Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

iPhone 6S

Start to deal with novelty iPhone 6S: pink, context menu for icons and files updated Camera – the text has a long video about the smartphone and video recording at 4K, come read and discuss

Design iPhone 6S

To start the video is, seemingly, about 42 minutes of the main features of the new iPhone. I think this is not the last video, during use, remove and something else later examples add video to 4K. In the video, I pronounce the word correctly engine, it is a mistake to school, I’m sorry. And there are a few little things wrong, but, in general, the main points to tell and show.

On the back of the boasted letter S, previously this was only in the iPhone 3Gs, other “Eski” were unmarked. Beautiful packaging with photos, and for each color of your live wallpaper – there is such a menu item in the locked position, you can click on the wallpaper, and they will start to move. Especially for the test apparatus procured pink, looks nice, I think the girls will be satisfied. The body is made from a different material, aluminum alloy 7000 series, 60 percent firmer, body became a little harder and a little more massive. Dimensions are 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm and weight – 143 grams. I tried to try different models of covers for iPhone 6, almost all nalezayut, but some butt, some of it is better not to use at all. For example, Element Case. When buying better to try and not believe written about the compatibility of the network. For example, some cases like and sit down normally, but on the one hand can be a little waste, do not close completely end.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

Alas, do not get rid of the projecting camera, apparently, it happens in the iPhone 7 – that it is likely to be a revolutionary device. Well, the iPhone 6S perceived in their hands and to use exactly the same way as the simple “six” – fits in any pocket and well in the hand, it is more convenient, “spades” with a diagonal display. I love the iPhone 6 Plus, but how much more convenient iPhone 6 in everyday life.But this compromise, or the big screen, or a convenient package. I opt for a screen.

Location of controls tray SIM-card has changed, used nanoSIM.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

As the body will show itself in your life – we’ll see.

Screen iPhone 6S

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

Diagonal Retina-display – 4.7 inches, resolution – 1334 x 750 pixels, 326 pixels / inch. Many people say: “This is a horror, it’s HD 2015 to the year.” Hmm, and what more? After all, on this display look great photos, videos, applications, browser? That is, it is possible to arrange marketing from scratch, well, you can find a balance between performance, operating time and the quality of the screen. It’s like walking a tightrope, always need to maintain a balance – to Apple abide by, which is why millions of people are voting with their money for the iPhone, and other smart phones are not for many, many years (and the situation does not change, grow sales only). Just keep that in mind when friends you something to say about “bad» HD in iPhone 6S.

Touch ID of the second generation iPhone 6S

It works much faster than the sensor in the iPhone 6, the video is clearly seen, you just need to touch the ground, and then you get to the desktop. More information about setting up and using Touch ID can be read here.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

The result is simple: if you have thrown this feature because of poor speed, try the Touch ID in the iPhone 6S. It is quite another matter.

3D Touch iPhone 6S

In short, with strong pressure on some icons there is an additional menu, which greatly simplifies life, the habit of 3D Touch appeared even in the hours that I’m using 6S. For example, take the Shazam, usually because you need to run it, press for recognition of the track here skip to identify. The level of press, you can configure the menu, as compared with the clock Apple Watch simpler and clearer, as the screen is larger. When you click you get a sort of a touch of the finger from the iPhone, soft vibration – is the clock really be called a touch here, too. Options Peek and Pop work so. The first opens the preview as on OS X, you can only “predposmotret” photo or a letter, the second (press hard) opens the file. You have been sent a link to the report, too, have a preview, want – opened in Safari.Everything happens with a different effort is pressed, and it’s all very natural.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

Work 3D Touch can be divided into two major parts, that the context menus and icons to work with specific files, preview and actions. In fact, an additional menu for files. Like the Touch ID, it saves you from further action, “Taps” and saves time.

While not all third-party applications have support, but I think the update will happen quickly, within a month or two major players will do everything possible for the users iPhone 6S.

3D Touch with glued glass iPhone 6S

It seemed to me important to try such a possibility, many are used to protect the screen with the help of films or glass – films about people from Apple said that the problems with the work will not be about a glass of information was not. After the glass is glued to invoke the context menu had to push a little harder in the settings 3D Touch was chosen low level depression. After playing with the settings, I realized that this is the best option if you plan to use the glass to protect the screen.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

The result is simple: film and glass with a new iPhone 6S can and should be used. Many journalists frown when it comes up, I’m not going to wince – consumers use the “iPhone” sometimes several years in a row, the market is a good film, so why not protect the screen? Then it will be easier to sell, and oleophobic coating will be like new.

Performance iPhone 6S

Use the new processor A9 c 64-bit architecture, paired with a coprocessor M9. With benchmark measured the results of the screenshots. The observations of the lives of ordinary, 6S is much faster than its predecessor – at first, it is not particularly noticeable, but then you can see very well. Quickly open websites faster drawn card applications run faster.

The front camera and flash iPhone 6S

I would like to say that the screen like flash already used in LG, Apple’s technology called Retina Flash, tried to take a picture in the dark, it turns out well, the colors are not knocked out, eyes red. In short, just lights up the screen at maximum brightness for a split second, that’s all. In the clubs, restaurants, bars, and just on the night streets it will be in high demand. If you do not take pictures in the nightclubs, restaurants and bars, so you still too early to think, discuss iPhone 6S, go do my homework and then go to bed.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

The main camera iPhone 6S

One of the major changes have affected the camera is now 12 MP sensor, flash True Tone Flash, support for HDR and automatic HDR, focusing during video shooting for “tapas” on display panoramas – in general, everything is familiar. While I can offer you to compare photos taken with the iPhone and iPhone 6S 6 Plus. A bit unfair, different smart phones, the “plus” has optical stabilization, but that and the curious. The review will add more example images more comparative shots with modern devices.

Shooting 4K video (3840 x 2160 pixels, 30 frames per second) should be included in the settings while shooting video, you can take a photo, the option appeared in the iPhone 5S, and many forget about it. Do not forget. Quality 4K can appreciate in this video, we will add more examples on our channel in the near future.

Very interesting to see how removes iPhone 6S Plus, but in general, I am satisfied with the quality and in a simple 6 Plus. I’m not a professional photographer, the settings do not need, you get a normal result from the first time, the machine allows you to do it. Apparently, 6S Plus it will get even better, well and good.

Live Photo iPhone 6S

As Apple says about the miracle when this mode is enabled, you can click on the picture and it will come to life for three seconds. As far as I know it has been in smartphones of other companies, it is now at Apple. It looks very nice, but there is a caveat. When tossed pictures from iPhone 6S, I saw that with the included Live Photo smartphone takes a picture and immediately remove the video in MOV format 3 second. Each roller weighs somewhere 3.2 MB pictures with the new camera size from 1.7 to 6.9 MB (!). About the same amount of turns in my NEX-6 camera only here, and not a smartphone.Now imagine every time you make a picture in memory appears still and video. In the gallery you can see only a snapshot, you can click on it and see Live Photo, put on a headband – but I immediately had a desire to turn off to save space. Fortunately, it can be done directly on the screen shots. It’s unfortunate that the shooting screen can not quickly switch video recording quality, for this we have to go into a setting that is not the easiest task.

Memory iPhone 6S

The three versions, 16, 64 and 128 GB. The version of 16 GB can only buy as a gift to the enemy, I do not know why at Apple left this senseless version. The size of one minute video in 4K – over 300 MB pictures with the new camera also “weigh” more, so if you decide to buy 6S, look for at least the version with 64 GB.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who use the iPhone as a “dialer”, here they 16GB enough for the eyes – that I always use the camera, the other person would remove once a week something, that’s all. And anyway, even if it’s for you, “dialer”, take the best model with 64 GB. Suddenly you decide to play the game well, and the size of the latest applications for iOS itself is quite adult, long since there are programs larger than 1 GB.

And do not forget that you need to turn off Live Photo, if you use the 16 GB version. Or include a feature from time to time.

Opening times iPhone 6S

Claimed battery life – 14 hours of talk time on the network 3G, 11:00 video playback, 50 hours of music playback. It is understood that all about, compared with the iPhone 6 hours did not change.Depending on the load you have to put the device to charge either at night or in the evening – I was earlier this month forced to go with the “six” and after the iPhone 6 Plus has been surprised at how quickly the battery sits here in active use. Previously, it was possible to speak of the superiority of iOS over Android in this parameter, now I suggest you stock up on the external battery or have on hand exercises.

LTE iPhone 6S

With the help of Speed ​​Test the speed compared to the iPhone and the iPhone 6S 6 Plus, one place (near the Novodevichy Convent), the operator of the “Beeline”, the most in 6 Plus – it’s 52 Mbit / c, from 6S managed to get 61 Mbit / s. There is a difference in the reception, it is impossible to demonstrate the machine simply better cling to the network. The official website says about the possibility to use the Internet during a call, it is, of course, there are some other modern devices.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look

Conclusions iPhone 6S

Now iPhone 6S and modification of iPhone 6S Plus disperse millions of copies, the main markets for the device – it is now the United States and even China (pink version of the advanced shooting and the ability to self probably will the Chinese to taste). In Russia, the two smartphone will appear in the official sale in early October, the gap from the other countries is minimal, which greatly hinders the gray market – for those who brought the device in a suitcase for resale, are not the best conditions, a lot of machines differ on pre-order online. Some say that had disappeared the previous charm kilometer queue remain, but there is no emphasis on this, as before. It seems to me, the excitement subsides, it is easy for people to become familiar autumn entertainment. Home sales are rising. As Apple is unlikely in the coming years will go away from the traditional scheme when the main unit goes out, then the version of the S – why change something that works well? Sales are growing because of nowhere, to deceive the current audience is very difficult, and if you buy the iPhone 6S after the iPhone 6, it will not be disappointed. Briefly, here’s what’s new in iPhone 6S. The Plus version is distinguished by the optical stabilization, otherwise display it I will devote a separate article.

  • Display with 3D Touch – it is clear that they will use all of the leading companies in its flagship current and next year. It’s not about the resolution of the display, not on the frequency of the processor, it is a completely new method of communication with the mobile device – 3D Touch saves you time, and this is important. With the development of software we will see different context menus, maybe even widgets and who knows what else. While this is only the first step, but a step in the right direction.
  • New alloy (and, in fact, the new building) – less damage when falling. Frankly sorry devices falling for all sorts of idiotic crash tests, but, I think, 6S will be even more reliable than the “Six”. After a year of use on my 6 Plus is a lot of tracks and it will be interesting to compare how a show 6S.
  • Pink body. For girls it is certainly not a reason to change and replace the old machine to the new one. The course will consumer loans, loans from friends and so on – and will probably aftermarket replacement housing in this color.
  • Advanced front-facing camera with flash for the original self. Checked, even in dark conditions produced decent photos. Then again, it’s not about the quality of the photo, not on the number of MP and the life – how often the club or restaurant you tried to do self and gets nonsense? Due to the outbreak – Display 6S can do normal in terms of the quality of the pictures, it’s worth it. Especially for young people.
  • Shooting video in 4K. As has already happened, it will introduce to Apple users with this capability – recalled FaceTime, Touch ID, but at least LTE. After about LTE smartphones remembered when there was a question whether the LTE in the iPhone 5 in Russia, public versions, with some operators have started talking about it on TV, up to this point no one LTE is not particularly interested.Here and there could happen a strange focus, 4K, many will remember it as a feature of the new iPhone, though it was not like that in Sony, Samsung and so on. The thing is a mass product. Well, even in the most brand – the best in the world came up at Apple, and go and prove otherwise ordinary consumers.
  • Speed ​​Touch ID. Faster than the first version, so a lot of people, do not use Touch ID, will enjoy. It works very fast, you just need to touch.
  • Improved main camera.
  • The “living picture” – interesting, but Live Photo mercilessly eats memory.
  • Improved performance, she worried consumers less likely, judging from the reviews, but it is this feature makes the S version better than the rest, the new processor and coprocessor allow the device to do new tricks. Almost twice as fast, more RAM, that’s good.

We must understand that iPhone owners are not usually considered to buy devices of other brands, it is not a narrow-mindedness and not rabid fanatstva, many holding ecosystem as a whole, like certain other functions. I’m using the PS4 and Xbox, on iOS devices and on Android, I try to take the best of all worlds for use in everyday activities. Accordingly, iPhone owners will sooner or later move to 6S, but when it is done? Prices in Russia can present themselves, iPhone 6S Plus with 128 GB will cost around 80 000. Maybe Apple has done a favor, maybe not. By the way, there are rumors that the company compensate for high prices went on increasing the warranty period, if the machine suddenly break not your fault in the second year of use, you fix it for free. Checking this information, still accomplish your goal. So – where to buy iPhone 6S? At any level of income, if you are satisfied with your iPhone, you can safely endure to the iPhone 7. Just 3D Touch will be used to the maximum, just finish it iOS 9, and probably, it will be very interesting tiles of glass and metal. If you have a iPhone 5S – a reason to go to 6S, because too many do, and from the consumer point of view, it is true.

But there is one more thing, it is impossible not to say the constant iPhone user to other users iPhone. Are you bored? I would like a new toy? Did not like the 3D Touch and other options? The world is big, the world is huge, and it has some amazing things – for example, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +. It is a beautiful thing, and if at all disappointed “iPhones”, could and should try.

As for me. As a true fan, I appreciated all the features in the iPhone 6S and will move to 6S Plus. I enjoy 3D Touch, I always drop my phone, and new alloy can help here, many take off – I want to try the camera will shoot 4K video, happy and speed. To me, the very good update, Apple great. The updated iOS my 9 and 6 Plus is working well (updated 4 hours without problems and failures in the first day, there was a renewal), but here everything smoothly and quickly. If you can not afford to buy 6S now – feel free to buy, do not regret. And to answer the question “What do you, S or easy?” Is very easy, just turn the smartphone letter S to the interlocutor.

It is a pity that the letter is small and is not visible to everyone around for a couple of tens of meters.

Review Apple iPhone 6S: first look updated: September 27, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis