On Kickstarter funded for three days voxel MMO-game Crowfall

On Kickstarter funded for three days voxel MMO-game Crowfall

Studio ArtCraft Entertainment, recently founded by the producer Ultima Online Gordon Walton (Gordon Walton) and creative director Todd Coleman Shadowbane (Todd Coleman), to raise money for its first project in just three days. In this period of MMO-game Crowfall received on Kickstarter needed $ 800 thousand., And now charges already approaching $ 1 million.

Crowfall – the project’s ambitions are not inferior Shroud of Avatar from Richard Garriott (Richard Garriott) or from the developers Shards Online Ultima Online. The authors themselves describe it as «MMOG war of Thrones” and “hybrid Game of Thrones and Eve Online». This MMORPG with elements of a global strategy in which players compete in a slowly decaying worlds are generated randomly. “We are immortal, – stated in the project description. – The gods have given the best of us a chance to become a champion. They sent us to the dying worlds – to fight and collect the souls of the damned. Mortal fear us. They think we are the executioners and scavengers. They call us the crows. ”

On Kickstarter funded for three days voxel MMO-game Crowfall

“The characters are constant, the worlds – not – explain the creators. – Members – immortal champions traveling between kingdoms and leading the eternal war with the gods. ” However, not all the worlds in Crowfall time: Of course only the lives of those worlds in which the unfolding campaign (Campaign Worlds), and the Eternal Kingdom (Eternal Kingdoms) do not disappear. However, the latter is practically devoid of resources, while a source of the first stone, wood and iron.

Typical world of the first type will be from one to three months of real time. Of course, his death may occur before, if the players perform certain tasks. During this time, he will be transformed – with the change of seasons immortal hordes of monsters in the universe known as the Hunger Games (The Hunger), will capture more and more discrete zones, which are each divided world. The finale of each campaign will have at the end of winter.

After the announcement of the winner card will be cleared, and the world will always be available. Characters return to the home location and begin to prepare for the next campaign. And then everything will start from the beginning: Kraft weapons, equipment searches, seizure of the fortress, create alliances and conquest of the next world. Crowfall, as the authors emphasize – this is a game of continuous change all that surrounds users. Therefore, it is so important for developers to provide an endless variety of worlds that players will destroy.

On Kickstarter funded for three days voxel MMO-game Crowfall

“The beginning of each campaign – it’s like the first round of Civilization: the players throw a harsh environment, which lies in the fog of war, – added developers. – The worlds filled with deadly monsters, creepy ruins and abandoned quarries …. and the most dangerous predator of all – by other users. “

Instead of classes in the game will be the archetypes of characters, which, however, is not too different from the former. Each of the twelve such archetypes (among them – Knight, Assassin and Druid) will differ own style and abilities: some will be more effective in combat, while others are more suitable for creating objects and resource management. As the characters will be able to receive up to three subclasses (for example, archery or blacksmithing). In addition, at the disposal of the players will give a deep customization system of heroes.

Walton and Coleman without false modesty call themselves “experienced leader in the online gaming industry.” In the record of the first who came into the game industry for more than 35 years ago – the work on the Ultima Online, The Sims Online, Star Wars: Galaxies and Star Wars: The Old Republic as executive producer. Second, a recognized publication Massive Gamer influential game developers in history, performed creative director fantasy MMORPG Shadowbane, Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Like many other developers to ArtCraft Entertainment national funding – not only an opportunity to raise funds, but also to establish direct contact with users and to rally around the project community of players. Classical publishing scheme in their case, according to the authors, it was possible, but Crowfall – «game is not for everyone” and the mass market could not survive.

Probably, the developers were not prepared for the fact that the players will be so willing to transfer funds – other purposes until prepared only two. For $ 1 million, they are ready to add a new character (female centaur) and improved particle effects. If the amount will reach $ 1.3 million, Crowfall will get a mounts and caravans.

The laurels Star Citizen game until the claims, but will still be at it some what similar. Crowfall will be published in installments in the form of modules, and the first of them, the principal appears in winter 2016 in an exclusive version for the PC. Alpha testing is scheduled to start this summer.

On Kickstarter funded for three days voxel MMO-game Crowfall updated: March 3, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis