Review and tests HARPER HN-500. Modest cost – is not a sentence


This model can be called a universal, they come as a headset for your smartphone, as well as headphones for PCs. In addition to listening to music, available built-in microphone. At the same time stated that the budget for good performance. Are they worthy of attention, and whether you can save money when buying headphones are not disappointed in the quality, look at the test.

HARPER HN-500: Options

Available HARPER HN-500 package of thick cardboard with a transparent window. On the faces of the key benefits and technical specifications.

Surprisingly, the equipment is not modest, it is proposed fabric cover and an audio cable. Usually all this save.

HARPER HN-500: Outward appearance

HARPER HN-500 is available in three colors: black, blue and red (burgundy). We have a test version of the classic black.

This model breaks all these stereotypes. The main part of the headband and the outer part of the cup is covered with a cloth. It did not use and leatherette.

Review and tests HARPER HN-500. Modest cost - is not a sentence

Along the edges are white stitch, it looks interesting, and harmonious. A cup of this stitch stylized paint.

It is difficult to say exactly which of the headband is made, apparently, it’s plastic. On the plus side we put the stock design flexibility. There are no protruding elements, the hair will not cling.

An element increasing the headband is made of metal wire. This design and design of the characters usually for premium models.

There is a possibility of folding cups, assembled HARPER HN-500 fits easily in a complete case.

Cups round shape, mark the right and left there on the exterior of the headband. Ear pads are made of imitation leather with a soft lining. Material is not the most pleasant tactile, and the problem with fogging ears during extended use is taking place. Now, if there was, and cloth.

Active elements on the plates is not only audio jack to connect an audio cable. Another point, which is a pleasant surprise, is the use of removable wiring. Most expensive testing model, note with regret that the manufacturers use non-removable cable.

The problem is that any accidental damage to or failure of the connectors will lead to the sending of headphones to the basket. As it turned out, to realize more durable construction is possible even at a modest cost.

Review and tests HARPER HN-500. Modest cost - is not a sentence

Rubber sheathed cable, with both sides standard audio plug (3- and 4-pin). At a distance of 10 cm from the side to be connected to the cup, is a control panel. There slider to adjust the volume button and answer the call.

HARPER HN-500 pleasantly pleased with the quality of workmanship and materials used.

HARPER HN-500: Testing

As mentioned above, this model has the ability to use both players, mobile phones and a PC. Compatibility problems should not be. Reserve Volume in HARPER HN-500 high. However, at maximum volume the sound gets a little dirty, lost artifacts at the volume of 80% or below.

The main emphasis is on high and mid-range frequencies, low frequencies are missing. Suit headphones for listening to songs of different genres, for people who are not burdened by audiophiles. Stars from the sky are not enough, but frankly not “merge”.

Review and tests HARPER HN-500. Modest cost - is not a sentence

The built-in microphone allows you to answer incoming calls, and use it to communicate in games. It is non-directional, noise reduction filter also is not, so everything that happens next will hear and sides.

Results for HARPER HN-500

HARPER HN-500 – is a case where honestly worked through every ruble spent. Model competes not only with classmates, but also representatives of the higher price segment. On the plus side note: the detachable wiring, the use of fabric, metal design to increase the length of the headband, the complete cover, a good supply of the volume, the remote control on the cable. It not without its weaknesses – ill-defined bass.

Review and tests HARPER HN-500. Modest cost – is not a sentence updated: June 13, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis