620G

The smartphone removable battery capacity of 2100 mAh.

Charge regular charger takes about three hours. The USB gadget charging a little slower.

Below are the results of measurements of battery life under different loads:
This is confirmed by the results of synthetic test battery.Measurement results are reasonable. Even under heavy load the machine must live up to the evening charge.

Camera HTC Desire 620G

HTC Desire 620G is equipped with two cameras: the main one with a resolution of 8.0 megapixels, and the front 5.0. Last copes with its responsibilities and is well suited for communication via video.

Summary shows the average image quality. In bright sunny weather, you can get good photos. But with the deterioration of the light falls and image quality. Furthermore, in the dark and at low light images suffer serious noise. Autofocus works correctly and is almost always chooses the right thing to focus.

The interface and the settings are left unchanged

The following are examples of multiple images.


HTC Desire 620G produces mostly positive impression. The good news and bad HD screen, and sufficient performance and an interesting appearance. And the cost of the product manufacturer to set reasonable.Because of this, at this price is hard to find a similar functionality and performance of smart solutions among famous brands.

Obviously, the HTC Desire 620G – it is quite a successful model that will find its buyer.

Pros HTC Desire 620G:

  • High-quality HD screen;
  • Good build quality;
  • Interesting appearance;
  • Sufficient performance.

Cons smartphone:

  • Touch keys at the bottom of the screen.
Review HTC Desire 620G updated: July 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis