Review Corsair H100i

Review Corsair H100i

Each “piece of iron” their way onto the market of computer accessories. Some go to him very quickly, replaced by younger and more productive. Other fixed on the contrary so long … And after leaving the shelves become heroes of the secondary market.So, sometimes, I wonder survivability of a sample.

In anticipation of new products in the segment of water cooling systems, and those were in sufficient quantities shown in the past Computex’e. We decided to pay a little of our attention, we can say “coryphaeus” of this niche. Corsair H100i, the announcement of which was held in mid-2013 already, and she still continues to occupy a position in the price list of the company, and every now and then flashed at flea markets.

Corsair H100i comes in a box not the small size, but to call it can not be very big, too. The packaging clearly seen the model name, the edges of an enumeration of basic technical characteristics and a couple of small charts, claiming high performance solutions. Charts way, not from scratch Corsair, corrects;).

Opening the box reveals a well-recorded and placed on separate bag supplied. It included everything you need: natural unit itself H100i, a couple of fans, fixing set, user instructions and a pair of cables to harness technology Corsair Link.

The very Corsair H100i, visually, does not cause any rave: 240 mm radiator, hoses, and “water block / pump.” Everything is painted in black color and looks pretty strict, no frills or “chips”, originally observed.

A more detailed introduction, we begin with a radiator. As already mentioned, it is intended to install two 120 mm fans. The format is fairly standard and will allow to use the system in most computer cases that somehow can be attributed to actual variations today. The density of the scattering part can be called a “high”, the distance between the plates attain to the level of 1 millimeter.

Review Corsair H100i

The thickness of the “working body” radiator is only 18 mm. Compared with a radiator that comes EKWB EK-KIT X240 it seems crumbs. However, these dimensions are very well compared with most maintenance-free class. Radiator as the area and dissipate entirely made of aluminum.

For one of the sides of the radiator are mounted a pair of relatively massive hoses and their external diameter is about 14 mm, and mounted to the radiator takes place by means of two fittings opresovanyh.

I would like to underline that the mounting area for the fans is pretty close to the scattering area. Thus, complete fastening screws designed for the washer and the housing during installation. If you just want to tie a couple of fans, it is better to put a puck.

The length of the hose from the radiator to the water-block is 315 mm, it may seem that this is not much, but it will set H100I even massive hull with an arrangement of the radiator on the front panel. Honour is already marked massiveness hoses are almost impossible to bend, which can slightly complicate the installation of the close proximity of the radiator and pump.

Review Corsair H100i

Operating unit / pump is not massive and not so exotic as at the same DeepCool Captain 240 . The main body of the pump is a mini-USB connector for engaging technology Corsair LINK, as well as the two connectors to plug in fans. When using regular adapters can connect up to four fans under separate management.

Input “fittings” water-block rotate and allow you to change the direction of the hose. In contrast to the previously discussed Cooler Master Nepton 120XL they do it quite easily without any difficulties. Power pump comes with one connector SATA.

The base was originally located under the protective cover of plastic underneath is a layer of thermal paste already suffered.Frankly, we do not choose to use it for testing and immediately removed it. Personally, I think that even a small tube of thermal grease may be enough for at least two settings, and here it turns out only one.

Processing base does not possess outstanding options. There is no question of specular, as well as there are traces of a small, but still mills.

Test to check the evenness also revealed the presence of items, which we can safely complain, near one edge there is a small depression. Of course, if you take into account the thickness of the layer of thermal grease staff, its presence can be minimized, but we have something you do for yourself …

Complete “turntables” are marked Corsair SP120L and at the moment can be considered as options written off. Today, however, we will check the effectiveness of the cooling system with them.

Review Corsair H100i

Perform installation Corsair H100i we will be on MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC . The first step is to install bekpleyta, everything is fine. It does not need to collect from constituents simply exhibiting the required dimensions for the spacers and attached to the back side of the motherboard. Further, on the seats appeared dimmed complete bolts. Quite remarkable, but after committing these steps beklpeyt not fixed on the motherboard for the dead, and has a small backlash.

Then the third step, the pump throws to the pressure plate, again without any procedures for assembling and “prikrutka”, which pleases.

With the help of four screws with knurled head, locks the entire system. Bolts have limited speed and to extend this provision is easy to hand, for greater certainty, you can “endure” a fifth of the turnover of a screwdriver.

Installing memory in the first slot on the location of the socket takes place without problems. However, given the small radiator, the installation goes almost into contact, but I do not think that many die memory boast a massive radiators.

The assembled system on the photo-booth looks like. As you can see, the radiator has successfully located in areas of possible mounting on standard enclosures.

To test the hero of this review, we used the testbed with the following configuration:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 4300 MHz (HT enabled, Turbo – off);
  • Motherboard: MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC;
  • Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING 2;
  • RAM: Transcend aXeRam DDR3-2400;
  • Hard disk: Transcend MTS600 TS256GMTS600(for the system);
  • Power supply: Be quiet BN204 DARK POWER PRO 10 | CM 1000W;
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional.

During testing, the processor frequency and voltage were recorded manually on the mark at a voltage of 1.30V 4300MGts all power saving options are disabled. Options control fan speed defaults have also been disabled. I note that the poster was processing procedure scalping, and now stores a couple of drops of liquid metal under his cap.

Testing took place in three modes of operation of the fan as Burn-test program performed LinX 0.6.4 AVX, CPU temperature controlled utilities MSI Command Center and Real Temp TI.

The measurements of noise characteristics were using a digital sound level meter, from a distance of ~ 30cm, the minimum limit of the measurement noise is 30 dB, the noise level in the room is equal 31,6-32,1dB given below 32,1-33,1dB can be considered completely silent, the error may 1,5-2dB be.

So, what can be said summing up by Corsair H100i, certainly at the moment this does not possess a copy of efficiency. The temperatures we obtained can be correlated with the results of air quality super-cooler this time, with their background H100i not a leader …

At maximum fan speed 2700ob / min, the system is very well heard throughout the room, but is lower revs and noise becomes more comfortable, however, is not an ideal quiet. And when you go to almost silent mode clearly falls overall efficiency, here we are seeing the results of applying relatively thick aluminum radiator. If affect the noise level, it is worth mentioning that the pump is still audible (but only at the minimum speed of the impeller).

Separately, I note that the available technology and Corsair Link software for this technology allows you to configure and manage all of the fans, it’s pretty convenient. However, the inability to adjust the pace of the pump probably will remain a mystery to me.

In general, at the moment buying Corsair H100i can be justified by the presence of a good quotation in the absence of other more favorable option for the price / performance well, or the presence of a very strong desire to purchase for your PC SVR.

On that note, we are completing the material and look forward to the new maintenance-free ITS from Corsair, which, I think, will show a more advanced level of performance.


Review Corsair H100i updated: July 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis