Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD

Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD

Computer case must always contain a balance between appearance and functionality, in that case, he can go to different users.Sometimes manufacturers forget about balance and tip the scales in one direction or another.

Today, I suggest to get acquainted with the variation of the body Pangu company DeepCool. Pangu embodiment has several revisions, different color variations, as well as versions with different sidewalls. It seems that the manufacturer has found the very universality of the bar, and now simply provides users with a variation on a different taste … Let’s look at PANGU SW-RD closer look.

If we talk about the packaging, it is standard: the body contains a photo and a list of technical specifications within the housing is fixed with the help of guides.

We tested version came in red, with a viewing window and a set of RGB backlight for the organization. Visually, the body is well isolated insertion of colored plastic, then attention shifts to the black insertion of a mesh material. More is not observed special visual delights, eye-catching.

If we talk about the dimensions, the PANGU refers perhaps to the most popular division “mean the tower.” At the high point measurement dimensions are 498x205x477 millimeters.

Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD

In our version, on the right wall is a vast viewing window. It is made of a material that is very similar to Plexiglas, it has little shading, so in many corners of the review reflects very well the surface. Just sidewall boasts of having the perforations for a single fan and simply the passage of air currents in the area of graphics.

The reverse side of the body by today’s standards looks pretty standard: the power supply is located at the bottom, there is one seat for a 120-ki. Also there was a place for a couple of holes for hoses CBO, the number of available expansion slots for the plugs is seven.

The front part of the body forming the overall appearance of the body, and fully consistent with the description above. There was no room for two five-inch bays, their plugs are made under the mesh. The main area of the front panel as well is perforated, it provides a mechanism for its opening, pressing the panel “shoots.” And here we find the first trick, the removal of the panel does not warrant the installation of fans, which are located behind it.

On the side is a mesh nameplate DeepCool, released more elements on the front panel does not.

Decorative perforation looks interesting, but I would alert about her “armor-piercing”. Of course, it can survive a small load, but the flight of the book from the table, probably will be the consequences.

All existing controls are collected at the beginning of the upper face of the body, there was a place for: the four connectors USB (two of each type), microphone input and headphone output, as well as the power and reset buttons.

As already noted, the mesh of the front panel can be removed. To fix the locking mechanism is used two “clips” are already met us. Let’s hope they are secure.

The rest of the front panel is removed just as easily. It is attached to the body by means of four plastic clips. To be honest, not sure when the latch of the assembly / disassembly are very reliable. But the regime has bought, assembled, disassemble, fit perfectly.

Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD

The bottom of the housing can boast legs coated with anti-vibration, the presence of two perforations for fans (one of which will go to the needs of the power supply). Of course, the manufacturer refers to the presence of a dust filter, but his performance did not happy. This is a small mesh “blank”, which is attached directly to the ears of the body and does not have any support frame or magnetic clamps. In this embodiment, the filter is very easily lost at the stage of “just got the body out of the box”

Inside, the decoration of the body also applies to the usual model for us. The case allows you to install the motherboard ATX form factor and lower power supply is at the bottom and on the right side there are racks for storage. If we talk about large-sized air cooling system, there is a cooler fit up to 165 millimeters.

In the inner part has a monolithic area for the installation of three five-inch devices, two baskets drives form factor 3.5 / 2.5 “.Each of the baskets allows you to install three storage.

Baskets of drives can be recovered. Removing the top is very easy, it is fixed with a few plastic guides. But the lower basket in a few places attached to the body with bolts, it is more difficult to carry out the dismantling.

Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD

3.5 inch drives are fixed in plastic “carriage” without the use of screws and screwdrivers. For this DeepCool applied interesting mechanism, “carriage” should be diluted in different directions, install the disk and tighten it. The solution is very interesting, but the producer, the main thing is not to make a broken plastic guide. Storage 2.5 “attached to the” sliders “with bolts.

After the dismantling of one of the baskets at the body an opportunity to install graphics cards up to 400 mm against 310 standard.

The upper part of the body has a space for two to 120, on the rear panel are a fan preinstalled from the manufacturer. As a result, the fan following formula: 2 × 120 front panel, 2 × 120 top panel, 1 × 120 rear panel and 1 × 120 on the bottom plane of the body.

As noted previously, the power supply can be easily installed at the bottom of the housing. To reduce vibration at the installation site have anti-vibration pads.

The back side of the frame is notable for the presence of holes in the field of technical arrangement bekpleyta cooling system, a small perforation to increase the rigidity of the structure, as well as the available channels for the cables (they do not have any plastic plugs).

Turning to the assembly system, I remembered the bundle J. It includes a set of different bolts, a small amount of ties, and of yourself kit for organizing RGB backlight.

Installing the motherboard MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC and cooling water systems SilverStone TD02-E passed without difficulty.Is that the support screws for the motherboard had to twist the pliers with the application of explicit effort :).

Further, the system has taken on board PSU Corsair RM1000 and graphics card Sapphire Radeon R9 390. From the nuances can be noted is not very thoughtful hole for the cable 8-pin CPU power cable passed with difficulty, and then the one “right” angle. Just a niche for quick access to bekpleytu cooling system is not entirely thought out, it still covers it.

Further, the eye fell on a box of light. It found two bands of LEDs, the inverter and the remote control.

Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD

LED strip on the back side have the tape, with the help of the tape can be positioned at the desired location of the housing.Reliability fixing, taking into account the availability of the power cord, do not seem very different.

The inverter has two outputs on tape and one wire to the “trap” for the remote control. Connection takes place by means of tape 4-pin connectors, one has an extension cable. The catch is that the joints are not fixed “tightly” and may spontaneously disconnect that with open contacts can not lead to the best results. During installation, we recommend to wind point of contact, such as tape;).

The remote control allows you to change the color within the available options to adjust brightness and use various display modes. Flashing mode and attenuation, in my case, working with all major shuffling of colors that for aesthetes choose one scheme is not very interesting. Though perhaps I have not found a super combination of buttons …

So, summarizing the above, we can say that DeepCool PANGU SW-RD allows you to build solidly on its base configuration, both compact and with a rather massive iron. The case also ready to take on board your water-cooling system and generally organize a good airflow components, provided additional fans.

However, taking into account all the points that we draw attention to the course material, PANGU SW-RD may not fully thought-out / complete variation of the computer case this time. The company’s engineers obviously need to work on some points which, incidentally, can be seen even with the naked eye at the first assembly of the system.

Review DeepCool Pangu SW-RD updated: July 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis