Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

I must say that the impressions from the box Xiaomi are on a par with Apple. Beautiful white box Mi Box Mini, which neatly stacked console itself, the console, HMDI-cable and documentation.

Appearance, dimensions, connectors  Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

C in terms of appearance, Mi Box looks like a normal white “cube” with smooth edges. Body Material – glossy white plastic, the prints on it, though visible, but not conspicuous.

One of the features of Mi Box mini – no separate power cable, it is right on the package. Cool idea, but unfortunately for the Russian outlets have to use an adapter, which, however, can not be called big trouble, because “deep” socket that the baby still could not be inserted without an adapter.

The only connector on the housing – HDMI, it is connected to the supplied cable. By the way, the maximum resolution supported by the device – FHD.

Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

And now the bad news. The manufacturer does not supply this console nothing but HDMI-port, and, in my opinion, this is a significant limitation of its possibilities: you can not connect to it or a USB flash drive or an external keyboard or mouse, the only way is accessories with Bluetooth, but not all they have on hand.

Dimensions consoles – 46x38x38 mm, weight – 38 grams. Externally, it looks very tiny, not much more than the usual outlets. Due to this Mi Box Mini is easy to take with you on a journey, to delay the bag just will not.

Remote  Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

Included with the device is a wireless remote control that works from one round cell batteries “tablets” (supplied). It supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE, via Bluetooth, and also connects to the Mi Box.

Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

The control is very cool, looks like pultik from the Apple TV, but it’s not a bad role model. In the soft buttons feels good move with a characteristic click, press them very comfortable.

Operating system  Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

When you first turn on the console gives you three beautiful screen with a demonstration of movies, games or photos, although they all have a description only in Chinese. To get familiar desktop Android, have a little sweat.

You go to the section Video, open it, choose “open file with the local network”, enter the address of their advance raised local (I have, fortunately, been tuned Time Capsule, was therefore at least additional action), there are uploading the file and install it .

Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

After that, the native launcher item appears with the settings. And then in the same way switch to English and we put all the necessary applications.

Root-rights are obtained by here this program, however, for its operation you need the Bluetooth-mouse (my Magic Mouse, unfortunately, did not work).

And the final touch to transform Mi Box Mini in more or less human prefix – Google-installation services for this instruction. Due to the fact that I could not get Root-law, check this statement alone I did not succeed, but users 4PDA successfully put them reason not to trust them I do not.

Performance  Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini
The idea is that you can play on and Mi Box Mini, but for this you need a joystick, plus everything, memory games are very small, so this is clearly not the scenario that provides for the creators of the device.Responsible for the performance of a good chipset MediaTek, in any case, its capacity enough for the eyes to the basic scenario the use of such prefixes – view HD / FHD-video.

Conclusion  Xiaomi Mi Box Mini

Mi Box Mini made me mixed feelings. For example, I liked the idea of ​​a single HDMI-cable, appearance and size consoles, convenient console complete. I did not like the large number of actions to bring Mi Box Mini in more or less working condition for our country. These firmware-flashing, Root, install Google Apps may please the geeks, but the average user is likely to be tiring. Another point – the lack of memory card slot and a full USB-ports. Laconic – it is certainly good, but only as long as it does not go to the detriment of functionality.

Review consoles Xiaomi Mi Box Mini updated: September 23, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis