Reddit will encrypt all your traffic

Reddit will encrypt all your traffic

Traffic from social portalReddit  starting from June 29 will be encrypted using an algorithm SSL. Most visitors now come to him, using the protocol https, but innovation will make this option mandatory.

Last month, the company has updated the policy related to online harassment, in consequence of which was closed several sabredditov including r / fatpeoplehate, which has more than 150,000 subscribers.

This sabreddit served as a meeting place for people who hate people who are overweight. Comments and discussion at r / fatpeoplehate often led to the fact that users of other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, received abusive messages from strangers.

The portal is not the first site made SSL-protocol connectivity prerequisite. In recent years, this feature is turned on Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Google search engine, and many others.
Googlev last year said they would place encrypts traffic sites in higher positions in search engine rankings, to encourage the transition to a safe connection method.

For users to use an encrypted connection is the guarantee that their credentials will not be intercepted by Internet providers and other persons or organizations that have access to the traffic.

Reddit will encrypt all your traffic updated: June 21, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis