Music Box in the style of “Star Wars”

Music Box in the style of "Star Wars"

Designer Maximilian Bussero created a music box in the form of fighter TIE Fighter from Star Wars.

The device, called The MusicMachine 3 can not be played songs from the iPhone or stream music from Spotify, he does not even have the connector USB, to connect a USB flash drive to your favorite tunes. Thanks to the classic mechanism, which lies at the heart of any music box gadget can play a total of six tracks (themes from movies Star Wars  Mission Impossible  James Bond The Godfather  dilettante first-class Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence). On each of the wings of fighter are rotating rollers with pegs, which touch the teeth of the comb, and thereby reproduce the music.

The device was created Bussero to the tenth anniversary of the company MB & amp; F, creating designer watches. All were released 99 copies of The MusicMachine 3.


Music Box in the style of “Star Wars” updated: July 14, 2015 author: John Cross