Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse

We are all accustomed to the fact that the gaming peripherals aimed at hardcore gamers and enthusiasts, is not cheap. This is partly justified by the powerful stuffing, stylish design and ergonomics verified. And the truth in this is, properly chosen peripherals is the key to a comfortable game, the lack of fatigue during long sessions and performance issues and false positives.
The last two years there is an active development of e-sports, there are professional teams, new discipline. Markedly increased and the prize money, which claim to such tournaments, sometimes it comes to the fabulous sum of $ 1 million. I am glad that Russia will not remain on the sidelines, our team is the leader in world tournaments. For those watching the matches is the number of participants, which yesterday was hard to imagine at sports tournaments. Raise and level itself broadcasts constituting the show, celebrities and sponsors – they are also present. And if the classic question of quality sports equipment is one of the first places in the e-sports peripherals quality is no less important.

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse



Comes Qcyber ZORG per pack of thick cardboard with a dark design. On the sides are described technical advantages and characteristics of the manipulator. Inside, the entire area is filled with foam material that protects against damage during transport.

Packaging, in addition to the mouse, includes three sinker in the form of screws, key lock, cover, documentation, CD with software, removable Teflon feet and warranty card.

I do not remember even a mouse in the high-end segment in recent years, which had a complete cover. It is useful for storing the mouse while hiking in the LAN-parties and tournaments.

Outward appearance

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse

Qcyber ZORG received corresponding aggressive appearance. Case dimensions make 116h85h41 mm and weighs 105 grams.

Users three options available color schemes: black, blue and gray. Depending on the selected color changes from one zone at the back of a mouse.

The basis used soft-touch plastic, which is pleasant to the touch, provides a good grip. Material practical, it is not visible fingerprints.

Housing mouse asymmetric she fit only for right-handers. Thumb derived two mechanical buttons. For the little finger there is a small ledge.

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse

The hand on the mouse is comfortable, all buttons are within easy accessibility. On the right button, there was a place for the LED that displays the level of DPI.

Another illuminated area is on the back, the manufacturer’s logo is emblazoned. The back of the mouse is visually divided recess.

On the downside Qcyber ZORG have three seats for the weights. The weight of each of them is 3.7 grams. For easy installation and removal included invited key.

Connect a mouse via the two-meter cable with gold-plated braided fabric connector.


The basis used laser sensor Avago 9800. The maximum level of DPI limited mark in 8200, this is enough for any game genre. Minimum level – 100 on board 256 Kbytes of flash memory to store the settings.

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse


To take full advantage of the mouse, you must install the firmware. Remembering testing set QCYBER, then we noticed poorly rendered interface software, here Qcyber ZORG this point has already been elaborated. Workmanship is not inferior to the top-end brands.

It is possible to store multiple settings profiles. The program was translated into Russian.

Settings – provides access to the programming action keys. Select a predefined set of actions or involvement of the macro.

The system – there are four levels of DPI, polling rate, and scroll speed.

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse

Light – it gives you access to a choice of illumination colors of the logo on the back. Area DPI is not configurable.

Macro – Editor to record your own set of commands. All traditionally understood.

The size of the mouse is optimal, it is well in the hand, it does not feel stress and fatigue. Possibility of installation of goods can not only add weight, but also to change the center of gravity. I liked the cover housing, it was pleasant to the touch and provides good grip. Teflon feet provide good glide on a flat surface.

Not noticed problems with the positioning and speed. Games of different genres practiced perfectly, system macros and additional buttons facilitate routine actions in MMO games.

Results for Qcyber ZORG

Qcyber ZORG made a good impression, there is everything necessary for those who are looking for comfort and used during the games. Interesting design, the availability of complete cover, the system of weights, excellent ergonomics, quality materials and assembly, adjustable lights, a proprietary configuration tool, fabric braided cable. All this is clearly expecting a larger budget. Any problems or failures during the test were recorded.

Review and prices Qcyber ZORG Blue. Professional Gaming Mouse updated: June 13, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis