Products Xiaomi fly like hotcakes

Products Xiaomi fly like hotcakes

Although difficult economic situation and does that knock out of our society as a stereotype of Chinese products (especially in the field of electronics), however until the final victory yet, perhaps, far away. But do our eastern neighbors of their domestic producers did not scruple. Get at least Xiaomi.

Not so long ago Xiaomi celebrated its fifth anniversary, after which it was announced 5 new products. For such a little electronics manufacturer for a period the company managed to climb on the podium (ie enter the top three) largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world. And although later the union Lenovo and Motorola and collided Xiaomi on the fourth position, it leaves no plans to bypass Apple and Samsung.

By the way, the announcement of new gadgets program celebrating celebration is not limited. Xiaomi also held Mi Fan Festival 2015, during which offer discounts to the most popular of its products, hoping to show another record sales. And it seems that this is what they have achieved.

According to androidauthority, all 12 hours of the festival the company managed to sell about 12.2 million smartphones, thus earning about $ 335 million. In addition, has sold about 38,000 television sets Mi TV, 200,000 fitness trackers Mi Band and 247,000 network filters Mi Power Strips. In total, the company earned more accessories around 30.6 million dollars.

Products Xiaomi fly like hotcakes updated: April 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis