Review AOC u2868Pqu. 4K-monitor with a TN-matrix

Review AOC u2868Pqu. 4K-monitor with a TN-matrix

Continuing market research 4K monitors, our attention fell model AOC u2868Pqu. One of the interesting features of note TFT TN-matrix with a minimum of delay. And last but not least, for the 28-inch model with a resolution of pixels 3840×2160 this cost is attractive. Since the announcement and before we passed the test for more than one year, however, the relevance of this model has not lost its force.

Suitable monitor for gamers, provided the response time of 1 ms. We used it for a week, becoming an assistant in the testing of a set of video cards based on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Although we can not point out that the potential audience AOC u2868Pqu limited only by gamers, and it will be interesting for everyday tasks. But let’s not rush, all further details.


It comes in a massive box with bright décor, Now this has become a rarity, manufacturers are increasingly limited faceless unpainted cardboard.
Review AOC u2868Pqu. 4K-monitor with a TN-matrix
Options include the necessary set of wiring: DisplayPort, HDMI, D-Sub, audio cable, power cable. There is also a CD with the technical documentation. The monitor serves an exploded assembly without any problems and will not require special tools.


AOC u2868Pqu made in the savoir-faire, a classic, which we used to see in the office. Here the minimum design elements. If we evaluate the previously tested models from this manufacturer, the more likely there is to be a struggle for cost reduction by reducing the cost of materials and manufacturing.

This approach is justified, body design is not important for daily use of the monitor, as long as the economy does not affect critical work of the display.

In general, the line and the construction of recognizable style AOC is clearly traced. Though he looks strictly but effectively.

Review AOC u2868Pqu. 4K-monitor with a TN-matrix

The main material of the body become black matte plastic. Build an excellent, non-marking outer surface.

It will not go away the frame around the display. He is no different and slim. Location familiar elements here.

Under the removable base VESA-foot hides the connector. AOC u2868Pqu can be placed on the complete stand or hung on the bracket.

Stand allows you to modify the panel height, tilt, rotate around an axis, and converted into tablet mode. A system of cable management in a holder on the stem. Should the monitor on a flat stable surface.

The back panel features an array of ports: D-Sub, HDMI, Display Port, audio jack, power jack. On the plus side we put built-USB-hub, the user can use two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0. These connectors allow you to connect external storage devices or peripherals without the need to reach out to the system unit.

Control buttons displayed on the bottom of the frame. They are without light.


AOC u2868Pqu controlled via touch buttons, at night, to find, you need time to get used.

Menu is already familiar, such a performance was on the previous screens of the manufacturer. Displays in the form of OSD. The items are divided between seven tabs. All intuitive. The user has the ability to change the brightness, contrast, gamma.

The color temperature varies from the set of presets or manually.

A separate tab for the service settings. Immediately selected mode of the settings menu.

Interest is set to “Setting the PIP», to speak more simply, it is the “picture in picture”.

Review AOC u2868Pqu. 4K-monitor with a TN-matrix
Results for AOC u2868Pqu

AOC u2868Pqu showed good results. The strong points include: color gamut, contrast, a set of ports for video input mode “picture in picture”, a strict enclosure, a good assembly, functional stand. Not without its weaknesses, not like here are: uneven illumination, viewing angles. The monitor is suitable for a wide range of tasks. Given the high resolution paired with a powerful graphics card, it raises the perception of gaming to the next level. Summing up the final line, do not forget about the question of cost, it is adequate.

Review AOC u2868Pqu. 4K-monitor with a TN-matrix updated: July 27, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis