Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405

Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405

Following reviews of advanced cameras Sony FDR-AX33 and HDR-CX900, as well as mid-level camera HDR-PJ620 with built-in projector, it’s time to explore one of the representatives of the primary stage, a video camera for undemanding users. From exploring the lower price range cameras from other manufacturers, we know the main differences between these devices from cameras upper and middle classes. In addition to the low cost, it is: the small size of the housing, simplified design, the almost complete absence of external controls, input and output interfaces (except for the most necessary), a modest resolution and low light sensitivity. There is another difference between the mandatory devices from inexpensive cameras seriously. All are equipped with a zoom lens, the ultra-high frequency rate right up to the 70s. In our case, however, “only” 30x.

The design specifications  Sony HDR-CX405

Sony HDR-CX405 – Tiny, almost weightless body – only 215 grams – enables the transport of the camera even in a jacket pocket. Form Factor chamber is designed in full compliance with the established norms of the camcorder, but the size of the notorious unit is unlikely to please the owner of a broad palm.

Reduction in construction in this case is shown in manual opening and closing mechanism of the protective lens shutters. We must not forget the lever at the side, after capturing it requires pereschelknut position Close, otherwise dust and dirt of the lens will be provided.

USB-interface is designed as a short cable with a full-size external plug in the stowed position he is hiding in the sidewall of the handle. Another USB-connector. but the format of Micro-USB. It is located on the bottom, under the handle. It is called Multi, because it plays another role – a composite video output. But to use this functionality requires a special adapter cable company.

On the sidebar, located under a folding display, a small cap that hides the digital video output Micro-HDMI and a slot for memory cards Memory Stick Micro and microSD / SDHC / SDXC.

In the frame of the display is a five-way joystick is used to navigate through the menu, the service and the virtual controls that are drawn on the display. Just below there is a button that transforms the device mode the camcorder mode player.

Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405

Batteries included “telephone” formaktora has a capacity of 1240 mAh, and allows uninterrupted recording for 123 minutes in AVCHD mode 18 Mbit / s. Two hours – not bad for a little girl. Not every action-camera so much stretch.

Video / photo shooting  Sony HDR-CX405

Considered camcorder records video format AVC (H.264), the packaging can be produced in two different containers: * .MP4 and * .MTS (standard AVCHD, suitable for authoring Blu-ray). If AVCHD has certain limitations associated with the possibilities of the physical carrier of the optical disk, MP4 has no such restrictions. Below are examples of shooting in all modes are available on the camera.

MP4-files recorded by the camera contain video format XAVC S, version XAVC, stripped-down and simplified to the usual and customary AVC (H.264) of previous versions – no benefits, only the marketing name but a higher bit rate.

Regarding the choice of the format in which it is desired to shoot with camera  Sony HDR-CX405 – there seems there are two standards for which it makes sense to pay attention to: XAVC S 1920 × 1080 50p 50 Mbit / s, and AVCHD 1920 × 1080 50p 28 Mbit / s. Both of them have enough for smooth motion frame rate and high bit rate, you can fix the image without artifacts. In a static scene difference between them is almost not visible, and a more complicated scene we discuss below. Other formats are not of particular interest, because they are obsolete or interlaced or have a low frame rate, which leads to the gate. However, this does not mean that they do not need. Perhaps someone needs it interlaced or 25 progressive frames per second, so that later the combination of material. shot by different cameras, it passed without problems.Or, perhaps, some outdated means of reproduction can not lose vysokobitreytnye with smooth progressive formats and transcode to engage do not want to or can not.

Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405

Considered camera is equipped with an optical stabilizer, which is made by the standard procedure and does not constitute a separate famous “hanging” opto-electronic unit development Sony. In addition to optical, camera can be used in an electronic stabilizer program that has two degrees of efficiency, standard and powerful. The combination of these agents with optical stabilizer is called active mode and intellectual activity, respectively. Evaluate the effectiveness of all the ways to compensate for unwanted motion on real shooting.

We can say almost perfect. Especially if you say it with respect to intellectual activity stabilization mode.Only one drawback: at full zoom even this stabilization mode can not compensate for the natural tremor of the hands of the operator. It is not enough additional stabilization mode, available in some cameras from other brands, and is designed exclusively for such a survey, with hands on the full zoom – when activated whole scene as if transfixed, and still ustochivoy up to the image shift on the critical distance when free Square matrix is ​​not enough to compensate for the movement.

The reader may have noticed that when the active stabilizer zoom as if even more increases. No error, the viewing angle is really a bit narrower, due to the need to release a certain area of ​​pixels around the perimeter of the matrix for the program motion compensation frame. However, this effect is only noticeable when shooting at full zoom. If you do not use the zoom, then change the angle of view does not take place.

The next question that one must consider – Rolling Shutter. Without it does not do any modern camera, working on CMOS-sensor with its progressive technology reading information.

We study the first one of the main manifestations of Rolling Shatter, is amenable to at least some dimension – the slope of the verticals. This is easily done with the help of unpretentious stand.

The main feature of this installation – constant constant speed rotation of the disk, which is located on the web with a vertical line. In our case, this is exactly the rate of 78 revolutions per minute, so it gives you drive, taken from the ancient electrophonic. Of course, by itself the result does not say anything, its only value is that these degrees can be compared with the measurement result Rolling Shatter other cameras that were tested in the same way.

4,5 ° – almost nothing. Unless, of course, be compared with such figures as 5,8 ° (modern camera) or 7,5 ° (smartphone) and the more 9,1 °.

Same inclination verticals must appear in the frame and in other cases. For example, if you pan too quickly.

So what if the notorious vertical slope was so small, we can hope for the same low level of the second manifestation of Rolling Shatter, “jelly”? Verify Rental elektroavtomobilchike camera on. This trip gives the best vibrations and shaking that help identify blancmange Rolling Shatter in all its glory.

Alas, jelly pictures, despite the seemingly low value obtained when measured in vitro, in a real shooting with strong vibration is very, very noticeable. This proves not only the serious long-term synthetic tests from reality, but a weak relationship between two manifestations Rolling Shatter – degree tilt verticals and jelly.

Autofocus – another factor particularly important for the amateur footage, explain its significance and weight hardly required. In short – an amateur shooting differs from the professional that once the operator to follow for getting into focus, and he has such a possibility is not available.

Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405

However, the mechanism for automatic focus our camera, its speed and accuracy, there is no special claims. Both in vitro and in real shooting autofocus is fast and does not suffer fotoapparatnoy jumping ability. The main requirement – light. In good light contrast AF method works best. Even full zoom does not interfere.

Proceed to the next question concerning the quality of compression. As we already know, considered camcorder records video in two formats, XAVC-S and AVCHD. But in fact it turns out that the efforts of marketers to add to XAVC letter S and promising to cut back all the charm of this format, the resulting regime does not differ from the standard Blu-ray AVCHD. Well, unless extended by almost half bit rate. Thus, bit – is the only parameter, which in this case may be responsible for the quality of coding. For all other parameters – profile, level, sub-sampling saturation and bit depth – absolutely identical.

The most difficult scene to encode considered shooting streams of water. It is something we have taken for comparative analysis. Which option is preferred in a particular mode, can be estimated using the following stop-frame and attached the original video.

Select absolutely not necessary. Of course, only increased his XAVC S. enough bitrate coding of such a large number of objects in real time, so as not to vdarit in spillage and pixelation. However, we must remember that in scenes that contain mainly static, it is pointless to waste disk space (space on the SD-card) – much of a difference would not see.

The manual settings allow the device to control the white balance, exposure, aperture, and shutter speed directly while shooting.

The sensitivity of the camera is considered at the level of the average amateur camcorder: if you do not want to get a video instead of the disappointment in the dark is better not to shoot.Also blurriness and noise will not get anything. It does not help and the regime LowLux, designed to lighten a dark subject.However, we have already demonstrated dubious convenience of this administration – the long road to the desired setup menu, and step by step discrete change settings. Fortunately, most user intervention is not required. Automatic camera adequately assesses the nature of the scene, and exposes those appropriate values, self-change that is unlikely to lead to a better result.

Photographic capacity device standard for most camcorders; the maximum image size of 4032 × 2272 pixels.

Software  Sony HDR-CX405

This camera  Sony HDR-CX405 has no built-WiFi adapter – a rare case today. HDMI video output can be broadcast as a live picture, and with the graphic content – all the information and interactive elements that are drawn on top of the video. The camera settings are standard for amateur camcorders Sony. An important advantage of this service menu – when you return to a user enters the last used section and paragraph. Thus, he did not have to take place again each time all the previous items. It would seem elementary? Not a bit of it. Rare camcorder other brands provides this convenience, reduces the time spent searching for the desired item.

Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405

Navigating the menu by a single joystick at first seem inconvenient, however, be accustomed, you realize that mechanical control is much more reasonable and appropriate under the current size of the display. Poking a finger in the tiny little screen – it’s probably a fashionable and “in general”, but not very convenient. Especially when you consider that the finger attached to the matrix, covers almost a third of the display.

Conclusions  Sony HDR-CX405

On consideration of the camera  Sony HDR-CX405, you can say this: it is inexpensive model, miniature, without any frills like for example the built-in Wi-Fi, which is usually used once or twice, and then at the first acquaintance with the device. A good energy savings, allowing to conduct a two-hour continuous shooting – this is another plus of the camcorder. You can, of course, transfer and negative sides of the machine: the virtual absence of external controls, a limited set of interfaces, display without touch technology is not sufficiently high resolution and sensitivity … That’s just whether it was worth the time this listing? In fact and without obvious that the functionality of the camera depends on its cost.

What is the potential owner of the camera of this level? Rather, it is undemanding busy, no time to deal with that format and settings and who do not care about such lofty matters as color reproduction, noise, Rolling Shutter and picture resolution. Well, it is true that if there is demand, there will be supply.

Review camcorder Sony HDR-CX405 updated: August 26, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis